So there's a guy I'm interested in whose in one of my classes, and I need help on how to approach him...

So there's a guy I'm interested in whose in one of my classes, and I need help on how to approach him. We "speak" on Instagram sometimes (he comments on my posts, and we've talked a little bit in the past through direct message), but we've never spoken in person. My problem is that I have really low self-confidence and I feel really physically unattractive, and this leads me to be really shy around him and never have the balls to say anything. I also don't know if it would be weird to just speak to him for no reason, because I don't really have a reason to. I think he's really funny and unlike any boy I know, and I feel like I could actually make something happen, but I don't know if there's a way I could let him know I'm interested without actually saying so. I've also never been in a relationship before and am generally pretty inexperienced.

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How did you start communicating on instagram? wouldn't you need to have approached him for that?

Ask if he's single then ask if he wants to grab lunch sometime

>pretty inexperienced
Either underage b& or extremely ugly/fat.
Which one are you?

You might wanna start chatting more over instagram, talk about stuff and chill. Of course, chat with him in class when you can. You'll have more guts to do that when you've chatted on instagram before, right? When you feel like it's time to rank up your social link, ask if he wants to hang out in real life either on IG or in class, and bada bum bada bam, you've now unlocked the ability to talk to him in real life.
... That's how it should work on paper though. In short, chat with him on IG, then continue your chat in class.

I'm just shy and I keep to myself.

Are you also 14?
Or also 130kg?
Any girl that's somewhat presentable has taken Chad dick by 18, no exceptions.

Maybe work on that self esteem issue before you jump into anything serious.

Maybe you need to work on your outlook of women, then? I'm 18 and I'm not 130kg, but I'm also socially retarded when it comes to dudes I like, so there's that.


I was 22 and had remained around 100lbs my whole life when I lost my virginity. You're a retard.

Then you must be ugly.
And you must be ugly as fuck.

Aren't all attractive females fucked by Chad at least once before 20?

If you are a living meme, sure. If you’re people, no.

I'm not really one to constantly bring myself down around other people, but it's the self-esteem thing that stops me from interacting with him in the first place.

I do appreciate this advice! I might try and gradually start talking to him more online and then see if I can make more of a relationship between us on there.

This meme is based on reality though.
Case in point, this whole thread is about some shy 18yo female trying her best to approach Chad and suck his dick.
If she's passable, Chad will pump and dump her and go for the next roastie and she will go get ravaged by the next Chad.

Are you so insecure that you assume that all girls are trying to go after "Chad"? Who is classified as a Chad to you, then?

Do you define "Chad" as simply "any guy who any girl finds attractive"?

Is my 5'4 friend who is a total nerd into anime and video games a "Chad" because he has a cute gf who is in love with him?

Yo you gotta give it to the guy. He's gone so far in dungeon crawling that he ain't coming back.
Hey man, it's okay. Nothing to be embarrassed if you gotta use an ATK Up before getting in bed with a girl.

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You mean girl (male)

You know what 'Chad' is.
All the 'bad boys' you roasties idolise and want to get spitroasted by.
Your friend is definitely getting railed by someone else on the side then.
I'm not a manlet myself, but I know what they go through.

It's not weird to speak for no reason. Go for it.

You let him know you're interested by inviting him to go do something fun with you. Pick something you enjoy (or might enjoy trying), ask if he's ever done it before, tell him you're planning on doing it and ask if he wants to join you.

If you want to really lay it on thick, once he says yes you add "Cool, maybe we can hang out a little bit afterward too." That sentence literally means you're gonna smash.

Just approach him you stupid bitch, it's a badge of honor for men to be approached by women so he's gonna like you a lot
>t. guy

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I would love to be approached by a girl. I wouldn't give a shit how much spaghetti she spilled on me. In fact as long as she wasn't a landwhale I'd find it very cute.

imo everything starts with a simple “hi” go from there and see if the take the lead in the convo. If they don’t that’s fine just be you.


>Admiring a girl for having the courage to approach you is now an excuse for some faggot to call you an incel
I can't wait for that word to be filtered

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So you wouldn’t mind some random chick coming up to you? I’m just hellbent on making a good impression.

But you did lose it to Chad though right

Being approached by a female is just an incel fantasy.
It doesn't actually happen.