How accurate is photo feeler? I got a 9, but I don't think I'm even close

How accurate is photo feeler? I got a 9, but I don't think I'm even close.

Pic related is me

Can't get girls, what gives?

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Handsomeness is in the eye of the beholder.

In that photo you're fairly photogenic, I wouldn't disagree with that assessment. But photos can be deceptive.

That said, you might be really creepy. Contrary to incel belief, we don't just use the word for ugly people. If someone gives me "I'm gonna end up in small pieces in a basement vibe" I'm not really going to go anywhere with him regardless of how he looks.

No, i dont think i look like ted bundy. Although this may be it, maybe this is just a good pic

You look like you'd have an easier time getting goats


Post your pic, I'll tell you what you should be getting

It's not about how you look it's about how you act. Do you smile vacantly? Do you seem to treat me less as a person and more of an object? Do you seem to fake humor and normal socialization?

Have you tried shaving your face? Girls like hygiene and guys who don't look like ISIS members.

I am very shy so it is difficult for me to socialize. I have gotten a few first dates but things never go beyond that
This is a groomed, short beard. And i am of indian ancestry, dont know if indians are in isis. Do i have semitic features?

You look fine to me dude, if you have trouble socializing your in good company, do you have trouble socializing in general or just around women?

Behavior is a big thing for women

I have trouble socializing with everybody, but to a certain extent. I don't like showing people my true self, but I can talk fairly well with some people. Most guys I can talk with confidence. I get nervous around attractive girls though.

You're probably a 7/10. Your face looks a bit off.
I'd suggest shaving too.

That's normal, but that's also the problem, women do not respond well to nervousness, contrary to what some say women are attracted to masculinity, I'm no expert but a good place to start would be to try treating women just like you treat men, try not to act nervous around them and just talk to them, you don't need to get super-indepth with your feelings, try just talking about something or listening to her, the issue with this approach is it can lead to the friendzone, so I avoid close relationships with any females, I keep it surface level personally but that's up to you, and whatever you do don't lie and agree with her just for the sake of pleasing her, women find appeasement just...pathetic

Thanks. I have a buddy who is average but is one of those guys who can get any girl he likes. He always tells me "the less you chase them, the more they chase you". But I can't figure out how to have that aloof jerk persona while keeping women interested.

I'm beginning to think I'll only get a girl when I don't care about this stuff anymore.

Its kind of true XD

I'm not saying you should go as far as to not care at all, but if you make it your entire sole purpose in life you tend to over-analyze and waste a ton of energy on it and then it backfires because women find you too clingy

My approach is to talk to girls that I meet but not get too deep into personality and such, then if I find out they are single, and I'm interested, ask if they want to try taking things further, and if not, go back to the surface level stuff and never speak of it again, you'd be surprised at the difference

You have to go back

post it on /soc/, shit for brains. shame on you scum for indulging this garbage

You look controlling and insecure

From looks alone you look handsome, but your personality and the way you act changes things a lot.

Why do you think you can't get girls? what have you done so far to try and get them

youre pretty damn handsome dude like really attractive so its probably your personality

Because you reek of desperation. You may be good looking but people pick up on that vibe. By posting here, you are showing that you are desperate despite the fact you shouldn't be. Shits not attractive

Nice quads

>i am of indian ancestry
There’s your problem

yes you look very arabic or iranian or turk
not indian

checked and kekd

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I'm not even Muslim though lmao

You're actually good looking but you look vaguely creepy and you dress like shit
Go out and buy some solid colored button down shirts and a few chinos. It's a pedestrian look but women are too stupid to care and they will like it

Why do you think I'm creepy? I guess the smile is forced, but other than that?

And yes, I admit I dress like shit

As a femanon, you are very handsome. Honestly it's all in your personality/chemistry with a woman. Maybe you are shy?

>I guess the smile is forced, but other than that?
That's about the gist of it.
Your smile is friendly, but your brow and eyes indicate anger or boredom. A genuine smile affects every muscle in your face, not just around your mouth.

Too shy actually. I just can't small talk, at all. I have a few friends who are into geeky interests like me, I can only talk to them. And only about our interests.

I just think I have thick brows.

Thank you everybody though, that's a boost to my confidence. I've always thought girls don't date because I'm not good looking. I've realised that I'm too shy.

Aaaw that's so cute, if I was single I'd hit you up. Honestly don't feel insecure about your looks because you are legit attractive. I could lie and say you will eventually find someone, but it all depends on how much you want a gf, you know? As in, trying, socializing, meeting new people through other people. Can happen anywhere I suppose.

Thanks, that cheers me up.

Quads confirm

You look pretty normal dude. Don't know what's the problem

You seem attractive to me. It could be about just being awkward or unsure of yourself or seeing women as some property to gain. The latter women can smell immediately