What's the point of living life if you have to be miserable for most of it?

What's the point of living life if you have to be miserable for most of it?

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The point of life is to acquire so much knowledge about children's cartoons that you can dominate the debates on internet forums like a genius.

>have to be miserable
That's a choice.

Not if the only enjoyment you can get is from doing nothing productive.

At least someone finds it funny.

hey, if you can't be smart enough to figure out a place for yourself in this world, let the church do it for you, that's how most people get by until they die

just a bit of bonus advice, don't take any of your preferences and glorify it into a political movement, you'll look stupid when you die and all you have to show for it is "i fought for my right to be a loud degenerate"

Tell that to African children

We're talking about humans beings in this discussion.

You see, the joke is that you will slave away so that the people at the top feel the exact opposite of you.

Think about what a pyramid is, and realize you are at the bottom.

It is very hard to make it to the top without stepping on people.

I just want to say that I come from a very privileged background, I'll never have to work if I don't want to, I'm going to inherit millions, and I'm still a miserable piece of shit. My dad who makes all the money is not very happy either, he's extremely rigid and controlled because it's how he deals with his anxiety. He hates being around people in social settings and spends all his time working because it's where he can feel safe.

This whole "the people at the top are happy and you're working to keep them happy" is a fucking myth.

You have already had a good life u selfish twink, now donate all ur inheritance or kill yourself so us poor people can have some of you're experiences, or go to bed every night miserable an selfish.

Do drugs with me user
I promise I will show you happiness

I'm in the same situation, although probably I'm not stuffed as you
I always thought I could do some crazy batshit things before taking my life, just for the sake of it, like creating gigantic useless sculptures or going on risky activities (like parachuting, climbing) with no external aid

What hold me back is the fucking loneliness

The times you're not miserable.

Life exist
there is no point
u choose wat to do how to feel.
from wat is known.

ur family friends should educate you.
how to live proper to a degree.

choice is wat u have.

Albert Camus - The myth of sisyphos

U're are welcome

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Are you miserable
are you actually miserable

it seems most people here are just lonely and bored

But why live a life where you're more miserable than happy?

unless you're a starving african children then you're full of shit (and even then not all african children are starving/miserable)


If you live is for some reason

Why are you miserable? Try rephrasing it in your mind. A lot of problems in life literally come from how we phrase them in our heads

I don't want to do anything in life that's not sitting in my room doing what I want.

I think taking the story of sisyphys and applying it to our lives is quite harmful. Sisyphus' life is futile and has no value, he will never progress and he will never succeed because the gods punished him to never do so forever. We, however, have a free will to choose, we can have goals with value and purpose and we have the ability to succeed in what we do. No shitty situation will ever compare to pushing a rock up a hill and have it roll back down every time you get to the top for all eternity