I'm female but dicks don't turn me on, on very rare occation they turn me on but only slightly...

I'm female but dicks don't turn me on, on very rare occation they turn me on but only slightly. Is this a normal female thing or is my libido fucked? No I don't like women, I feel 0 when I see vaginas, I feel a little bit for dicks.

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what turns you on when you watch porn?

What do you mean? Looking at them or having them in you?

Here you go.

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I genuinely wish women stopped denying that 90% of modern women only like men because of that

I watch gay guy porn. Sodomy. Dick in asshole as an action turns me on because my brain invisions it as rape/forcing it in, but I don't like anal irl sadly. But I also watch a lot of alien monster rapes human girl type of hentai. I'm unsure what turns me on in straight hentai.

Looking. I wish to be visually turned on by them, or atleast feel something rather than nothing. Most I have is being curious.

Totally normal. Sex and relationships are good for us when we are at our best and the guy attached to the dick is also doing well. Sex isn't just genitals.

Only guys who are lazy entitled shit heads who expect women to fit a stereotype of being a virgin and also sex-obsessed (and learned about sex from porn) want you to believe otherwise. We just aren't stimulated the same way.

I will have sex with a guy who has this life in order to be "kept," and fake my live for him for the adventure.

I will not like him.

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I get calling out attention whores using female for attention but literally this is relivent so people aren't confused by the situation. Why do autistic newfags keep misusing the joke?

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rapefugees from plebbit and kikebook i assume :)

Why would you do this, well actually, how can you do this? How can you fuck the guy just for money? I genuinely am curious and could never imagine myself doing this. Sure my bf is a future rich guy, but when I first began dating him, he was a very poor kid and I thought he'd just have average income. I didn't care, so long as he wanted to work for us to have stable economy and so long as I liked his persoanlity.

I do hear females are turned on differently from men. Guys get hard immediantly. Women need, allegedly, mental stimulation before she's turned on, right?

>who expect women to fit a stereotype of being a virgin
Literally why is this bad? If she doesn't have self control when it comes to sex, she won't have self control and cheat. I wouldn't fuck anyone until I've known them for a couple years and am 100% sure I want to marry them, and see if they want to marry me too. I'd feel guilty if I fucked someone in the past and told my current bf "yeah, had 2 other dicks inside me", fucking gross.

It's 2019. Science tells us that sexuality isn't black or white, it's a spectrum. We're allowed to be on any part of it and we're allowed to move too.

It's ok to only be kinda in to dicks. It's ok to only be kinda into pussy. It's ok to be asexual and totally not interested in sex. It's ok to be an open door and be into anything and everything in between.

I don't think most people have lust for genital organs, but for men or women in general.

Sorry user, I don't care about pseudo science. I'm asking what other females experienced without hormonal issues.

I see. I just noticed men are turned on by genitals. Wasn't sure if females are same or different.

That's completely normal. The only time I am turned on by one is if I love the guy.

Man here, a picture of a pussy doesn't turn me on. Tits do, butts do, pussies don't.

Pseudo science? Huh? You’re not asking even remotely scientific questions. Why don’t YOU figure out how YOU feel because that’s ultimately what matters? Work it out with a therapist.

I don't think most men are turned on by pussies either.
Like, I do find cocks hot to some degree, but it's not the hottest thing about a man's body and I wouldn't masturbate while looking at a pic of a cock unless it was my boyfriend's cock which is hard for me.
I guess it's the same for a dude?

>I'm female

No you aren't.

yep, typical female

People get turned on by the weirdest shit. There's no canon 'this stuff turns of all men' or 'this turns on all women'.

Just think for a second: 'what is a fetish'?
It's, quite bluntly, an unusual thing that turns someone on.
And there's *countless* fetishes. Thus there's *countless different things that may or may not turn someone on*.

Limiting your thinking to just genitalia of the opposite sex is... well, very limiting.

Think broad. It doesn't start with a dick and it won't end there.
Especially with sexual weirdness being as socially acceptable as it is nowadays.

>tl;dr: There's nothing wrong with you. Unless you're completely asexual then I'd look into it. But just dicks? Nah - you're golden.

oh same dude, fuck I thought I was gay, thanks... unless you're gay, then nvm

The real question is whether you want to go through life a childless whore or have a family? If it’s breeding sex, you can definitely get turned on at the thought of dicks and becoming a mother.

Dicks are gross and weird in general for me.
But if I'm with my partner and he's turned on (and hard) that's very sexy for me. When he's soft I think it's really cute.

I don't get turned on by the view of a vagina. How it feels and makes me feel when I jam my fingers or my dick in turns me on

I mean, I do love my bf though...but it's hard for me to get turned on. I usually need porn for that. Not to say they don't look attractive.

Oh shit, i see. What if you'd spread the pussy though? My bf is always turned on when he sees it spread or assholes work too

Asexuality isn't an orientation. It's pseudo science theory that got debunked years back. Sexual orientation isn't a specutum either unless you meant attraction to specific body parts is a spectrum. And it's not ok to be into vaginas if you're a girl. Nature gave you a functioning womb for a purpose. Lesbian sex is horrible too.

>I don't think most men are turned on by pussies either
Shit, interesting. Thank you for telling your experience. Is your libido normal by the way, high, or lower than average?

Hah. I in fact have had penis envy.

Nice, I'm normal then. You had a gf before, or happen to be female yourself? How do you know?

>Just think for a second: 'what is a fetish'?
It is sexual depravity.

>It's, quite bluntly, an unusual thing that turns someone on.
Yes, it's unnatural.

>Especially with sexual weirdness being as socially acceptable as it is nowadays.
Yes, we indeed live in an over sexualised, disgusting society where they're trying to lowkey now push for the normalization of pedophilia and zoophilia :^)

>There's nothing wrong with you. Unless you're completely asexual then I'd look into it.
If I'm asexual, then there's even more reason to seek a doctor and to check my body to see what's wrong with me.

This mentality really annoys me because it completely forgets about the dozens of females who can't give birth. My womb is fucked and I have a very high chance of dying at birth. Even if I did somehow survive, the kid would be abnormally short, which is a nightmare if they're born male. I don't want a kid to suffer because of me. I was emaciated as a child by my abusive psycho mother, which left permanent organ damage.

I won't be getting kids, my bf and I have to adopt. And what the hell does this have to do with whores? I'm extremely traditional and rather religious too. I don't like whores though and the only person I did anything sexual with is my first and only bf.

That's what I mean, user. I wish I could get turned on by my bf's genitals more. I enjoy the sex, but getting turned on takes forever. I do find it to be visually appealing but not sexually. On rare occation though it will turn me on, especially the seminal string.

I see. Thanks, man. Maybe I'm normal if even a man feels this way. Are you bi or straight by the way? I've noticed Bi guys slightly experience sexual attraction of genitals a bit differently.

You never had big cock, that's the reason.
It's going to sound quite insolent, but it's the easiest example. To worship cocks and get aroused by single look, you need to feel extremely pleasant. You say you like to look at your bf, but you said it yourself. it's your bf, and you like him, but not his dick. Only because that's his, you find that appealing. See? You never appreciated dick itself.

>Is your libido normal by the way, high, or lower than average?
Medium to high. I fuck my boyfriend daily.
He's hot tho. Like, real hot. Anyone would struggle not to fuck him.

I'm straight. My libido is normal, I knew I was into women when I was a kid. I like their faces and eyes, their hair, the small waist, boobs and ass. But vaginas aren't visually appealing.

Another guy here. Most vaginas look extremely gross. Cocks are gross too, I don't really blame women for thinking they look ugly. (Breasts are completely different though).

Again, it's not about what they look like, it's what you do with them and how you feel.

Short and sweet, sex parts don't look great on either side. Most would agree with that. The thing that matters is making each other happy. I assume you are attracted to other parts?

There is something wrong with you guys who think genitanls are gross. And i hope you won't find SO, because with such thinking you are going to make complexes for them. I can't even imagine what woman is going to think everytime she takes her pants off and her bf makes disgusting face.

It's normal. The act on the dick is what gets me going, not the sight of one.

dicks aren't hot, OP. Kind of a universal truth. Usually women get turned on by who the dick is attached to. YMMV