User, what's the worst thing you've done?

user, what's the worst thing you've done?

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I’d be in prison if anyone knew.

This girl is engaged and she's cheating on him with me

Got a really religious girl pregnant and pushed her to abort because we weren’t ready to be parents and I didn’t really liked her that much

Killed a few American backpackers in Paraguay in the early 90s

Cut myself when I was like 14. I had a friend who repeatedly told me she wanted to kill herself, and made me feel like I was the only one stopping her. We were really close and I guess the combo of stress and emo girl got me dealing with things in that way. I'm 20 now and I still have lines on my legs you can see in certain light. It routinely ruins my summers.

Tried coke, the people you have to go through for that shit just isn’t worth it.

I wished two people would cease to exist, and both died

Stole my best friends Xbox 360 hard drive when I was 14.

I hope you consider returning from retirement.

Wasted my life being afraid of doing things, procrastinating towards the point where I've missed many things in my life that should have happened.
>No Girlfriend
>No Job
>No Friends
>No Accomplishments

I’ve cheated dozens of times, took multiple girls virginities on a whim and they all hate how I never got in a relationship with them. Most of them blocked me and so on once I stopped bothering with them. I spent a year smoking weed and breaking hearts. That was 5 years ago, and I still feel bad about it to this day

In dunno, user. Sounds like a difficult decision to make, but also sounds like the right decision given the circumstances. The only thing I'd say you did wrong was have unprotected sex and nut inside someone you weren't willing to procreate with(unless you took precautions and they failed.)

Hope you don't beat yourself up over this, user.

You sound like me, aside from the job part. But even then, I make shit pay. Hiw old are you, user? I'm in my 30s. If you're in your 20s, especially early 20s, take it from a loser like me, get yourself together! Do whatever it takes, you don't want to end up 35, divorced with a child, living with your parents and making little money and hating your life.

Posted this in a similar thread on another board
I was 15, this random girl put a game on her Snapchat story where it gave you a dare randomly and you don’t know what it is until you send her a message
I did it and it said send a nude
I then found out she was 12
I was dumb and horny so I said are you sure and I was like I don’t know about this and she kept asking me and basically begging for it and said she would send me one tomorrow
I did it and blocked her an hour later
Is this bad? I told a few of my friends at the time and they said it was no big deal, I have ocd and I think about this a lot, I’ve changed since then and I’ve stopped being so desperate.

shat myself in school on purpose because the teacher was being a bitch


You deserve them, faggot

Maybe. I expect you deserve your lot too, if your tendency to be mean to anonymous people online is anything to go by

When I was 13 I sexted and sent nudes with guys from r9k as old as 29 and lied about my age.

Found out where this guy i disliked lived. I was going to brain him with a bat but i realized he wasn't a bad person, just a young idiot.

But jesus, was that poor unknowing fuck about to get it.

This is Jow Forums kiddo, being mean is the norm faggot

Abortion. Murder is the worst thing I’ve done. That’s what it is and I can’t forgive myself for it. Why should I?

I guess I came here when I was 15 too

Did the guy you killed suck at least?


Oh, i thought you meant two different things.

your telling me you find it genuinely hard to be a good person? Or you act like that online cuz your scared of the consequences in real life? You just sound like a bitch to me m8

Jesus, dude. What the fuck did he do to make you hate him so much? Sounds like BOTH of you dodged a big bullet that day.

Are you responding to the wrong post?

Stole one strawberry from a store when I was a kid

He clogged a toilet on purpose to humiliate me, twice.

And no, i wouldn't have been caught. I was not under any suspicion and he had no idea he was in any danger. See, he's a preppy jock rich boy. He doesn't understand that when you grow up in the ghetto you don't fuck with people unless you are ready to be fucked with. He's a sheltered fool. He does well enough in his element, polite society, where physical action is frowned upon and legal arbitration is lauded. But I'm accustomed to violence.

You’re fine user, you were young and horny and so was she. Please don’t feel bad


Tell him. Make him find out. Do anything. You don't know how much pain she's causing him, and how much pain you could help him deal with earlier.

You didn't cause their deaths. It's normal to have resentful feelings towards other people.

Are you still doing it user?

You're not a bad person, but you were a pretty dumb kid. You're underestimating just how much dumb shit people do when they're young and horny.


shout at my parents
i'm too socialy isolated to have interaction with people to even do bad or good things (i'm 21 btw)

I get what you mean. Middle-class and upper middle-class really DO seem like a completely different species from the working class Joes.

I don't think you're alone in your violent revenge, but smashing his skull open with a bat for that? How old were you? When people get brained and stabbed, it's mostly for drugs and getting jumped, not for, you know, getting your toilet clogged or something.

If anything, the appropriate thing would probably be just to jump him and rough him up a little.

In highschool I bullied some kid until he committed suicide. Then I stole a physical list of all the students emergency contacts from a ISS teachers desk. Then called dead bullied kids grandmother pretending to cry about his death then told her that I thought he was a "retarded faggot and was glad he was dead". Then stayed on the phone listening to her crying while laughing at her. I think about it alot and regret it. I did some really shitty things when I was a teenager.

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If he had been the same class i would have. But he wasn't. He would have involved the police and gotten me more problems, maybe made me a suspect. I needed to get him down quick, quietly and dependably. Bat to the nogin does all 3.

I made probably 3 kids cry in highschool because I messed with them and was really good about mean nicknames.
I wasn't cool or anything though.

Dude I'm sorry but that's just crazy. Ghetto people care about social respect not some dumb shit like that. Plotting to essentially murder someone over a clogged toilet is something only a psychopath would do.

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Oh so many things...

I cheated on my girlfriends in the past, and i felt shitty for it but did nothing about it to stop it.

There are also a few instances of when i was not so good to my friends.

i also once jacked off late at night outside in the street when no one was around.

but i try to change and make better of myself. it's not like these were the only things that i was doing in my life.

What the actual fuck,but still you accept your errors and have grown up thats a good achievement

I wanted the respect but violence wouldn't have gotten his or anyone elses. it would have gotten him sympathy and me in handcuffs if he could identify. And i wouldn't have killed the guy, just massively fucked him up. Maybe i would have just broken his arms or something.

Yeah, dude. Even for lower-class/working-class, that's just fucked up.

Dude, I grew up in a bad neighborhood too. I saw half my friends either join a gang or join the military. If someone got locked up, it was just whatever. The people I knew were capable of some shit, but for simply clogging the toilet, it would've been a beat down, not permanent vegetative state, or death. You must've been in middleschool or highschool at the time, cause that shit's wild.

At least you didn't go through with it and now know better.

Again. There were extenuating circumstances that made a simple beating impractical.

In my defense I had a rough upbringing. I felt bad about it before I went to councilling but I never realized how bad my childhood was. Both my parents were drunks and drug addicts and either ignored me or beat me for literally no reason. Like once my mom kicked me in the face when I was in 3rd grade because "the t.v. was too loud" and sent my tooth through my lip. And my dad would shove my face in a dirty toilet punishment for "having an attitude" or any excuse to torment me and my brother.

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>Even for lower-class/working-class, that's just fucked up.
I'm from Brazil and that's par for the course.

Thanks for the kind words guys I appreciate it, you’ve made my day. I feel a bit better about myself now.

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Yeah, but Brazil is kind of fucked. In America, we do it so that they'll at least be able to leave the hospital when it's over. We don't kill unless it's gang-related or unless someone deserves it, and you usually only deserve death if you're a piece of shit, not for a toilet prank.

I'm currently seeing a girl and pretending to be her boyfriend just to get a semblance of romantic love and experience.
I wonder how long I can keep this shitshow running.

did the parents and grandmother know it was you?

And what did you do to this kid?

>not for a toilet prank.
It wasn't a prank. It was public humiliation. People have been stabbed for less.

>In America, we do it so that they'll at least be able to leave the hospital when it's over.
It really just depends on the gang banger.

Why are you doing that? Why don't you try doing it for real?
Seems like you're afraid of getting hurt so you're playing mind games with yourself.

No she didn't know who I was. Idk it was so long ago that I just remember just constantly picking on him. I never put my hands on him but always calling him names. I'm not sure why I blame myself for his suicide either cause there were maybe a dozen other kids that bullied him too. He was very unlikable.

How is it pretending tho?

For real. I went to a party once where a guy beat in another guys face with a 2 by 4. Not for any real reason. The dude was so drunk he pissed his pants. The other guy took that as "your disrespecting my house" or some dumb shit for making a mess. He almost killed him and that guy needed multiple surgeries for his jaw. It was really fucked up. But he wasn't in a gang he just did it cause he wanted to.

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>Why are you doing that? Why don't you try doing it for real?
I'm not really attracted to her, not even personality wise.
I just let my mind on auto mode so it spouts romantic shit when due.
Although I guess you're right
Well, from an outside I'm not. I'm just lying to her

Pulled the fire alarm as a freshman in high school, kicked a teacher in the ovaries, had oral sex with someone 4 years younger than me while in a mental hospital. Burned multiple bridges with multiple women

Haven't killed myself yet.
And I regret it every second of my life. It's eating at me from the inside.

Sounds like regular teasing/bullying kids do anyway. I mean, I'm asking because I was usually on the bullied side back in elementary school and I kind of had suicidal thoughts. I'm just trying to see if you did anything major.

As for the calling part, did you talk about that with anyone? Genuinely asking because I kind of feel concerned hearing that kind of stuff.

>had oral sex with someone 4 years younger than me while in a mental hospital

wut? were you also a patient?

That's fucked man glad you're in a better place. Nothing good can come from passing the violence and hatred on to others

Back in the MSN days I file transferred a program to my female school friends that gave me control of their webcam.

I posted my first gfs number on Jow Forums not thinking anything would come of it...Oh how wrong I was.

Cheated with the girlfriend of my then best friend. Fucked her several times behind his back. Then when he found out and confronted me about it I beat the shit out of him and gave him two black eyes and some broken facial bones. Never spoke to him again since

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You gotta love yourself man.

Killed an animal. Was very Jeffrey Dahmer-ish as a kid, and I think there's something pretty fundamentally wrong with me. I'm on a lot of pills these days.

I divorced my wife because she was Asian Jow Forums really got to me

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I found myself a girl who I want to settle down with, but she's scared of marriage and childbirth. I keep pushing my dreams of having a family with her, and I feel pretty guilty about it. I don't know how to just stop, man.

How long ago was this? What happened to him after?

A few years ago. He got really depressed afterwards. He didn't press charges against me even though he had every right to. I've seen him about town since and he's gotten really fat. I messaged him on Facebook with a really long apology not too long ago and he didn't respond.

I change countries pretty much every 15 days,cuz work.
I go out and fuck some girls raw.
I must have at least 25 kids by now
I did find some of the girls i fucked in tinder, they are looking for 'serious relationships' imagine a nigga kissing the product of my cum. Priceless

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tried to off myself

got some fat girl pregnant and told her to get an abortion. She wouldn't and now I'm not going to be involved at all

I stole a tamagotchi from this one girl's backpack when I was in 3rd grade.

probably getting a 15 year old girl hooked on heroin and sexing her. She's 24 now and still struggling to kick opiate addiction LOL

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I've told people before. I told my therapist. For a long time I thought i was a sociopath but I was just a jerk as a kid. I don't tell people I know because then they wouldn't want to be my friend anymore or even understand. I'm a nice guy now and have been sense my first kid was born. I don't drink or do drugs like my parents and try my best to be a great dad and good to everyone around me.

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I am cheating ony wife with a bit swining couple. We made up a background story like we had randomly met and were friends. My wife has met the couple and even gone to dinner with them and done other family outings. I have a pic of my wife and my fuck buddy posing together, arms wrapped around each other. My wife has no clue about the true nature of our relationship.

Did you post this before? I remember hearing this story. and yes your a douche lol

How was it?

You sound like a grade #A scumbag. To have done something like that I'm sure you weren't sorry. I had a friend like that. He was fucking my wife behind my back when I found out he called the apartment I lived at (he was my neighbor) and said I was harassing him. All our friends in our group he told I was lying and I was crazy. He convinced my wife to do the same thing. So nobody believed that it happened. His wife didn't believe me either. He's still with his wife. And years later I had to take a job where he was my supervisor. I quit the job and would have rather had been homeless to work under him.

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I know I'm a scumbag. I regret it more than anything. My life has fallen to pieces since then. I'm unemployed, a failure, depressed and haven't had sex in years. At that age I was cocky and self-assured and full of drugs and alcohol. Now I'm off hard drugs and just smoke weed a lot and still drink heavily. I hate myself. I'm a horrible person.

I got desperate and horny so I went in Grindr to hook up with the first guy I saw.
Can't say I didn't have a lot of fun but still, it was a moment of weakness

Why is that bad?

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damn sad to hear your upset about this. Goodluck man

Believe an NPD girl over my best friend because of paranoia.

>Have issues with trust
>Have best friend since 6th grade
>turn 21
>Best friend needs a place to live
>Me casa eh su casa (sp?)
>Oh shit we need more room
>A girl we know is looking for roomies
>Move in
>Slowly befriend her
>Chaos ensues
>Nothing is right anymore
>Cattiness and drama everywhere
>She drops a bomb and feeds into some of my deepest fears
>She manufactured the situation so BFF would play along to her tune
>Break it off with BFF
>Have never been so heart broken
>Girl moves in now that I'm vulnerable and makes my life hell for 2 years
>Finally figure it out and get away
>Try to make amends
>Life has never been the same

I found out later that she was bragging about it the whole time to others, and that she did it for fun. because she was bored and wanted to see if she could. Then fucked with me until I 'wasn't fun anymore'.

The vipers will suck the life from you.

When I was a teenager I beat my mother and threatened to kill her when she took my computer

No I’m not doing it anymore. I don’t have sex outside of relationships at this point. Even then I take things super slow. Partly because of guilt about before and realizing that sex is meaningless when it’s just to get off.

I go to the CuriousCat(site where u anonimously ask questions to a person) of girls I know IRL and destroy them emmotionally. Im kinda smart on that level, I can spot girls insecurities, fears and frustration and I rub them on their faces. Most of them cry and delete their account, others get sad and stop using it forever

Stole my best friend's girlfriend, and they were dating for 9 years..

I wish I could back in time to fix this...



Mentally scarred a kid for life. He only needed a talking to but we took it too far because at the time we used him as an outlet for our own anger and frustrstion. Hes alive and has learnt to keep his head down but he looked up to me. The look in his eyes when he realised im not on his side. That im with them.

Verbally tear apart a girl who wronged me in the past with anger issues in public. She was an ass, but I regret how I got brought down to her level and would like to apologize to her just ease my conscious.

What she did exactly to u that she bragged about it?

I'm not quite on that level because I don't really see a reason for it, but last year I sent an anonymous message on sarahah or some shit telling some girl her boyfriend was an ugly faggot and she broke up with him like a week later.

Right there with ya bud. I've done a lot of bad things in my life. I'm horrible person, but I'm very good at hiding it. Everyone thinks I'm just such a swell, good guy.

I did exactly that too. two things:
1. quit before the train jumps the tracks.
2. your wife knows more than you think she does.

I've never told my mom I love her