Tl;dr GF got "raped", won't report it to the police

tl;dr GF got "raped", won't report it to the police

>been with GF for for 5 years, live together
>he friends love to go out clubbing so she goes with them
>really really hate it so I often don't go
>goes out last weekend, usually texts me when she's coming home or staying over at someone's house
>no texts at all from her, fall asleep but get a slew of texts at 5am as she rings me to come pick her up
>she's crying non-stop, apologising over and over and just babbling
>get her home, she showers and gets into bed still crying
>says her friend met up with some guys, one guy was talking all night with her and kissed her
>she apologises non-stop for this, says she didn't mean it to happen
>claims she was drunk, went home with him as she couldn't find her friends
>claims he raped her
>as soon as she says this I tell her to call the police, ask for his name and address and whether he wore a condom
>she gets very defensive, says she doesn't want to report it as his friends know her friends etc.
>huge red flag
>ask her again to call the police, then ask her if she went with him willingly
>leads to her screaming at me and saying I'm not being there for her after she was raped
>tell her if she's not reporting it to the police, then it was consensual and she cheated on me
>more screaming before I have enough and leave to a friend's house
>drop her a text and say "Report him to the police or we are over"
>numerous texts from her and her friends over the week calling me all sorts of names

Am I in the wrong her? If it was rape then she should report it to the police. Otherwise she's cheated on me, right? I'm going on Monday to pick up my things from the flat when she's at work as a week is long enough for her to have decided.

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>Otherwise she's cheated on me, right?
This is what tripfaggotry does to your brain

Yes, sounds like you‘ve done the right thing.

Stay strong!

Alright, well OP I’m going to lay this out for you. You’re probably doing the right move. Now I’m not saying whether she was or wasn’t raped. It’s entirely possible she is being genuine and something actually did happen to her, which would be terrible and you’re going to look like an asshole. BUT it’s also entirely possible your assumption is justified. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be suspicious as well. Maybe she’s claiming it was rape because she got drunk and fucked some dude and now she regrets it. But she can’t report it to the police and get her “friend” arrested, because it was all consensual

Here’s the thing. Your relationship is over regardless of what happened. The seed of doubt is already planted and she’s not going to do anything about it. This guy is friends with her friends group, so he’s still going to be around. Every time they go out clubbing this dude might be there. You might all be hanging out one day and have to sit there with the guy that drunkenly fucked her girlfriend. Is that a situation you want to be in? Is this something you want to spend the rest of your life tiptoeing around? You already said you’d pick up your shit in a week so it sounds like you’ve already decided. Just be aware that pretty much everyone involved is going to hate your guts after, but it will probably be better for your mental well-being in the long run

He's what happened, and anyone with half an IQ point sees it
>goes to club
>gets drunk
>chats with hot guy (hotter or as hot as you)
>goes to place
>has consensual sex and enjoys it
>doesn't want to lose your beta bux so says it was rape
If she doesn't alert the authorities, or at least want you to bash his skull in, then it wasn't rape. Break up with her now

You're in the right since only two things would have happened: she actually got rape or she cheated on you. Now, I would assume the latter, but let's give her the benefit of the doubt since she is flustered as all hell. Try calming her or wait for her to chill, then you'll get your answer.

People who go to night clubs go there for only one reason: getting drunk so they can separate actions from consequences (i was drunk, i swear i didnt want it!)

Have a nice day.

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>>she's crying non-stop, apologising
Stopped reading right there. Dump her, she wasn't raped.

Feels like a dog whistle thread for mgtow redpill guys.

>if it goes against my preconceived notions of what women are and how they act, then it's fake
It's all so tiresome

protip: she cried because she wanted to cheat

girls who actually get raped don't cry like that

This. Her kissing him at the club (and since cheaters always gaslight - they were making out, not just kissing and certainly not 1 kiss) should have been clue enough for you OP.

She wanted to fuck him OP. He or she could've called an Uber. She's fucking lying and wanted to cheat.

now she feels guilt but doesnt want to be honest with you and maybe herself. dump her now.

Drop her like the whore she is. Clubbing is the only red flag you need,.honestly

>No one would post a falsehood on Jow Forums

OP maybe u can call her bluff and post on facebook or w/e that she was harrassed by "insert name of the guy", and tell all ur and her friends he raped her. this kills his reputation and ur ex-gf (u have to break up with her anyway) has to either admit she cheated or confirm he raped her, making them both the loser no matter what.

Nice rehash of the same old fucking thread

All these underage newfags fall for everything

You don't know what gaslighting is, do you?

Still nice for people to read and learn from, even if OP isn't real.

Your GF is a fucking cheating whore, she wants to fuck that chad but after she does it she feel guilty and call it a rape to stop her guilty thoughts

Anybody who says “dog whistle” is a faggot.

It's possible she was raped, but why was she clubbing if she is with you anyways? Clubbing always ends that way, at least if you get super drunk you know what you're up for.

I'd just apologize but I wouldn't get back together. I think this created a big gap in your relationship

*but yes this is the same OP trip that's done a few other bait threads recently

>was talking all night with her and kissed her
she wasnt forced it just happened but it was ""unintentional"" cuz drunk
>claims she was drunk, went home with him as she couldn't find her friends
She is drunk, vulnerable and goes home with the guy she kissed ""unintentionally"" and is raped, why she didn't call for you, or text her friends?
>doesn't want to report it as his friends know her friend
She is raped and her concern is her friends and the guys friends?

If you got drunk to the point of kissing a girl going to her place and having sex with her, even if deep down you didn't want to, but you were too drunk to tell that would be cheating not rape, she put herself in that position willingly by getting that drunk in the first place so yeah you're on the right here

Although honestly that's a good thing i was scared when i saw the title thinking someone got actually raped, but it's just a girl that cheated thank god

Never before has an user been so fucking Chad. God bless you.


What are they learning from a story that didn't happen?

What to do if it actually happens.

>why she didn't call for you, or text her friends?

Because she isn't real.

I’m sorry man, just be the bigger person and get her help. Even if you leave her because you might think she’s lying, be what she needs right now and take care of her. Love means trusting them, so if that trust is broken then so is the relationship in the long run. Do what you think is right, but don’t get yourself in prison over it. Tracking the shithead down should be done by cops that can ruin his life instead of just end it.

>Report it or it's cheating!!!

Wow user.

>she gets very defensive, says she doesn't want to report it as his friends know her friends etc.
Yeah she's full of shit. That roughly translates to "his friends would call me on my bullshit and my friends would hate me" more often than not.

You stood your ground and we both know what's up
This is their brains on MeToo, don't let it happen to you.
Keep shit that evidences your connection. Maybe you raped her too in her reality.

We should post in all the quality threads on Jow Forums instead

Jow Forums has long been ruined thanks to Jow Forums
Nothing will make it better

Here is what would say if you don’t want to look like an uncaring asshole and still dodge a bullet if your current GF is a whore.
>go to mutual friends in person
>talk about what had happened with GFs rape.
>take your GFs side and either 100% believe that she was raped or lie to yourself enough so that other people believe that you do
>convince mutual friends that calling the police on this dude is the right choice because people like that shouldn’t be getting away Scott free
>bring up shit like Brock Turner and say that you don’t want (maybe ex) GF to be some forgotten victim
>set up an intervention if possible
>if GF still refuses to go to police then she cheated
If you have multiple people thinking that she was raped then it will either force her to go through with calling the police or she would have to actually explain what really went down. Either way, eventually the truth is going to come out and either the Cheating GF gets what coming or the douche who fucked her gets it. Rape shouldn’t be joked around with and if she seriously used rape as an excuse to get a booty call then fuck her.

Yep this. Your gf parties all night with men and goes home with them alone. Rape doesn't change that fact.

You idiots need to start doubting everything that sounds like it fits some preconceived notions. This is old bait that comes by every week or so

How can you guys not see it, the OP plays up the clubbing girl archetype, admits to her kissing the dude, her being super defensive about a rational question, and in the end he asks if what he did was wrong. You guys have fucking dust for brains

Put sage in the options bar when you reply so the thread does not get bumped and we can clear this fucking cesspool of a board

This can happen. My sister got drugged once while drunk, and went home with a guy from a club. The most fucked up part is she ended up collapsing in front of a group of cops outside of the bar and her rapists promised them he would "walk her home" where she would be "safe." There he proceeded to rape her.

He got away too. Most rapes are not reported.

We never figured out which drug it was he slipped in her drink.

This. Leave. She'll tell everyone from then on that you dumped her over rape, though, so get used to looking like a monster.

"Dog whistle" is a dog whistle for people who need to go back to RetardEra.

Not bad, user. Unfortunately, if he dumps her, this will make it look like he dumped her for getting raped. That's exactly what she's going to say, anyway, but this would "prove" it.

Jow Forums was never good, nobody here has any decent advice. It's mostly platitudes and people patting themselves on the back for pretending to help.

While not reporting it doesn't mean it was consensual it certainly can't be too traumatizing if she just wants to maintain appearances with friends. It does sound like she fed you an excuse and it is okay to leave her over this because even if she WAS raped, you need someone that would stand up against this injustice even when its hard. Imagine if your daughter came home, was raped, but your wife didn't want to do anything because it was a friend of a friend.

Can’t believe people are still falling for this bait

It happened to me with my first girlfriend, I gave her the benefit of doubt for a while bur after cornering her i discovered that she cheated on me. Women are sluggish and sneaky liars that profit from the blindness that pussy causes to men, in fact she even made feel terrible for not believing her

Pretty much. Had a similar situation with a female friend who claimed to have been raped (she wasn't) by some other guys in our friend group. Her story changed 10x and there were witnesses that said she initiated it and pulled more guys into it. her BF was long distance and really mad at her about some shit she did and refused to talk to her, so she did this. Partly for his attention and partly for revenge. She told everyone BUT the police, even though this rape got more and more brutal with each retelling, and basically ruined these boys lives just so she could fuck with her current BF.

Some women are just like this and you need to fucking drop her asap.

IF she was actually raped she would do one of two things

>report it
>never speak of it FOR YEARS, maybe even never in her life

Not bitch about it to all her friends and her BF.

All that does is cover her own reputation, and cover up her shitty behavior by pushing it off on someone else.

If she actually got the police involved the house of cards would come down. Which is why she doesn't want to do that.

Naw, minimizing a behavior in order to make the offended person seem unreasonable and question their own outrage is a form of gaslighting.

Any kind of manipulation that makes a person question their reality of a situation is gaslighting.

Lol no

Stop enabling whores.

The only way these people learn is if you let them fall on their ass and let them know their behavior is acceptable to NO ONE.

>You don't remember shit while drugged
>99% of date rape drugs come up in screenings during rape kits
>Security cameras would have caught her leaving with him
>You can call local precincts to ask cops about the incident

Don't hit me with some bullshit. Your sister is either retarded or a fucking liar.

I got drugged at a house party and don't remember shit after my first drink. The only thing I can recall is 5 seconds of some guy over me telling me to go back to sleep while my arms just lay next to me completely limp. woke up the next day in a back room, the laundry room.

Went to the police. Got the whole kit run on me. He used a condom, and roofies. There were witnesses, however, and now he can rot in jail.


Call the police yourself
>Probably won't do anything, but it will force her to confront the issue formally

Talk to the guy
>See what he has to say

Punish the guy

Go on with life
>But the relationship will NOT last, seeds of doubt etc.

If he did rape her, all her friends are enabling it.
If her and all her friends continue to see this guy out and about we can determine that they know it wasn't rape and that they feel guilty if someone were to call the cops.

You GF faces a decision. Call the cops and throw a guy in jail for rape.
Call the cops and throw a guy in jail for consensual sex.

Even if she was really raped, she did cheated on you BEFORE the rape. It's over man, you did the right thing

Threaten to kill the guy, if she stops you shes faking

Good job user

Good work anonette

So OP, I have been raped, by my mum's dad when I was 21, it took me two days and a suicide attempt to tell my family, we went straight to the police. I didn't want to say anything and thought it would be easier to die than tear my family apart, but I told, and I saved my sisters from going through the same, that made me feel like a hero. So her not wanting to tell on a friend is kind of dumb, he could rape others, I know personally how awful this trauma is, but I wanted revenge so fucking bad.

When I was raped the first thing I did was get a bath, I scrubbed so hard I nearly bled, so that part checks out. But, she kissed this dude and went back to his place, she'd betrayed you before she was even raped. She's put you in a really awful position here, because she's cheated on you and then been raped. If I pulled this shit I'd expect my boyfriend to leave me and I'd deserve it.

This is actually common behaviour for rape victims, though...

That's your answer for everything.

She could be lying, already a sketchy situation. If you feel it gets bad enough, dump the thot.

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Shit bait and you are all retards for falling for it