How do I live in a world that clearly gives advantages to more attractive people?

How do I live in a world that clearly gives advantages to more attractive people?

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You fight harder.

go to the world of ugly instead

You are probably attractive, but just too retarded to use it properly

Become more attractive.

Stop being fat.

Yeah, there are advantages to attractive people. There are also advantages for strong people. Educated people. Intelligent people. Able-bodied people. People born into happy families or wealthy families have advantages over those who aren't. Everybody gets dealt a hand they had no say in, it's up to you to use your cards however you can. There are always other people who are more disadvantaged than you, and crying that you dont have all the privileges others do have accomplishes nothing. Hone your strengths to make up your weaknesses.

Even if they can get away with doing less?
No such thing, unfortunately we all live in the world of the beautiful
Ugly is ugly regardless of weight.

Get better looking, or get good at things.

>Ugly is ugly regardless of weight.
you're a clueless retard then. Maybe you should worry about your intelligence after you are done looking like shit.

You're the retard if you think someone taller and better looking can't get away with being fat. Women have been shown to prefer a dad-bod

You realize that losing weight has an effect on your face proportions, right, retard? You sound like a bitter retard who thinks people are born attractive while at the same time being a lazy fat fuck yourself who does nothing to better himself.
Just kill yourself you pathetic ugly goblin.

Stop focusing on what you don't have.
Get good at something. Make money. Become a nice person. Be compassionate. Improve your looks and groom as much as you can. Keep yourself fit.
Sure, there will be someone who is better than you and gets more than you with half of the effort. But who cares, if you're getting some too and you're happy. You shouldn't compare yourself to others, just to your past self.

>Even if they can get away with doing less?
That's the reason you have to fight harder.

Yeah but how much will that actually impact the overall looks?

You live however you level of attractiveness allows.

If you want the advantages, get hotter. Otherwise you live without them. Life is not hard.

lmao fatso

>Women have been shown to prefer a dad-bod

I can tell you're a woman by how oblivious and illogical you are. Why do you assume that even if he's fat he has a chad face buried under the lard? Losing weight wont fix horrid facial aesthetics, it'll just make them more apparent.
>inb4 incel
I got laid yesterday.

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I'm a man, you dumbfuck and obviously you did not get laid, otherwise you wouldn't be whining about being an ugly cunt.

I'd imagine you were either born there or moved there

Looks like you might need some test shots then, because you're the most feminine fucker I've ever encountered on this site. I don't think man is the right word.

Have you tried growing a beard?

Nice projection, faggot.

A lot you brainlet

Do what the rest of us potato faces do and be funny. Humor will get you further than you'd expect. Looks matter for getting girls to a degree, but I bet everyone can think of an example of a funny guy with a girl way out of his league.