Saving myself until I find the perfect partner. I just don't see any point in casual relationships...

Saving myself until I find the perfect partner. I just don't see any point in casual relationships. What's the point in getting people involved when you don't even inherently like them? Putting up a fake personality or accommodating people you don't give 2 shits about for the sake of them liking you is just so disgusting.

You know what I hate? The fact that there's no one out there that's as good as me. Everyone I meet fall short, and I feel like Hannibal Lecter when dealing with people. They're too easy to read. Honestly if it weren't for my excessive empathy that makes me understand exactly what's going through a person's mind through making a projection of myself that's them, I'd 100% have anti social personality disorder (ASPD)

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And what do you need advice on?
Sounds just like low key bragging about your perceived superiority.

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and why do people feel the need to brag about being special? To have people give you empty compliments that you hear about the smallest positive things or to cope with how lonely it is?

So, the issue is that you’re lonely?


>Hello advice, I am a being of celestial quality, I am near perfect in everyway. People are so easy to read and manipulate, that I feel I cannot relate to the plebians.

>So Jow Forums how do I deal with being so great as to feel empty and lonely inside?

The answer is you take your head out of your ass and start interacting and thinking of people as a normal human being. For fucks sake reading that shit made me feel like you're the edgiest edge Lord to have ever tried to get off on your own fart.

Maybe you're super great, I doubt it, but sure, you still need to relate to other people one way or another, it's part of our makeup as social animals. So get off your pedestal and think about your relationships as something you want to invest in and get value out of instead of weird fetishes to fulfill your superiority compex.

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>"The answer is you take your head out of your ass and start interacting and thinking of people as a normal human being. For fucks sake reading that shit made me feel like you're the edgiest edge Lord to have ever tried to get off on your own fart. "
You don't have to state the obvious
>"Maybe you're super great, I doubt it, but sure, you still need to relate to other people one way or another, it's part of our makeup as social animals. So get off your pedestal and think about your relationships as something you want to invest in and get value out of instead of weird fetishes to fulfill your superiority compex."
Who says I can't relate to other people? I specifically stated the opposite. You can tell what people are gonna say quite easily if you understand them. I knew you were sitting on this sort of reply since your first reply due to how normal these surface level "get your act together, snowflake" responses are prevalent on this board, and also by the way you worded it.

Please seek therapy for your behaviour, it's not healthy. You're too brash and hotheaded. You think you understand situations without really comprehending them. The world doesn't cater to your mind, so no matter what you think is right, you can't give advice on it, because you are inexperienced and lack the proper wisdom to help people. All you possess is common knowledge, so you hope to help people who need common knowledge. You seek your own form of superiority in a sense by seeking out people void of basic reasoning.

>understand exactly what's going through a person's mind through making a projection of myself that's them
That's, like, exactly the opposite of empathy.

You've failed to understand every poster's mind in this thread. So much for your perceived superiority.

Isn't that cognitive empathy?

I doubt that, and fuck you, this is an advice board, what's your problem? Why are you picking fights? Do you get off on this? Are you venting? Can you stop being a dick for no reason?

I'm telling you, you read like a massive narcissist. No one in this thread is gonna be like: "yeah op has a pretty solid balanced ego." Everything you wrote is either the product of a massive superiority complex or a deliberate effort to troll the board.

If you wrote this as anything other than a troll, that tells me you lack the social skills necessary to decently interact with people.

You asked for advice and you got it. If you want something concrete, I think you should look into the possibility of being a narcissist. Maybe seek help on it. Jesus.

It's lonely at the top. I'm sorry, OP.

I genuienly fucking hate you. Where do you live? Give me your fucking address you little shit

People with ASPD do have empathy by your definition of the word - they can understand what goes through other people's mind. That is the reason why they're good manipulators.
They don't care much about their feelings. They lack sympathy.

People on the spectrum have a big difficulty understanding what goes through other people's mind, and lack empathy.

I'm gonna purge you from this Earth you fucking cunt sucking fuck, talk tough all you want behind the screen right now, but when I stomp on your head you'll be begging me to stop


>I will kill you for disagreeing with me
Surely reads as someone with "massive empathy" and no problems, who is so much better than everyone else, Opie.

Oh my God pls let this turn into the Navy seal pasta.

Anyways, dude, get some help. Seriously.

I'm an empath but I have no idea what other people are thinking; only what they're feeling. Their thoughts aren't as straight forward because they're tied into personal experience/ history. If you did a controlled experiment on reading people's thoughts I wonder how successful you would actually be. I suspect you would be wrong more often than right.

OP: I'm literally the best. The most intelligent, more empathetic, just perfect in every way.

Thread: Maybe you're just a narcissist?


Hahaha what the hell, that's so bizarre. If you can feel other people's feelings, how can you not understand how they think? It's not like I feel the hurt they're feeling, I see that they're hurt so I can predict their behaviour. It's simple reasoning more than anything, but the reason I call it empathy is because I tie in how I'd react if I were in that situation, kind of.

I've had this ability ever since I was a kid playing soccer in my spare time. Basic patterns of behaviours, but I wasn't able to do anything against it because I was fat and stuff. In my teens I gained more insight. If a person does something, and you counter it, the next few options they have is A B or C, and their perceived behaviour is an indicator of what they'll pick. You can get a real sense of the person if you know a few basic concepts.

I can even read myself and my limitations as if I'm another person. If I'm up against an opponent I can't beat in a game I know that there's 0% chance that I can beat them if they keep playing like this and I don't change my way of thinking.

Each person is like a character. This is true for a lot of people, the majority. It's why the NPC meme was a thing. IT'S SO FRUSTRATING BEING ABLE TO READ PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY'RE SO SIMPLE.

TIMID PEOPLE ARE GONNA BE TIMID, GUTSY PEOPLE ARE GONNA BE GUTSY, and kind people are gonna be kind, until you realize that they're only kind to those in their close circles, and then you learn more about their behaviour like how reserved they are against strangers. You keep on learning about people until you can predict their behaviour. It's called Cold Reading, I suggest you all google it.

>I tie in how I'd react if I were in that situation, kind of.
That's such a biased way of thinking.

When I'm angry, I can't talk. If you do something that really offends me to the core, I shut down and just sit there quietly without saying a word. It can go on for minutes or days.
My father gets crazy mad over dumb shit. He's screams and yells. He never raised his hands over anyone out of anger, tho.
My mother laughs hysterically and then if you got her mad enough she beats you up - she literally shot a dude for sexually harassing her mother.
My grandma cries.

So if you get me mad, the worse outcome is that I stop talking to you and leave. If you get my mom mad, she'll fucking shoot you.
Thinking all people react like you is stupid as shit.

>Cold Reading
That's what sociopaths do.
So much for not being a sociopath.

Like in class, there's one girl who treats the teacher like an authority figure and nods and says yes obediently, and I can see that the teacher sees this too. It's her personality, and the teacher's personality is that she doesn't understand peoples' thoughts and is projecting her own desires unto them. She has no indication that she is shy or anything like that to normal people, but I see that she is in her own head, and her world is projected unto everyone else giving the illusion that she's interacting with other people. Even so, she doesn't understand other people and just hopes that they are the way she wants them to be.

Dude if you're just gonna rant about how great you are, and treat the advice you get with outright hostility like this, I don't think we're gonna get anywhere.

Nothing of what you said indicates you are as healthy or as stable you believe yourself to be. It's a good idea to reflect and maybe try to treat that. Humans are pretty complex creatures in general, thats why we have so many academic fields that study their behavior.

Maybe you're some sort of prodigy, although most people in this thread are going to doubt that. But this whole attitude is just gonna land you alone and isolated, because you didn't have room for both your ego and respect for another person.

Hence the "kind of". I think about how I'd react if I were these people based on what I know about them, and if I don't know anything about them but I'm able to correctly understand what it is they're feeling, I can understand better what type of person they are.

I can become you. I can become your mother... I can become your father, and I can become anyone else in any situation given that I understand them.

>stupid angry virgin thinks he’s a genius

You can't.
I'm very good at understanding people naturally, I've always been. I'm professionally trained to do so, on top of that. I've known my family for all my life. And yet they still surprise me at times.
There are certainly behavioural patterns, that are also common to groups of people, but saying that people never ever break off those patterns is superficial. Thinking you have a perfect understanding of a person based on shallow knowledge of them is absolutely stupid, too.
You can't possibly comprehend other people fully. You can roughly understand very general patterns in their behaviours, and predict things they'll do very grossly, but people are surprising. It's literally the only redeeming factor of humans.

Let me clarify something to you all. I have a lot of friends, because I know how people work and when you know how people work you can easily accommodate people and make them like you. I have an abnormal amount of friends because I build a relation with everyone. They all think I'm fun and kind and smart. I'm not lonely in the sense that I seek other people or friends, I'm lonely in the sense that there only exist a few people in this world that will understand me, while I can understand a great amount of people.

And you have it wrong, I do respect and love people. I love people for their positive traits.
I love how introverted yet thoughtful you are. I appreciate you to from the bottom of my heart

Based. People aren't worth my time. And at some point, it becomes easier to kill my desire to interact with people (specifically females) than it is to put up with their bullshit

you're arguing against an ideal right now. You think I'm claiming to be perfect in reading other people, but I'm not. People do break off patterns, but it's easy to then predict their future behaviours from this new pattern based on why they did it.

And it gets a lot harder to read people who are special because they operate under other not-so-normal rules, but rules regardless. Rather than predict people I can understand exactly what is going on in their head as it happens

Everything you say furthers the notion that you literally have ASPD.

The superficial charm, the difficulty in having meaningful relationships but not having any difficulty in establishing ones, blaming your difficulties on others instead of yourself, the lack of any emotional component in your "empathy" (it's all cognitive from what you said, there's nothing emotional about it - you read people, you don't empathise with them).

I can tell if people like other people, or what they think of the situation. It's that type of reading I'm able to do. I can see peoples' colors. An example is, if a parent is giving advice to their children and the children don't listen, they'll be dumbfounded, while I'll fucking laugh at how stupid they're being. You can't expect to do the same shit over and over and expect it to have the same results. The children filter that out. If the parents want their children to listen all they have to do is talk in a different way.

I'd agree. When he gets called out he also has a tendency to either lash out violently or just try brag further.

I don't know. Are you the same user that said they were professionally trained? I'm curious what career that is.

You can't. You can make assumptions, you can't be sure those assumptions are correct.
Even if people follow the patterns you predict, you can't be sure that you read their minds correctly.

For example, I had people who were "very good at reading others" telling me I must have had bad parents because of some of my behaviours that were telling of a fairly unhappy childhood. I had a pretty unhappy childhood, but it's because I had cancer when I was 7 and spent the following 7 years in and out of hospitals. My parents were awesome, I still have a great relationship with them.
So I might follow some pattern behaviour of some people with unhappy childhood, but your reasoning on "what goes on in my mind" is wrong and probably you'd be off in other predictions you made about my future behaviours.

If I get called out I can educate people. I lash out when people are stubbornly trying to break social etiquette. If I lose in a game and I want to talk to the other person, the best course of action is to let me talk. I have literally doxxed people because they ignored me over something small. All I wanted was to explain my view, and why I'm angry, and why they should stop. They're forcing my hand. How can I make them listen without taking away their safety? I'm not gonna let it go; the person wronged me, they deserve punishment.

they mistake the result for the cause. An unhappy childhood means your basic needs weren't taken care of. That is the result, but they assumed that the cause was bad parents. Don't try to be so hard on them, they made a simple mistake in assuming.

I'm a clinical neuropsychologist.

The wrong assumption creates a false idea in their head, which complicates predicting future behaviour.
For example children who had a complicated childhood because of neglect from parents have certain behaviours in seeking validation from other people, especially sexually, that I don't have at all (because I had plenty of validation from my parents). Daddy issues, so to speak.

Oh, so that's why I like cold-hearted bitches that hate me but show that they might have a soft inside. Nah I'm just kidding, I always knew I had daddy and mommy issues.
>"The wrong assumption creates a false idea in their head, which complicates predicting future behaviour."
Then enlighten them. It wasn't intentional to think that way about you. They don't mean you any harm or bad, they care about you.

>Then enlighten them. It wasn't intentional to think that way about you.
I know it wasn't, they're just dumb.
If you feel so intelligent that you need to explain to me why I behave the way I do, I'll let you feel smart and masturbate while looking at yourself at the mirror. It's honestly mildly amusing to see people make wildly wrong assumptions about me, especially the very self-assured "I'm So Smart" type.

They're not dumb, you're needlessly being mean. Sure, you were hurt by the unthoughtfulness of it, but who is it that doesn't value people now? Being able to understand people means understanding their strengths and weaknesses. The reason you shut down and sit quietly is because you give up on people too quickly. You need more forgiveness in your heart and a reality check. People aren't perfect... is all shit I would say if you'd actually listen ;) Truth is, you know this and you like it that way. People HAVE to be perfect or they're not good enough. Don't be mistaken, I don't mean perfect in the normal sense, I mean that you like them and that they don't do too much wrong

Alright I'm bored now :)

If I connect to someone I can feel what they're feeling--their mood, emotions, energy and physical sensations (like headache, nausea, exhaustion, pain etc). So I can feel someone's sadness for example but why they're sad is an assumption. It could be a response to something that happened in the moment or something could have triggered a memory or they could be thinking about next week. Children are easier to read because they live in the moment but adults tend to be less present and more in their heads.

Actually, no.
I talk things out with people, I don't do it when I'm angry because I want to be logical and not emotional when discussing things I'm upset about.
I don't want to tell them "you're a piece of shit for doing this, I hate your fucking guts, I hope you die", but "this behaviour really made me feel bad, I know you didn't mean to hurt me but please, in the future, avoid doing that".
The reason why I don't talk is because I hate hurting others, I only stop talking to people when I know I can't let go because I think they meant to hurt me.
I'm one of the most forgiving people I know, I never held a grudge - if I know someone didn't mean to hurt me, I'm not holding it against them.
See, wrong assumptions, mind reader. ;)
I love people I don't like. One of the people I love most is someone I deeply dislike, would die for her on any given day.

And yes, assuming you have any good, proper, foolproof understanding of other people and their deep motivations based off a couple of their behaviours is dumb. It's something most people understand from simply interacting with others for more than 15 minutes, but you're taught this in literally every psychology class.
You can't fully and completely understand others, or even yourself really.

ITT: Dunning-Kruger exhibits.

>people smarter than me can't possibly be both smarter than me and aware of it
Is Dunning-Kruger™ the lamest cope of all time?

People who feel the need to tell others how smart they are often don't have other means to show it.

Actually smart people don't go around saying they are smart.

Yeah. That's what I said.
If you're smart, you have other ways to show it so you don't need to tell others how smart you are.
If you aren't smart, you have to tell them because you don't have any other means to show it.

Damn, you're beautiful. I admit defeat, I can't read people, or at least not you, though I'm learning a lot more about you with each reply. I can't help but love you for being so thoughtful

I wish I knew you in real life, I'd value you greatly. You'd be in my top 8 valued person that I know list

Lol, you are so funny OP, make sure you only ac like this on the internet

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and what? Are you retarded?
the three replies that aren't by me are AGAINST me, as in they're trying to offend me. You're really stupid aren't you, tough guy? I do combat sports IRL btw, like boxing and shit. I feel more comfortable IRL than online because I know that people can hack my pc and stuff like that and I won't be able to do anything about it, whereas IRL I can confront them.

Dude chill, you asked for advice/ which basically is reading through your shit and giving a piece of mind, you give the impression of being a prick, but not only that, you confirmed this with all the insults, when you started lashing at others, the thing is, not one or two but several people got to this conclusion and instead of asking why or how so, you immediately respond with shit talk.
>I do combat sports IRL btw, like boxing and shit.
Fantastic I do martial arts so what?

Take your head off your ass
Realize that not everyone sees things from your perspective
Start taking in count what others have to say
Stop bragging Nancy, bragging only points out that which you lack...

haha you're so fucking stupid it's hilarious. I can tell English isn't your primary language 'cause you're missing literally every one of my intentions

ITT: OP knows nothing about psychology yet thinks he can read people because he can sense the most basic of behaviors.

Think you know everything about people and relationships, but hasn’t been in one.
Yeah, it’s everyone else who is weird and fucked up

God you people are a buncha ignoramuses. You're the reason I'm contemptible towards people. See, normal people IRL don't voice their criticism so openly, so they're fine, but people on the internet will counter anything you say for the sake of being contrarian.

You are making a thread in adv that is known for having debates over everything. You are the one who is out of touch. Maybe go read a book or spend more time around people you ignorant hypocrit

hahaha idiot, I enjoy reading brainlets' replies then gauging just how smart they are.

Okay, you know a lot about human behavior, huh? So, I suppose you could tell me about Levinas' Other? Can you sense how other people Otherize and create categories and how that affects their actions? What about Lacan's Mirror Stage? Can you see how that affects them and their self-image, thus affecting their actions?
Oh, wait, you can't because you don't actually know or understand anything; you just pretend to because you can sense the basic behaviors and traits that everyone can.

Why are you so hellbent on proving that I can't? I literally can. You're fighting a fight you can't win

So when someone IRL calls you a pretentious prick, how do you react?

Never argue with idiots because they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

- Mark Twain

This is why people can't win against you.

they don't. I'm very down to earth and pleasant to be around

It's simple. You play the game within your domain. Doesn't matter if you're a boxer, a gamer, or whatever. If you get into the other person's domain, and fight on his terms, you're most likely gonna lose. You brought up a buncha things to support yourself, and from those things alone you derive the final answer that "if you don't know these obscure things then you're wrong". Even if I knew what you were talking about I'd disagree with you because what you said is pretty stupid.

You aren’t good enough in your opinion thus you keep everyone else away.


There's absolutely no reason to love myself right now.


Ego can fuck your life up, if you’re unwilling to come to grips with your short comings you won’t get anywhere with relationships. Sure you’ll have casual sex and empty gestures of compassion. But that high horse is going to buck you off eventually and it’s the people that got your back that matter most.

>waiting for something to be perfect

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You are worthy of love.

I don't care about love from people I don't care about

I'm sure trips confirm that you are a very nice and pleasant person irl and only a complete delusional stuckup prick on the internet.

lmao op, people on the internet aren't trying to be contrarian with you, they're telling you the truth


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my sides holy shit