How do I make myself look pretty? I've never been asked on a date, I just want a bf

How do I make myself look pretty? I've never been asked on a date, I just want a bf

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Assuming you’re a woman, you have life on easy mode

Lose weight

Not helpfull.

I'm normal weight, I'm 5'1 100 lbs.

Not all girls look normal

I feel that, try watching make up tutorials and following along.


5'1 and 100lbs makes me think you must be fuckable.

That's like 40kg right?

>Not all girls look normal
No, but all girls can get dick if they wanted to by the simple click of a button/text. Also hard to believe you’re below normal, you probably are just a lazy fuck who doesn’t take their time to work on their appearance

what sort of guy are you looking for? would you date a guy way taller than you?

Do you have an unattractive face? Body with no appealing curves? Have you ever initiated romantic interest? Explain why you think you are not pretty enough for a bf.

Maybe it’s not her appearance maybe she’s got a weird personality

I'd try asking literally anywhere else than this cesspool lol

They say never stick your dick in crazy, but people do it anyways.

man I would love crazy, as long as it wasn't like hallucinations or something.

Aww what's wrong? Easy mode too hard for you?

Sounds like you've got an average body with a fucked up face. I'm not going to fuck around with you. This is the real world. You just have to work out and get a super banging body in order to get a cute bf.

Average body + Ugly face does NOT equal Cute BF.

Hot body + Ugly face DOES equal Cute BF

Just do a bunch of sprints, sit ups, and pull ups. It specifically has to be sprints because sprinters look fucking great, but I know plenty of cross-country girls with dopey looking bodies (distance running doesn't tone your muscles the same way sprints do, it just makes them more energy efficient).

We would need to get an idea of what you look like to help you improve if weight/fitness isn't the issue. Do you wear makeup? Watch youtube tutorials and practice. What is your complexion like? There are plenty of resources online to help you set up a basic skincare regimen. Here's my basic night routine:
>wash face
>Cerave moisturizer
>Sleeping pack
>thin layer of vaseline
>Sleep with humidifier on
Occasionally using things like bath bombs, face masks, and hair treatments may help you feel prettier too. Also painting your nails, or even just applying a shiny clear coat.

If it's style, try to branch away from only wearing T-shirts and leggings. I don't know what your style is, but try shopping for cute outfits or even just accessories that you like that can personalize and feminize a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit.

Hi OP! Don't listen to these angry incels. I'm a fellow femanon and I went from getting no dates to getting asked out and called beautiful all the time.
You need to start looking more traditionally feminine to get approached by guys. Your clothes/hair choices especially make a difference. By wearing dress/skirts and having long hair this is a signal to men that you are available to date. You don't have to worry so much about things like makeup, jewelry, shoes or purses because they don't notice those things so much. Those are more for women to enjoy.
I'm going to take a guess that you probably wear low-key non-feminine clothing, maybe jeans and plain shirts. Probably put your hair up in a bun or ponytail to keep it out of the way. Perhaps are a bit shy?There's nothing wrong with that but it sends a signal you don't want to be approached.
Go try on some dresses and skirts at a department store and buy 2-3 new outfits. Pick things that match your personal style but are . a little more feminine. For example if you usually wear grey, you can get a nice grey skirt but buy a cute pink top to go with it.
Then start growing your hair out. Buy some hair spray and mouse then look up how to do your hair on youtube. Honestly the easiest style that looks beautiful is just to have your long hair down.
If you want to get into makeup go for a natural look. Nothing too crazy.
Good luck OP! I hope you have fun trying to clothes and learning to do your hair. I think you will see a major difference in your interactions with men.

I have just started working out, thanks for the specific suggestions. I've been trying to get a tighter waist.

I'll try to explain my look. According to one of those celebrity match generators, I look the most like Anne Hathaway (I suppose an ugly and sick version). My face makes me look really chubby, it's a square shape but with more soft edges, and one side of my jaw puffs out which throws off my symmetry. I have a larger downturned nose. My eyes look inflamed and dark all the time, and are different shapes, one droops down at the end. I have acne, it's an issue but not completely out of control, one of my cheeks is broken out all the time, in addition to random pimples and redness around the face. My eyebrows are angled down as though I'm angry, I've tried different shapes and this one has looked the best. My lips are normal.

I have dark brown collarbone length hair, it's curly (2C-3A). I usually keep it in a bun, it looks messy down.

I'm pale, but I get a LOT of dark hair all over, I pluck my facial hair every day and shave everything but my arms which I bleach. I really hope to get laser someday.

I don't sound that bad from my description, but I have had people tell me that I'm ugly to my face, and if I don't wear makeup I have had professors ask me if I'm sick. I stick out like a sore thumb in photos.

My typical skincare routine is to wash with African black soap, then moisturize with Clinique moisturizing gel, I put aloe gel on my acne spots and scars, and put Vaseline or Softlips on my lips. I believe I have combo skin, I have tried many different masks and cleansers, but everything has made my acne worse. I try putting cold compress on my eyes to help with dark circles and puffiness but it hasn't done much.

I have tried many styles of makeup, heavy or natural, but I feel like nothing truly suits my face. I really look sick, chubby, and tired all the time. I feel like I need some sort of expert to tell me what to do.

Never hurts to see a dermatologist.

My previous post was too long, thank you for the other suggestions. I am trying to buy more skirts and dresses, I do feel like I need to embrace my femininity more. I suppose I always never fit in with other girls, so I stopped trying to be girly. I would appreciate tutorial suggestions, I always felt like my face was never comparable to the ladies in the videos

You know there are doctors that deal with skin issues? Besides that some acne is not an issue. My ex had it and I still couldn't stop kissing and touching her.

Not a foot fag and I always watch a womans shoes. Nothing is sexier than heels combined with a feminine outfit.

You suffer from body dysmorphia. Please seek help. The people on here can not help you, they will probably do more harm than good.
Also get a ribbed sweater, high-waisted washed out jeans, a puffer and a pair of eytys. Go for the Instagram-aesthetic and guys will be all over you.

I've been researching dermatologists in my area, I will try to make an appointment as soon as possible

Thanks user, I'm going to go shop for a nice pair

Can you elaborate on why you think that? I really have been told to my face how bad I look. I feel I'm just being realistic