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Alright guys
so i got a massive scrape while i was at school by falling over onto rocks and dirt. so i patched it up when i got home and changed it every 12 hours or so, 2 days later it now looks like it has pus and a greenish colour to it. does anyone know what this is?

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That looks incredibly painful, OP. I had a scrape that large from road rash I got as a child. I don't remember my parents ever taking me to the doctor for it, and it looked exactly like that. Just keep changing the bandages and keeping it sterile. It's definitely going to leave a scar though. It's normal for it to weep an orangey, sticky liquid. It's trying to form a scab to heal.

If it starts to become truly infected, and weeps actual pus instead of the clear fluid, go to a doctor. Same if it gets very swollen or smells rotten. Better safe than sorry.

Alright dude thanks

Go to a doctor, better safe than sorry with an injury like that. You don't want it to get infected when you can easily avoid it.

What are you wrapping it with? Shit looks moist. Needs to dry otherwise infection/gangrene.

Get some antiseptic spray.

Bandage when out in public. Unbandaged/open air at home/as much as possible.

Medicfag here.

I'd also debride the area. Try to wipe all that shit/puss off.

>If it starts to become truly infected, and weeps actual pus instead of the clear fluid, go to a doctor. Same if it gets very swollen or smells rotten. Better safe than sorry.
Do these OP
Don't do this OP. Give it time to heal up and let it go away on its own

It looks like it isn't infected right now but it needs some sterile wrappings.

That looks fine. A scab is forming but isn't dried yet. Scab material is very similar to mucus before it dries.

Just fucking go to an actual medical professional IRL i you are at all interested in your own health.

This, but I assume all these "guys I have a medical condition/emergency can you post some pictures of Pepe The Frog to somehow help me" threads on Jow Forums come from Americans where universal health care is worse than Stalin.

I really do hate the medical system of this country...

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That's definitely true. Americans will put it off until we absolutely have no choice but to go to the doctor. I have health insurance and a recent doctor visit cost me 600$ for something minor that only needed a piss test and a prescription for antibiotics.

Well duh, getting treated for something can send you into debt for life. The reason why is actually paradoxical because great insurance coverage drives up the prices.

Sucks, but you work with what you got.

This. I scraped my knee just like this a few months ago, I thought the fluid meant that it was getting infected. The fluid is released before the scab forms, its fine.

Take some anti bacterial tablets if you want to be on the safe side.

Any pain? From 1 to 10 how painful is it?

Does the surrounding area feel warm? Swollen?

Is it weeping or leaking any fluid? What colour is the fluid? Does the wound or any fluid smell bad?

It looks like an infected wound, a GP or nurse can clean it properly and apply a dressing in a more sterile manner.

looks like a pretty bad infection at this point antiseptic creams probably won't do anything, you should go to a doctor like an urgent care

This. You pansies spending all your lives in your room on the computer have never even gotten a scrape before. Jesus.

It's really sad to see this thread.

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Except most of us have and know this isn't just a scrap you faggot. That looks serious enough to go to the doctor and I hate doctors so you know this shit is pretty bad.

Pus, which is likely OPs way of describing malodorous yellow exudate, visible slough and no visible scab forming, suggest a local infection. If he leaves it, the wound could worsen and the infection could spread


Go see a doctor or go to an ER. You have no idea what you could do to yourself if you treat this at home. This is way beyond self-treatment

Google "Staph Infection" and sort by images.
Go to the doctor you fucking idiot.