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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>[insert humble (or otherwise) brag]
Fuck off.

>Why is there no new thread?
Just make one. You can use these macros:

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How do i get a gf?

Also first, *dabs.

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Femanons, what's your dream romantic situation? (date ideas, bed shenanigans, etc.)

Why do boys aged 18-23 seem so timid and uninterested in my University? I thought this was the chance to get to know the opposite sex better.

There would be many reasons for this depending on different situations. It might be because you are to pretty and everyone feels inadequate. It might be because you haven't made the effort to get to know anyone. It might be because you haven't put the effort into maintaining basic hygiene. Basically, really need details to help you with this.

How do I date if I'm a woman in a wheelchair (paraplegic)? Guys show zero interest in me and I have no idea how one would react if I asked them out.

I'd like a guy to cuddle up behind me and gently fuck me while he holds me against him and kisses my neck and ears.

You're just getting old.

>How do I date?
>Guys show zero interest
Look at different guys/for different qualities

>I've been distant from everyone
>I feel like I need some time alone
>Love you
She messages me maybe once a week. It's been more or less like this for about a month.

It is happened something serious in her life. I understand people might need time for themselves, but why she tells me that she loves me if she doesn't even put an effort to message me often?

Be open and friendly would be the best advice I could give. Personally I would have no problem dating a girl in a wheelchair but she would have to be fun to hang out with.

Being snowed in with a guy I like for a weekend in a cozy little cabin is my dream.

If she acts like she has a stroke while talking to you, calls you out loudly, and always seems so damn happy to see you, would that mean she's interested?
Just wondering. I don't want to try when I'll fail and look stupid to her and everyone else.

>boys aged 18-23 seem so timid and uninterested in my University

You might be timid too, undercover behind enemy lines, in a place not particularly welcoming to you.

How do I start the process of making out/possibly sex on a tinder bar date with a girl?

So i was dating this chick. We've dated for years, since we quite far apart from each other, it never got "serious". We used to be friends in the past, then confessed to each other that we liked one another. Our first date was magical, i felt like i found someone worth it.
Anyway, I liked her and would consider her as someone to have a relationship with. The problem is that she started to manifest a weird behaviour that ended up me breaking things with her and to tell her to actually fuck off. I went from really liking her to actually seeing only sex in this whole situation. I told her this when breaking off. I told her that when we had sex the last times it was only that, sex.
She was being rude and would overreact over stuff (can't say they were stupid things tho). I grew tired of it.

A few weeks have passed since and she sent me a voice messagge saying "hey, i don't want to disturb you, this is the last thing i'll ever say and then don't worry i'll leave you alone. I wanted to say that i relly liked you and you were important to me. If we both wanted something more than sex, i would have invested in it. Since my behaviour was the only thing that bothered you, i want to explain why i behaved that way: i had a weird feeling about this whole situation and couldnt put my mind on it, then you confirmed my worst fear, you were in there just for sex. I used to regret how i behaved, but now i don't. What saddens me the most is that i know what i want, but wasted time for someone who didn't know what they wanted. Good luck."

The sad thing is that i still think about her and miss her and i'm starting to regret my decision

What do

just go after Chad you dumbass

I feel like this thread has stagnated.

Go dance with her.

Because it’s all about does girl like me?
If you are over 16 this site will not excite you much

How do women feel when they have to deal with an overly-shy, obviously-sexually-frustrated permavirgin that tries to not even look at decently attractive women?
hahahaha asking for a friend, he's so silly

Yeah man 100% she is into you and it just waiting for you to man up I can tell for absolute certain based on those vague things you said that what I'm saying is the truth.

>I thought this was the chance to get to know the opposite sex better.
You don't get to learn anything through sex, but if sex is what you're after, maybe try taking the initiative?

Why would we have to deal with a person like that? It would just be another npc I wouldn’t look at twice as I ride through life

Haha. what a strangely relatable friend you got. Isn't he such a kidder. Since he's so silly, he wont be getting an answer cause he needs to grow the fuck up and ask like a real man.
Hahaha, relatable.

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Do ALL girls play meta games, like "I will not respond for 3 days to see what his reaction will be" when it comes to flirting? Its so tiresome

Opposite sex dosent mean having sex. Kinda dated yourself there kiddo

Nah, we mostly answer when we feel like it. We don’t have to play games anymore, we’re girls remember. We play life on easy mode.

>get to know better
This was actually the part that gives it away, my vaginally-enabled friend.

I actually can't tell if this is shitposting or not.
And my friend can't tell if this is shitposting or malevolence.

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No, that was a very legit answer said in a playful tone. As to not be too upsetting or edgy. Seriously, why would we have to deal with “your friend”? We don’t care. Just move along.

Girls, how hairy do you like your guys? And where about?

Why not both..

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I fell for a girl at work but she has a partner.

Even so we both still flirt to the point there are office rumors circulating about us.

How can I get over her?

We have to interact multiple times daily so disconnecting is not an option.

Medium length thick hair, and a groomed beard. Throw in a hairy chest too. Anything that dosent resemble a anime boy and those who thinks that’s a good look.

I like to give anons the benefit of the doubt and assume their shitposting really is just autistic, low-tier humor. Kind of like posting Pepes. AHEM.
Okay, but what if they're a coworker, and you do occasionally end up needing to work alongside them? What is the best way to be an inoffensive houseplant?

Be polite and direct. But try to stay quiet and focus at the task at hand. And be the best houseplant you can be.
I believe in you.

I don't. I literally told my boyfriend I liked him a lot after 4-5 days we were talking. I answer as soon as I see his texts.

We hooked up once n tried to link last night. She got stuck with the kids and couldnt. She ignored my question of "tomorrow??" and has never sent a green heart emoji. Did i just get pushed back into the friendzone?

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How do I entice women into having a crush on me?

Not a particular girl, just any girl in general.

No girl has ever had a crush on me before.

Bloke here. Can answer this anyway.

Talk to her. Form a connection with her. There is no magical sequence of steps to get her to fall in love with you. You simply need to man up, talk to her, ask her out, and go from there.

By being a good example of a man.
And also be handsome etc

I tried that but they still don’t develop a crush on me

Every time I hear a girl talk about their crush it’s like a dagger to the heart. I just think no one will ever think of me in that way

>tried that
Obviously not. You haven't tried hard enough otherwise you wouldn't be on Jow Forums asking for advice

My goal is to make a woman crush on me, for her to genuinely like me

I don’t want to go on a date with a girl unless she really likes me.

Good luck with that user

What? It’s not an unreasonable request surely

I don’t want to bother asking out and going on a date with a girl who doesn’t care. I want to date a girl who already likes me and blushes when she speaks to me, and gets butterflies when I text her

I have all those feelings about some girls I like so it can’t be unreasonable

Move on and learn from your immaturity, user. Only invest your time in women with which you can go beyond sex. Don't waste your time and really get to know people before you go all in, and if you do know that you're eventually going to have to put up with something. When that time comes, you shouldn't just run away as the other person is probably putting up with you as well (of course, there are special circumstances in which you should just jump ship, but if you play it smart you'll know that beforehand).

Just my 2 cents

I think your problem is that you're under the impression you can synthesise that feeling. Talk to a girl and be charming, interesting, interested, and she might develop a crush on you before you two ever go out. In general though my experience has been that you just know, more or less immediately whether you're going to end up with a crush on someone. Maybe it doesn't develop on the spot or anything like that but you get a gut feeling when you meet a new person that you connect with immediately and you know that they're someone you could be into.

So why does it never happen to me?

I just get so sad whenever I hear a girl friend talk about a guy she has a crush on. Cause I know no one has ever had those kind of feelings for me.

self bump

Do you think women are forthcoming with that information if they're into you? Fuck no.
You can go through your entire life thinking you're unattractive if you're waiting for validation from them because in 99.99% of cases women will never initiate things; instead they'll send you bullshit arcane signals that they think are incredibly obvious, but which are only decipherable if you already have experience picking them up. The first woman you date will only come to you after much rejection and trial-and-error.
Ask women about this shit, and why they couldn't just ask the dude out if they liked him, and they react like Westworld robots being shown a calculator. They just don't fucking understand it, the idea is as alien to them as the idea of you being attractive is to yourself. So it may have already happened to you, but you just never noticed.

Can I turn my autism from a negative to a positive? The girls I’ve dated have said I have a great personality and sense of humor, but I also have bad people skills and suck at reading social situations and my body language like pic related is autistic af.

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For women

Why am I unable to catch interest from women irl, or tinder? I don’t even have a female friend. I hAve a lot of anxiety and depression surrounding my unexistent experience with women in any capacity, especially when colleagues or family ask me about it I have a gf.... I don’t know how I SHOULD feel, but I feel worthless.

It's very likely. Why would you look stupid if you asked her out and she wasn't interested?

No I respond immediately. Sometimes I completely forget to text back and feel bad about it. But I will talk to you if I like you. If I get the feeling that you like me but I don’t like you, I’ll stop talking to you

>We play life on easy mode.
What kind of real woman seriously thinks this?

Move on. You’re probably sad because you didn’t get to keep your cake after you ate it. You don’t want to date her you just want her around for what she can give you. What can you give her? If you truly realize that you loved her you can apologize and maybe make it work. But you guys already live far away. Why not just find somebody that you don’t dislike and want to use for sex. Wouldn’t sex be so much more satisfying with somebody you actually like

I need time alone a lot too. I seriously will not talk to a single person during those times and my head is just quiet. It’s an introvert thing

>If I get the feeling that you like me but I don’t like you, I’ll stop talking to you
Rude 2bh. What if I like you but I'm genuinely content with being friends?

That’s fine. I mean like people who blatantly hint or tell me they like me. It’s about being uncomfortable by being specialized by a friend that I don’t feel similarly. Often I stop contacting completely for like a few weeks and then if I really like them and their friendship I’ll chat to them very briefly and coworker-like

*sexualized by a friend

do you find it strange that after a breakup that "special person" of yours becomes a stranger?
Somehow I never managed to keep decent relations after a split.

I've seen on the streets last day my almost wife and we just had an eyecontact for 2 seconds maybe. It felt so weird and sad.

Women: What do you think of men who post stuff on women's day like "women are the most beautiful thing on earth" or "women make the earth beautiful"?
As a guy I think it's stupid as fuck but what do I know?

It's stupid as fuck.

Booyyy, you just need a bit of training and dicipline to understand someone's cues and how to evaluate new people's cues. Though that involves someone that is willing to teach you. Has to be good at socializing and to have patience to answer your questions.

I fucking love goddess servile men.
You're the faggot.

No one.

Or someone severely autistic who has never actually tried.

Makes me think of white knights, so they kinda goes straight to the "avoid at all costs" list.

Those aren't "servile men", they are sexist men that want to virtue signal on social media. You'd have to be an idiot not to notice.

I guess nobody can help?

I'm not stupid enough to fall for the ones that don't post continuous little pagan quotes for years. But I saw a medicine man once that told an ex of mine to get his shit together and treat me better, he was already in a monogamous relationship. Truely relevating stuff.

If you feel worthless, maybe work on yourself to improve your worth in your own eyes and those of others

Based stroke poster

Guy here. If I don't want to have sex or at least don't want to have penis in vagina sex then I shouldn't be looking for a girlfriend, right?

Sometimes self worth is a reflection of how others around you treat you, user.

What am I supposed to do when a girl hit on me?

Wrong. Gfs are good friends and company. Just find one that isn't much interested in sex either.

Very cheesy. I like it in this context tho.

Either flirt back if you like her or ignore her if you don't.

I'm pretty garbage at reading social cues.
How can I tell if someone is flirting with me/if I am coming across as flirtatious? When is it the appropriate time for flirting?

And they'll treat you better if you act better, dress better, etc
Put in the work, or just give up poke you seem to want to

Went on a 2nd date last night that was pretty meh. This girl has been taking most of the iniative, messaged me first on app and asked me out after our first date. Have also been texting the whole time. During the date conversation was not flowing that well, and for some reason I just didnt feel talkative. I planned on holding her hand a maybe kissing her but I didnt think it felt right at the time. Anyway when it ended I walked her to her car hugged her, and she told me that it was nice meeting and hanging out with me and that if I want to hang out again to let her know. I said okay and walked off.

Like 30 minutes after I texted her that I was down to hangout again but lets do a specific activity instead of dinner. And also that I take a while to get comfy and open up.

Anyway no response since last night. So how did I screw this one up?

Alright thanks, is that something I could maybe put on a tinder description? Or should I find asexual or asexual-ish girls somewhere else?

I wish I could find a guy who wanted to cuddle and do oral, more than the hordes of guys obsessed with PiV sex.

I wanna believe, but a month with a single message per week kinda hurt.
If you do it too, try to improve that part of yourself. After all finding 5 minutes a day to keep in touch shouldn't be too hard.

Wow I just want to cuddle and do oral, how should I find someone like you in my area? Thanks

I’ll try that.
Another question. When I’m with a girl I am extremely corny/romantic. It’s just my nature as I love it. Nothing too excessive, and I’m more than willing to call out their bullshit and be argumentative when I can. I’ll do something like if I can’t sleep and I’m thinking of my girl I’ll send her a corny little message for her to wake up too. Is this too feminine? As a 22 year old should I be cutting that shit out?

Do you guys think this guy from work likes me? We dont work together in person, but we talk everyday, and we watch tv together and live text each other. This has been going on for 4 months now.

A girl at worked asked me for my number yesterday. She said she will send me text over weekend if she is doing anything fun. Does she like me?

It's distinctly possible. You'll only know for certain if one of you makes a move though

My gf has a weird male friend from uni who is a total moron. She has said she finds him "repulsive" basically (he's quite a sickly lad..) but she does consider him a friend for some reason and she does reply to him when he messages her.

Anyway, recently he's been making odd requests via message and asking her not to tell me apparently I learned today. He's also invited us (as a couple apparently) to go to visit him! Oh, and he's also engaged to someone.

Anyway.. I just told my gf today I don't want to go visit him or hang out with him again.. I am just planning on ignoring it for now as it seems a bit juvenile to actively tell him to piss off. If the messaging/ weirdness escalates how should we (my gf and I) deal with it do you think?

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Starting off in a pub - would it work if we went to a nightclub after?

Yeah, it does seem juvenile. Weird as it is you gotta admit that your gf is still putting up with it. So go visit him. If he gets weird then you and your gf will just leave. If she doesn't put her big girl panties on and call an end to his weirdness, it'll be a great opportunity for you to see a major character flaw.

I don't really have one that tops all others, in my experience when you really like someone (at least in the honeymoon phase) you don't care nearly as much about what's going on than about spending time with them anyway.

All that aside, if I daydream about something it's usually
>waking up with a guy spooning me and his boner pressing up against me
>slowly waking up together, a bit of grinding before turning around and kissing/smiling
>slow sex in a comfy position (preferably also spooning) with lots of skin contact
>a quick playful shower together
>heading out to get a fancy breakfast with pancakes or something

I usually work office hours and my friends are not morning people so I always see people at night or maybe in the afternoon, there's something about enjoying the start of a new day together.

Also of course the idea of seeing a new city/country together is quite romantic.

she did say that if we were to go visit him it would be an opportunity for her to tell him face-to-face 'he can't act like we're uni mates anymore'.. so that does make me feel better about the situation. Tbh though I don't even want to make the journey to see him in the first place as he lives quite far away :p

Doesn't make me feel much. People can be stand off-ish because they have a bad mood, because they're assholes, because they're antisocial. If a man doesn't look at me it could be because he wants to fuck me with the force of a thousand suns or maybe he just really loathes women. I'm not going to pick apart the hidden motives of someone else, unless they're going out of their way to be rude to me I notice it and get on with what I was doing. Any potential feelings would depend on having an actual idea of what he's feeling/thinking.

If it is clear that it's a matter of sexual stuff (like a combination of avoidance and being giddy/eager to impress), I recognize it for what it is but it's not going to be as big a deal to anyone else as it is to you(r friend).

My GF has relatively strong family ties, and I'm wondering if it'll become a problem down the track. We both agree we want something long term, but it's obvious her family will get in the way. They're not too bad, but they're very demanding from her and require that she spends a lot of time with her (she's in college and isn't allowed to go out on Sunday or 'family day'). Most of her family gets together every week or two as well, and even though she doesn't enjoy it much she feels like she MUST attend. I on the hand have zero family ties and the whole thing is absolutely baffling too me, and wonder what the actual fuck you'd even say to an uncle or aunt (I cut most contact with my extended family and see them once every few years). I've met her family and honestly have zero interest in seeing them ever again, because why the fuck would I? That would be like wanting to hang out with your friend's families in high school.

My question, do you think it's wrong of me to personally shun this girl's family and maybe get her to question why she spends so much time with them? I feel that's bordering into controlling territory which I 100% want to avoid, but I also feel like she's going to be tied down by these people and not allowed to live her life because she has to go eat some horrible dinner with them once a week even once she's a fully functioning adult.

Don't whine. It's a very unattractive look for a man. Suck it up, buttercup, and go get this over with.

I'm a guy but something about spooning with a girl and her knowing you're hard makes me crazy

I love all bodyhair, any place, no limitations. I don't like all kinds equally, e.g. I love pubic hair, happy trails, arm/hand hair, facial hair, whereas I feel less strongly about leg hair, but it still looks weird not to have it. Same imo with back or ass hair, if you're furry enough that it is proportional to the right, shaving just that area is just a very odd look.

One woman's opinion, but still.

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