Literally millions of jobs

>literally millions of jobs
>people are still afraid of their bosses

Why? Why do people act like they’re terrified of rubbing their boss the wrong way, not doing everything they say, not doing whatever they can to get ahead including going behind the boss is back, etc.?

so what if your boss gets pissed at you, what are they going to do fire you? Just go get another job, grow some balls.

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>T. Boomer

>t. 28 year old boomer

>every job is exactly the same in status, money, and potential

Don't know where you're from but I don't know anyone afraid of their boss. HR people and interviewer are more scary though. Need to get the job in order to even have a boss.

>Just go get another job, grow some balls.
If my trade is low demand/high offer,
going back to long-term unemployment is not growing balls, it's preparing to mortage one ball then the other one.

>T. doesn't pay his own bills or do his own laundry

>Just go get another job

user... Oh my God.

Haha yeah I'll just go be an engineer for the other Amazon. Ez pz no worries.

I'll take it a step further and ask why people work at all. I mean, I get that working can give you material comfort, status and shit. But what if you don't care about that? I don't feel good buying shit, I don't want expensive cars, a giant house, or a new phone. I generally dislike this country and that my taxes pay for shit I disagree with.
I understand not working likely means I'll be a hobo, but truth be told that's ok with me. I'd rather be principled and die than be a soulless or shallow wageslave.
Maybe someone can clarify

>only NEETS can have balls
That's an interesting take


Best thing you could do id participating in a night shift of homeless helpers,
like going in the streets and giving them coffee and speaking to them.
I don't know if it happens where you live, it's the case in Paris.

And look. At. Their. Eyes.
And then, reread what you wrote.

Spoiler: being homeless is even more soulcrushing than office work.
Principles are erased in profit of bare survival.

It was easy being Diogenes in ancient greece, it is harder in today's big cities.

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It's like this. I get on well with my bosses.

Not a kiss-ass, a hard worker. I raise the (objectively low) bar. In return, they leave me alone to crack on with it, and seem more scared of pissing me off than I am of them.

To go against them would be detrimental to my rather comfy lifestyle.

The fact is, I friggin' love the bosses at my place (one former one, I genuinely was in love with).

My issue is with everyone above them, the rest of the company, they are massive dicks. Pudgy fingered desk jockeys who make stupid descisions we warn them will negatively affect productivity because of various flaws in their plans, they make the descision anyway and label us lazy when things go exactly as we expected.

Then they also sack the greatest woman I ever known.

I'm not scared of losing my job. Hell, I'd quite happily lose it, I got savings and can take a pay cut for a better company.

My real fear is that I will won't get a good reference for another job.

So I bribe my bosses with cigarettes and ask them alone if I can count on them to be a reference for me.

Holy fuck your parents must of supported you to the point you can even entertain this as a thought. You're a massive faggot

Fair enough, but I'd rather die than wageslaving. Maybe suicide is the best option if I can't make my own revenue stream outside of slaving

Not all jobs are equal. My dad's a CEO and runs a company for a madman. He can't just go and find another CEO position that pays as much as his current job.

Even I, in my part-time job as a full-time college student, have to respect my boss to a certain point. 15$/hr job that isn't difficult and they respect my school schedule. And it is 2 minute drive from my apartment. I won't find another job like this.

It's because most people live paycheque to paycheque and being without pay for even a couple weeks they'd be totally fucked. Our overlords have spent years conditioning us to move to the city for better access to services and things to buy, diminishing our ability to live independently and turning us into essentially debt slaves. When you got a mortgage payment, a car payment, a student loan, no savings and a crippling amount of credit card debt, you can't afford not to work. If you own your house and car and have a little nest egg, it's not a big deal if you're not working for a bit. Rural areas don't have as good an access to jobs, but they also present the opportunity to live debt free because the cost of housing is so low. Unfortunately they've spent years convincing us to maximize income as opposed to maximizing contentment, and the media really mashes the rural areas are depressing and dying because there are no jobs button as hard as they can.

This is why so many people into the whole financial independence thing are tech workers

highly compensated but total uncertainty about their careers, so might as well live like college out of college, amass a huge portfolio, then fuck off to work in a library or some shit


You can work for yourself. You can work growing your own food and hunting and stuff.

Piece of fucking lazy shit how big a house can your veggies get you? Fucking retard

>caring so much about the material
okay modernfag have fun with your toys and cars in CLOWNWORLD HONK HONK

Kek based™ NEET who's never had to work a real man's job. Get fucked when mommy is tired of your shit and you have to get a job or be homeless. Pathetic

Til all farmers are homeless.

Only new workers are.
My first boss literally worked me out of my shell like I was a goddamn crab leg. We finally got to the point where we could argue nonstop. I told her during one of our coffee runs she had a shitty attitude, and all the other coworkers with us went nuts.

The caveat is that nothing but excellence in performance would be allowed.

>industrial scale farmer
>backyard sustenance gardener
Yeah, one's actually respectable AND able to afford being alive. Fucking retard

I've worked for 3 years in shitty bugman office job and quit to work in agriculture lmao life is much better now

Not him. What kind of work?

Did I trigger you or something? I was talking about getting in a position where you're financially independent so it's not necessarily the end of the world if you're not working for a period. Someone said they liked working. I was pointing to growing your own food as a way to keep yourself busy and to keep working not as a means to pay for a house you fucking dumbass.

Get fucked fuckwit. Lazy scum deserve to die. Full stop


The eternal cope KEK

>saying kek in 2019
not a good look

>using meme arrows
You're outdated, gramps

I'm thinking about switching to a tech instructor work.
it seems it would potentially enable me to not work for a few weeks in the year if I organize my work well, while being paid decently as I'd be instructing wageslaves (like me currently) in companies.
Am I seduced by a meme?