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Why is it that during sex, I don't feel anything?

>bf goes in
>feels a little good, nothing too amazing
> 5 minutes in, I don't feel anything anymore
>by this point the only reason I have sex with him is to feel emotionally closer to him or to make him happy
>his dick is above average in length, a bit too long sometimes, he's managed to hurt me during sex by going too deep
>doing doggy makes me feel a lot more, but it starts to hurt when he needs to shift from slow to faster thrusts

What do? Are the nerves of my genitals fucked, or are all female genitals this complicated?

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Your boyfriend is a cuck with a small dick, have you tried fucking someone who knows what he's doing?

Are you stimulating your clit at all?

I'm guessing you're not a vaginal orgasmer? Have you tried stimulating your clit with sex?
Also tell him off from hitting your cervix, because it hurts. If he needs the hint, slap him if he hits it.
And if doggy feels better, it's possible your vaginal G spots are on the lower portion of your vagina, as instead of typically they are on the top portion where your prostate would be.

Fellow female here. This is actually normal for most females. You need to rub your clit during. Sometimes an orgasm before sex can help it feel better inside. But females get pleasure mostly from the clit. Some girls have a larger inner clit that allows them to get pleasure during just sex. But most need their clit rubbed on the outside

He's twice the size of the average American, so it isn't a size issue.

Yes. Always.

>Have you tried stimulating your clit with sex

>Also tell him off from hitting your cervix, because it hurts
Didn't know. Will do.

>And if doggy feels better, it's possible your vaginal G spots are on the lower portion of your vagina, as instead of typically they are on the top portion where your prostate would be.
Odd. I once did anal to try it, without going too deep, and it was an intense feeling. Wondering if that hints as to where else the g spot could be?

>You need to rub your clit during
Always do

>This is actually normal for most females
Hope so

Well. My clit is rubbed 24/7 but it's still hard for me to feel much. Weird.

Then he is shit at sex or you don't find him attractive enough

don't worry I used to have the same problem but it's when I use sex toys, I only felt a bit of pleasure when I would have sex with my boyfriend but I recently learned to clench while simulating my clit to get more of a better feeling.

Well. To be fair, he is rather chubby. His bmi is 29.9, could it really be me subcontiously not being turned on by his body?

How would I know if he's bad at sex though?

I will try that. I noticed clenching my genitals helps a bit, not the clit. Will try both. Thanks, user.

My current gf has the same exact problem but we don't talk about it much. She's inexperienced and doesn't really care about sexual things. It hurts her every time we have sex and she doesn't get very wet even if I play with her clit a lot.
My ex would get insanely wet, to the point where I would just slip inside her no problem. Any position was good for her and we would do it for hours.
I don't think it's your bf fault, I think women just differ from each other greatly when it comes to sex. It's in the genes. Some women are just made for sex, while others aren't.
A silver line I found is that women who enjoy sex have a higher tendency to cheat or get bored with their relationships faster. Same thing applies to men as well.

But going back to my current gf, she is 23. Was a virgin at 22. Maybe the fact that she never paid any attention to sex sort of... Stunted her sexuality?

I wouldn’t ignore it. Talk to your gyno just in case.


>Some women are just made for sex, while others aren't.

Women do not get sexual pleasure the same ways as others, one is lucky if her way is also the most known and common way.

And Humans are all made for sex, so all women are made for sex - their mother had sex to make them, isn't it?

If anal gave you intense sensations, explore it (but go easy, don't wreck you ass), you'll discover new parts of your pleasure spots.

How many dozens of Chads did you fuck before you found this sucker?
It's because of that, you got desensitised after taking several cocks every day.

>If anal gave you intense sensations, explore it (but go easy, don't wreck you ass), you'll discover new parts of your pleasure spots
Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Anal is still sodomy. It destroys your ass sooner or later. Google Gay Bowel Syndrome, it applies for women who have anal too.

Zero. I'm not a whore. I only ever had sex with my current bf because we both plan to marry soon.

Try him holding your legs up and togeather against his chest, it’s easier on his back so he can go faster. If you masterbate try going cold turkey from it for a few weeks. If you still feel concerned, consult a doctor who can send you to the right gynecologist.

lol chill

Anal is the most overrated sex ever, It seems like gays tried to make it more popular by making female porn stars get anal.

Oral is the best in my opinion, I know I’m not the only guy who likes to eat pussy.
For some reason it’s looked down on by certain men, like you’re giving her power over you. In my opinion if your ego is so fragile that licking a clit makes you question your manhood,then you’re a faggot pure and simple.

I just looked up "gay bowel syndrome" and that has nothing to with actual anal sex. Just people being stupid and not using protection when sleeping around and getting bugs.

another girl here. guys could never make me orgasm either. I like my hand better.

Do you have any history of sexual trauma in your past?

If you want to try anal, make sure there is plenty of lube, you train yourself a bit with a small plug, and also learn how to give yourself a cleansing enema.
Your sex life is up to you, but the most appreciative one of your self exploration will be your boyfriend and every other man on earth that likes anal. Ya'll are about in short supply as dominant females.

Oh and also, don't let him go from butt to vag, or sucking him to vag. Vaginas are highly susceptible to uti's and cross contamination is a big no-no. But ass to mouth is fully at your disgression of how confident you feel.

That's normal, or at least common.

How do women reach adulthood and dont know that they can clench their vagina?

>He's twice the size of the average American
he has a fucking 13 inch dick?
what the hell?
or do you mean he's really fucking fat?

>Zero. I'm not a whore. I only ever had sex with my current bf because we both plan to marry soon.
you should have married before, how do you know he won't leave with your virginity?

guy, and not a sex expert, but I have had my lady friends say some very nice things about our sex sessions. and, by nice, I mean constantly inviting me over to stay the night.

as I have been told, paying attention to your partner is a huge part of it. kissing, touching, and paying attention to what she likes and doing that, with a little variation and flair. I dated a girl who loved having the side of her neck kissed, so I did that during sex. not all the time, but just sometimes to surprise her. or I would kiss and lick areas around her neck, collarbone, her ear, her chin... things like that.

with a different girl, we were very sexually compatible. like, if I moved in a way that felt really good, it would feel good to her, too. also, she was pretty vocal, so I could figure out what was working where, and repeat that movement, or come at her from the same angle. I loved hearing her pleasure, and it felt good for me, so I could really drag out a long, fantastic session. like, teasing, going back to a really good position, coming and going like that.

anyway, paying attention to your partner, and really wanting to please them. not being a doormat who just does what they are told, but more like a very generous teammate

no one ever cheats to get more sex. you can always just have more sex. people cheat because they don't care about causing pain to their partner. either because they are selfish assholes, or their partner isn't worth caring about.

sorry, buddy, it's not the dick. it is everything connected to that dick

I have always wondered about this. it seems that when women have sex earlier, they are much more confident and open about sex. the longer they wait, the more likely they are to be weird about romance and sex.

of course, it could just be that sexual people get started earlier... The thing is, this happens to people who are molested, too. they wind up fucked up, but also very sexual

you are obvious a bitter troll, but just in case some idiot teenager thinks this could be true: it isn't. the vagina is a muscular organ. regular workouts make it stronger, just like any other muscle. only childbirth can damage a vagina, and even then, not very often.

fun fact: semen can fuck up the bacterial environment in the colon. for some people, getting jizz up their butt gives them diarrhea

Holy fuck i always got diarrhea from that. How bad is it with the bacteria?

In terms of oral, yeah. A man giving pleasure to his wife is "faggy"? Please. Men have been eating out for centuries. The whole point of a man is to make his gf orgasm.

Seen a gyn before and he said everything was fine, even though I had a literal infection down there and a lot of weird scaly shit there. The infection lastwd a few years, it's gone by now. I don't know why but the gyns I've always seen were retarded. They flat out see huge scaly white dead skin and just go "yeah man, you're fine". Doctors just go "yeah man, probably nothing serious, must be normal you're getting discolored discharge". Years later I literally just asked a female friend in her early 30s what to do, did their advice, and now it's healthy down there again.

How comfortable are you with sex? Like the idea of it?
Do you enjoy masturbation on your own?
I felt the same way about sex as you did. It didn't feel that great. A lot of it was not feeling comfortable with the situation. Being wrapped up in my head too much.
For me clenching makes it less pleasurable. I need to relax. I also don't like it when it's too fast initially. Going slower makes me more sensitive. And sometimes a dick/dildo can be too big. You feel too stretched out and some people don't like the feeling.
Honestly I took these high THC pills and tripped one day and it like awakened my vagina. Totally without prompting I was very aroused, wet, and my vagina was pulsating. It felt really good.
So maybe try the weed thing if it's legal in your area?

stop watching porn.

Sexual harassment where I got gropped or my ass slapped.

No offense but anal is degenerate and no one wants to wear an adult diaper or have anal prolapse. Nature did not intend stuff to go inside there.

>every other man on earth that likes anal
Not true. Many of them like the idea of it, they like the porn of it, but when they actually try it, they're shocked because pussy feels better.

>sucking him to vag
That's genuinely dangerous?

Thanks, hope so.

A lot. They know you can clench it but don't know how strongly you can. Unless I'm misunderstand in what way you mean by "clench" since I'm not a native English speaker.

Very long. Their nation is known to have the largest in all of Europe, or second largest, something like that.

Thanks. Bėgs the question though. If it's about teammates and what not, why sleep around with random women? It sounds basically like nature itself intended us to become monogamous throughout evolution.

True, I always heard the reason they cheat is because "he wasn't loving me enough he didn't talk to me enough he changed". Those are always the excuses.

I know many who got raped who turned out very horny. Yet, I know girls who got raped and want their bf to turn catholic for the sake of avoiding sex as much as possible. Thing is, I discovered porn when I was 10 or 11, and got into masturbation since I was 12, so you'd be sort of wrong there. At one point I was depressed so I coped with jacking it daily since I wasn't allowed anything else. I grew up in a very hostile family environment and my mother was living anorexia through me, meaning I was starved. Maybe years of emaciation caused something?

Thanks. Will do. For how long though before I start seeing improvements?

>Very long. Their nation is known to have the largest in all of Europe,
he has to be lying to you. that is near record level, like being over 7'6" in height

I meant statistically. My female friend was talking about her bf's dick and sent me statistics, to brag about her bf being slightly above average in her country. But saw my bf's country was in the top 3 or first, idr. Was long ago.

>But saw my bf's country was in the top 3 or first, idr.
the deviation among human men really isn't that much. anything above 10 in is an EXTREME outlier, although something like elephantiasis could cause that.

>10 in
All I can think of is "Give me human measurements. Measurements the rest of the world uses."

Yeah my bf is somewhere close to 10 in but obviously not 10 or he would of injured me even more. He's abnormally tall too, 2 meters. Thing is, he's longer underneath all his fat. He's a bear.

being 2 meters tall isn't even CLOSE to being as much of an outlier as 13 inches penis. it would be like saying he was 2.7 meters tall, or had an IQ of 190.
it's just absurd.
it's POSSIBLE, but he would possess possibly one of the 10 largest penises of all time.

Clearly she was just exaggerating you fucking autist Jesus Christ. 10 is long but not fucking unicorn tier, move the fuck on.

What the fuck, user. You're acting as if I said he's 10 in. And you're by now missing the point. My point was that size isn't the issue, he's above average.

I'm guessing he is hitting your G spot more in doggy style. you should guide him to have him do that more that feels pleasurable for you and have him get you off before he cums.

Thanks user, will do

you said twice the size of the average american, which is 6.5, and that would make him 13 inches, or about a third of a meter.

I dont know how you equated my post to sleeping around. I don't think I said anything about promiscuity. like most people, i have dated a few different women, so I have a range of experiences to draw from. where did you see anyone talking about random women?

also, if you ask someone why they did something, and they tell you, why would you assume they are lying? and if you figured they would lie, why bother asking? Isn't love more valuable than sex? doesn't it make more sense that a person would go out looking for love, rather than destroy their love by looking for sex? I mean, even if every woman is a whore and only cares about fucking hung Chads, you still have to accept that they will have some rationale to their behavior.

especially if they fucking tell you their rationale.

you would have to ask an actual doctor, but from my experiences, it's pretty minor. AFAIK, it is not a specific disease, just the balance being upset by some new kids moving into the neighborhood. the same thing can happen when a woman has sex with a new guy. the introduction of strange dick can upset things and give her a UTI or a yeast infection. nothing serious, just human beings are poorly made.

I literally cant feel anything at all with any of the condoms I've tried. I cant even tell i'm inside a girl
Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? I can feel a lot without it obviously so I dont think my dick is just insensitive

Was it like this with previous boyfriends? Only skimmed through the thread. I think I saw that you jacked pretty early and often. You may have burned out the pleasure center in your brain. Could be chemical too. Might as well go get a checkup, and make sure everything is normal. Let the doctor know the reason you're there so they can look at specific possible causes.

Are you only using latex? If so try a different kind like goat skin.

My bf suffers from this. However when he doesn't have to move, and it's me giving him a bj or hj, he feels everything almost. If it's me riding, he feels more. Try that. Also obviously try different condoms. Me and my bf did it without a condom for 2 years, but eventually went back to condoms to be safe.

>Was it like this with previous boyfriends?
Had non. I'm picky. I'd only date a guy if I see we genuinely both could get married. Also seen a gyno before, they said nothing. What else could I say to a regular doc? Also thank you for even skimming through the thread.

God I miss having my dick milked by vagina squeezes.

Female gyno would be the best way to go. Tell her pretty much what you've said here. Start with not feeling much during sex, and she'll probably ask a bunch of questions after that. Then she can check your estrogen levels, test levels, etc. If it isn't any of those things it could be psychological. With most women the biggest part of enjoying sex is mental. Some girls I've been with would orgasm almost immediately after the physical part began because they were already there mentally.