My gf is persuading me to take molly, she asks me to take it only one time (she's taken it multiple times)...

My gf is persuading me to take molly, she asks me to take it only one time (she's taken it multiple times), but I really don't want to. She told me it's all in the mind but she has already tripped on it twice this year despite saying to herself that she wouldn't use it for months.
What do

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It's worth it. It'll fuck up your memory, but the experience you get in incomparable to anything you'll ever naturally experience.

It'll also make you love whatever woman is near your. My gut tells me she's trying to manipulate you into loving her forever. Which it will do. The first time I took molly with a girl was with a low-class British feminist chav (someone I'd never consider dating) and to this day I still feel incredible love in my heart for her.

When you do it, be curious, calm and exploratory. Don't go to a music festival or club. At least not the first time.

your girlfriend shouldn't pressure into doing things. Just tell her you don't want to and explain to her why
if she doesn't stop then she's sort of crossing a line

definitely worth doing

Molly is great. You should do it.

Do it when you can, and while you're still young. You don't want to wake up one day when you're 35 and regret not doing molly with your girl when you were 19 or whatever.

I'm so old that when I did molly it was still called ecstacy. I did it barely a handful of times. It's great.

>It'll fuck up your memory
BS. I spent years in the early 00's rave scene taking gnarly ecstasy pills regularly and I was able to finish my degree no problem. I'm 29 now and I'm currently in law school.

It's an amazing experience OP. I suggest it just so you can feel what it's like to be totally free from social anxiety (or regular anxiety) for once and feel peak pleasure.

Over rated shit
Anything that fucks with your neurochemistry that hard is shit and just grasping for something to make you feel good in the moment:
Only weak people take drugs

>just grasping for something to make you feel good in the moment

You post on Jow Forums and likely jerk off to internet pornography.

She should respect your decision I’m not wanting to do it. Taking Molly is a a lot and i would only recommend doing it a little and only if u for sure want too. It does make u hella horny though

She tells me that it's great for 3 hour fucking sessions and being super confident at parties, but I'm not sure. It's not the experience that scares me, it's the potential addiction that might lead me into wanting to fuck myself up again and again with it

shut up user he's better than you. he's better than us all.

If you just dont do it multiple days in a row you'll be fine
They should legalize MDMA for troops suffering from PTSD

Ha what a fucking pussy coward if you don't wanna do it then don't do it, you shouldn't have to 2nd guess this much and convince yourself.

Let's add up the facts, shall we?
She is trying to pressure you into doing it.
You have stated that you do not want to.

You need to distance yourself from this person who is trying to push you into using drugs, using her position as your girlfriend to do so. Stick to your own beliefs. You don't want to, so don't.

Don't pussy out. Take a handful all at once. Then get ready to hydrate a bunch. If she trys to stop you, call her a pussy and down all of it.

Ecstacy and molly are different drugs

You cant actually get physicially addicted to MDMA. Treat it like a once in a few month reward, if you use it too much too quickly it will lose its magic as you deplete yourself of serotinin. Tripsafe is a good website with deece info on harm reduction. Erowid is another source of mostly unbiased information on many many substances. If you do decide to try it take a very small ammount to see how you react as everyone is chemically different. If you feel fine take a cap. If its pressed into a pill it could be a cocktail of drugs but if you get em in caps its usually pure mdma. The goodstuff.

Not necessarily.

Ecstacy is the term used for pressed pills. Could contain anything. Molly is crystal mdma

molly is really strong.
if u have not done drugs.
take small does or 1/3 at first i would recommend.

lighten up
ur not the youngest to do drugs.

>You cant actually get physicially addicted to MDMA.
Please stop spreading misinformation. You definitely can get physically addicted to MDMA.

Ecstacy and Molly are basically just drug cocktails with mostly MDMA in it, but also other dangerous shit you don't want like speed, meth, or even fentanyl.

MDMA is just pure MDMA and nothing in it. I would stick to calling it this to avoid any confusion. If it's pure white and comes in a capsule, it's probably safe. If it's small little rocks in a champagne color, it's also probably safe.

But if it's a pressed pill, it can literally be anything.

While doing molly once isn't gonna be a problem.. I'd reassess your relationship and the type of people you're surrounding yourself with. Whether you do molly or not probably won't have any real effect on your life positively or negatively, you're gonna end up down a pretty shitty road staying with this girl

If you don't want to, don't. It can fuck you up in more than one way if you're not into it.

The only risk with MDMA (the pure stuff) is serotonin depletion. You'll feel kinda down and shitty the day after, but that's it. If you take it again very soon after, you do run the risk of permanent damage to your receptors. Don't take it often.
The trip itself is incredibly euphoric. The lovey, connected feeling people talk about is completely accurate. Personally, I think the experience was instrumental in getting to where I am with overcoming my social anxiety, for what that's worth.
Molly could be cut with any number of other drugs, but if you know that what you have is pure then there's literally no harm in trying it once if you know what to expect

MDMA helped me openly discuss being raped, I can't do it any other way, it makes it not hurt to talk about and it helped me come to terms with it a bit more.

Its meth. Molly is meth. It's in the MDMA name. Do u wanna be a meth head? It's great tho. Might trick you into loving her more. Prepare for days of depression after. Drink water. Eat it nothing else. She sounds like a druggy to me honestly. It's easy to get pulled in... meth.

This is the equivalent to people saying pizza is a vegetable

You shouldn't feel pressured by your gf to do something that you don't want to do and you should convey this to her in a way that makes her understand to respect your boundaries.

Its a blast user trust me. Just stay hydrated and cuddle with your gf

Stand your ground, don't touch that shit man Molly is such a fucking terrible drug for you and dude 900000% gurantee you it's not going to be pure, it's gonna be cut with tons of fake shit

Addictive, physically unsafe, high chance for something to fuck up, and youre not comfortable with it so the trip is gonna be shit.

Tell her no.

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