You guys are gonna think this is a stupid question but here goes. So to make a long story short, I'm 6'4 and handsome...

You guys are gonna think this is a stupid question but here goes. So to make a long story short, I'm 6'4 and handsome, and getting girls is just way too easy. You might think this is a good thing but I genuinely enjoy the chase and the challenge of getting girls, but they all literally throw themselves at me. Getting girls is so easy it's not even fun anymore. What's a good way to make it more difficult for a 6'4 guy to get girls?

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Bad bait.

But it's Jow Forums and there's nothing else to bump so people will give you 100 replies.

It isn't a generic
>sad because no gf
>i think gf is cheating on me
>muh social anxiety
thread so it must be bait. Ya sure buddy.

Well let me tell you, I hope you get disformed in a car accident, that way it will be a challenge getting girls. Maybe you can plan this?

Is this what your life has become? Just telling people to get injured in car accidents on a friday night? Fuck off cunt.

Try having a serious accident, like crashing your car. With any luck you'll have a horrible disfiguring injury.

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Try to find giros without letting them know you are 6 4 or handsome, not a visual medium. Try tinder with bad photos and no body shots, you might gain some empathy faggot

>What's a good way to make it more difficult for a 6'4 guy to get girls?

move to antarctica and lock yourself away in a bunker surrounded by minefields. Also be sure to keep a steady supply of mines as well as someone to plant them, b/c the women will be swarming for the 6'4-ness

Lol manlet i am 7'0, girl literally praise me as a god, get on my level midget

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I'm the opposite of you jfl

Time to start daying guys then you fucking faggot.

The out of here with your shity bait, fuck you.

8 replies and not a single serious answer. But I bet if I was a girl with the same question this thread would have been 100 replies from whiteknights by this point. This board is dead af.

Pick one. You're ugly and deformed at that height, it's permavirgin height.

Cuz your thread sucks bro. Even if it was true, nobody cares. Pour acid on your face or get your legs mangled off in a factory accident. There, /thread


This is the advice board, not the "post sensational bullshit to farm (yous)" board. I genuinely wanted advice but apparently you guys are more interested in replying to larp threads.

If you want some genuine advice, start engaging more confident and intelligent women, and pay attention to the way that you present yourself. When you're teasing her and initiating that chase game, she'll catch on if she has half the brain to be worth your time.

>You guys just hate me because I'm not a girl!
We hate women too, user. Even if they post their tits to prove they're female, because then they're sluts.

OP, I'd like to challenge you. You in?

Who are you and what advice did you want?

im sorry everyone was mean to you user, please come back :(

I have a friend like this he can get any girl but he has trouble taking them seriously as a result and is very nit picky ang shallow like Seinfeld’s dating episodes. He focuses on some trivial flaw then drops the girl. He now has a bad reputation in our town and partially moved away because of it. He never really has a gf and Iskind of lonely. He makes good money but is kind of a failure at keeping girls around for more than a few days. I think he enjoys getting the girl, gets weirded out then leaves. I recommend examining what kind of girl you actually want instead of getting with every girl. Chicks notice this and you’ll get even higher quality.

Don’t worry about the kids in this thread some of them are so into incel world they forget guys on the other end up the spectrum have problems too

Nice bait. I’m 6’3” and no girl wants a lanklet

Bad bait. The only guys I know who pull girls like you describe are like 5'6" to 5'10". I have literally never seen a guy over 6' who can pull girls with ease.