How do I stop hating women?

Bare with this blogpost as I have no formal way of presenting my information to your liking. Overall I want to not hate women but so far I have yet to meet a decent woman where as with men, I don't hate their entirety because I have met "some" decent men.

I am a 26yo klv. I included a year old progress pic to help indicate there has been decent effort to be validated by women through fashion, physique, psychological understanding etc. I have also put in lots of time to better myself through reading, hobbies, church and further development at the workplace. I understand my anger comes from lack of validation but through efforts to even politely converse on platonic/business levels has warranted my hatred.

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Every woman I have met is very materialistic and not independent. They either value money, social status or your appearance in worth as the only attributes to be part of their social circle. I find most of them extremely predictable, stupid and boring, where they only need you when it is convenient and otherwise toss you aside. I've also find if you make even the slightest minor mistake, it warrants blatant and rude disconnect, but not when it comes to themselves compared to their male counterparts.

I understand I am mostly at fault as I have a ridiculously high standards to how women should act based on how I present myself, along with the few men that meet the standard of what is acceptable. I am self absorbed and want a woman who reflects what I value as important being morality. I am an employed, fit, educated, clean, polite, young man that has a car, my own place and a set of teeth to boot. Yet for some reason to women, women who wouldn't be considered "equal" if you compared them, I am worthless and just another gear that fits in their social group, or doesn't exist otherwise. I strongly believe they "now" hold procreating rights and that hyper gamy has been globally rooted as a result which entitles them to be acceptably self absorbed and cold as an entirety.

>meet woman in video game
>Used to play a lot with her
>Overtime we gradually play less
>correlates her fidning better people to play with
>Realize the past people she played with, who she no longer plays with, were slightly worse than me
>Now get blatantly ignored whenever I ask to play together

>be on camsite due to biology
>sitting in a chicks room
>she bans me after 5mins
>I ask why
>never tipped her

>be woman met on omegle
>become friends
>she seems diferent and genuinely interesting for a change
>days go by
>no respond when I initiate future conversations

>be temporary coworker
>become friends
>we eventually go out on a date on her last day
>at the end of it she hugs me
>I go for a kiss

>be mother
>never cooked
>never cleaned
>only cared about her job
>always yelled

>be customer at workplace
>my coworker (married) says hi
>she starts laying into him for not asking how her day was
>she says "im sure if I was a guy you would be treating me kindly"
>I never said a word
>next day, my female boss assumes it was me when the customer called to complain
>starts reeming me out
>"i never said anything that was user"
>her: "oh"
>she then goes over to him, but he does his usual chimpfit and she gets all quiet and submissive and doesnt scold him at all

>be my brother
>have another gf
>hes been cheated on in every relationship hes had
>this ones been going on for 4 years
>he finds out shes cheating on him with his "friend"

>be temp female coworker
>she smells
>never had a job when she is 27 years old
>somehow has a 6 foot 3 clean white boyfriend who is employed
>says he is her gold digger

>be temporary coworker
>has 2 kids
>most likely an iq of 85, dumb as a stump
>doesnt work, just lives off welfare and alimony
>smokes like a chimney
>preaches feminist
>covered in tatts and piercings

>be woman on christian mingle
>bio says "if you are under 6ft, consider suicide"
>report her page
>few months pass by
>the profile still exists

My issue is that the solutions presented are either therapy which cannot be done because I live in the middle of nowhere and have no intentions of moving
(especially considering what my brother has dealt with along with having one of thew few mentally comforting jobs I managed to grab)
or to sell myself more to women or to straight up lower my standards by purchasing their acceptance or scrapping my standards for their made up inflation rate.

I grew up all throughout my life (mostly my childhood) with women assuring me (teachers, mother, daycare staff) that if I was polite, caring, selfless, morally encompassed and a hard worker, I would live a happy life and acheive all my goals.
So far that seems to be the case, except for the fact that I have not met a woman or been in a relationship, despite many unpleasing men and woman managing to have several amongst their displeasing selves.
I remember being severly bullied all throughout school and saying to myself with confidence and a smile on my face that "those caked chicks with makeup and cocaine injecting jocks will never be successfull like me"
"they will truly despise seeing me with a loving caring wife and happy children" "they will see who ends up being successful in their field of employment".

Yet the few of them ive seen all hove wives, children, better jobs than I. It was like following the rules and being a decent person went to waste.

>I understand I am mostly at fault as I have a ridiculously high standards to how women should act based on how I present myself, along with the few men that meet the standard of what is acceptable. I am self absorbed and want a woman who reflects what I value as important being morality.

By now I assume I will eventually settle in order to obtain a relationship with a woman. She will cross my morals of having several previous sexuak partners. She will have kids that are not mine that I will raise. She will be unkempt, uneducated, fat, generally a toxic person in terms of personality.

And its driving me nuts because I feel like I am on a clock to find a decent woman. I don't want to pay or have them know of my finance. I dont want them wanting me simply because I am tall. I dont want them wanting me because I am white. I just want a woman who is genuine. I dont want her to magically fall out of the sky onto my dick, I want an emotional connection.

I obviously didnt learn the proper social protocol to engage a woman like assholes do. My best friend (co worker) is a completely toxic person yet has a beatiful caring wife 14 years younger than him. It amazes me how polar this world has become. I also dont want a woman from another country because I feel the girl next door can connect better with me than some slavic woman who probably values financial security more than my actual existence. I am terrified of them cheating, I am terrified of being divorced which is so common and I am more terrified of them splitting up possible children and forcing them to be raised feminized like I was being completely unattractive to woman.

The advice I am looking for is, how do I stop hating woman. I dont want self improvement advice as I have travelled specifically with intensive therapy and phone session to improve on such. And I dont want to hear the "not all women" story, because from the 26 years I have been alive, they are all like that.

I want a method to deal with their imperfections. Anything else means you are a feminized beta like me, submissive to their rule.

and done. remember I dont want your take, I want methods to not hate women. this is just context so you cant go with the obvious go to responses

>every woman I meet
No, every woman you have deemed romantic or sexual potential.
Your line of thinking is flawed, and thusly you are getting only what you want ; self absorbed women much like yourself that value equivalent things in men that you do in women.
>enjoy your desserts

so you are saying that a thin, educated, employed, clean, polite young woman with minimal past sexual partners and a morally driven compass doesnt exist? because if you flip the gender, you get me. why should I have to settle on those terms when I meet them myself? I even acknowledge the self absorption of only wanting that in my partner, which is unrealistic but a possibility because I exist to prove it.

this isnt a god complex. that is actually me. I am what I just listed and wanting a mirror seems reasonable especially when its the result of striving to be better than the degenerates

Just bad luck dude, keep trying

Yes, being good woman means that you are infinitely more desirable than a man of equivalent properties. Most of these women are already 3 times divorced because men are typically pathetic and don't take care of themselves, much less a relationship.

There's nothing appealing about you.
So any decent women isn't going to want to be around you or open herself up to you. This is what is happening. Now stop posting these long ass rants that nobody is reading.

>nothing appealing
>women that have half the credits obtain it regardless
really gets you thinking

op here, i just want to remind you to not give me your take, and the large rant was posted simply for context. i want you to provide adive on how I can ignore a womans imperfection or in general so I can stop hating them

thanks. I will

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Hey OP, you have a sucker cellphone, even a favela guy like me know that if you wanna bang you need to play the fame.

You are idiot and stupid to dont realize something so simple, so you cant hate woman because they are emotional and you cant be logic.

im sorry user I dont understand what you are trying to say? banging isnt my objective if thats what you mean.

ive never understood this logic. why do I have to skydive to be appealing? seems like a sure path to a future divorce if your wife wants dinner and a show as her pre-requisites.

i should also add, why do I have to be a part of a social circle with many other "men" a must?and why isnt ju-justu, soccer, church, fencing, appealing enough for them? I didnt explain these prior so idk how you can assume unappealing. is this a cope?

See OP, I have a Iphone even being a 3 world guy.
You have a ripped body and I have too, but I'm a good and exciting guy, I have a great GF that love and adore me.

Why? I am a man.

I know woman nature, I have readed more redpill and blackpill than you, I am from a brazilian favela so I saw all my childhood friends going to jail or their death.

You are just someone cringy, you hided after a normal ripped body and wanna bullshit about woman because you dont understood them.

Its your lucky day, do a Telegram and I coach and help you.

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So you're basically me. The best advice I heard was that I have to pick between going for a woman that I view as property, or go for a girl that I view as a person. I had an idealized girl too, caring, loyal, not a whore, submissive, etc. but I never could get far with those girls, I just never felt a spark even though those are all the traits I want in a gf. Meanwhile I have the easiest time talking to sluts and feeling a connection with them, but I hated the fact that they were a slut and had the associated behavior risks like high divorce rate, cheating, being a degenerate, etc. So one type of girl has the traits of acting like her mans property, and the other is their own person. I wish I could take the personality of a slut and mix it in with traits like loyalty and whatnot, but it's just not the case, no matter how bad you want it to be.

I eventually found a girl who had the
"slut" personality type where I could get along with her super easily and immediately perused her before she started fucking a bunch of dudes. So she's only had two relationships so far and is 19, which for her kind of personality is a miracle. I've accepted it's a flip of the coin if our relationship will last. It probably won't. But I just don't connect well with the shy quiet good gf types.

This thread in a nutshell :
>Incel falsely believes getting low bodyfat % will make him Chad
>Turns out low bodyfat % isn't enough to compensate for his cringe personality
>Still incel
>copes with sour grapes "women are shit anyways" mentality

thanks user for offering the coaching. I understand what you mean now, but I am who I am. I embrace my difference and have a life worth living. I am comfortable being critical of everything even if it is unappealing and I acknowledge I was raised feminized by my single mom and lacked the father figure and rough manlife you have.

but I dont want self improvement. I want to know how to live with a womans imperfections and definately not submit to them. everyone is ok pointing the finger at me without actual real solutions other than vague pretense.

reagrdless, i do appreciate the telegram offer. i dont have one but my kik is: buffnerdhot if you are still sure to shoot me some tips

Because you look like an autist freak that can't socialize if you don't have male friends. Doesn't matter if you look like an underwear model.

great generalization. just ignore everything to counter this. again, I dont want your take, I want advice on accepting their flaws. because as
they cant be out into another category otherwise

also I wouldn't mind the quiet submissive woman. but so far they all seem to be fat and unkempt and usually unemployed.

yeah thats totally chauvinistic lol imagine wanting a woman with moral characteristics... fuckin incels am I right sister

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i do have male friends. the men was in reference to women that have several men in their social circle that morally comes off as "degenerate" which based on stats alone, is true

It would help if he didn't post so often.

>pot calling the kettle black
>looking for social acceptance
you are definitely a woman, no doubt

>women having lots of male friends is bad
Oh boy, here we go on yet another generalization~
Jesus, dude, commit eunuch

>There's nothing appealing about you.
why do stuck up women always assume this?

its statistically true. women that have mroe male friends also have mroe premarital sexual partners.

nothing generalizing about that

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99% sure you're trans or otherwise extremely ugly as it's only at the cost of years of bodily decline that a female can build her vocabulary enough to include words like eunuch...

I dont have a kik and its hard to create one now because 2 am her ein Brazil
But I saved ur kik

Stop bringing up the same biased church school enforced study. I already proved you wrong in the other thread last week, retard.

>makes an assumption to complain about people making assumptions
>the absolute state of men

this is my first thread on advice in months...

Lies, you posted that same study last time, faggot.

if ur assuming he has no redeeming qualities as a person just based on two or three Jow Forums posts then yes you're stuck up and no thats not an assumption rather it's in full evidence.

i take it back, there is no way you are a woman.

and someone posting the same image doesnt make them the same person. feel free to link the archive though because I would love to take a look at the thread in mention.

My kik is: brazilianonreal
I sent you a message

>its statistically true. women that have mroe male friends also have mroe premarital sexual partners.
Show me the proof

sadly I cant. i linked the wrong image and cant find the one with the sources. disregard that I mentioned that until I provide the source

it was an australian study if anyone browsing knows what im talking about

ANY guy who knows a girl who has lots of male friends can tell you she's a degenerate. Trying to tell me otherwise is like saying it's only a generalization that women are more emotional. Some women will tell you until their blue in the face that it's just a sexist generalization, yet every man who's been with a woman will tell you it's an obvious fact.

Not that it's a completely bad thing to be a degenerate. Even though I'm traditional, I actually enjoy hanging around degenerates, I find them fun and interesting and I can kind of act as a voice of reason when they start going a bit too far with their degeneracy. It gets a bit old hanging out with nobody but traditional people who eventually just circle jerk over how everyone else is a degenerate except themselves. Hell, even Jesus hung out with degenerates often. Because they were the ones who needed saving the most.

The thing that guys don't understand is that trads are built. It's not a default factory setting. You know why women who sleep around have more divorces? Because they get together with the types of guys who think it's fine to sleep around. Aka they get with a degenerate themselves, and thus of course 2 degenerates in a relationship isn't going to work out very well when theres not even a voice of objective reason among the two.

As long as the girl isn't TOO far gone (aka she's lost all ability to properly pair bond because of her 100+ partner count), it's not that hard to turn a degenerate female into a moral human being who eventually grows to hate degeneracy. Of course the earlier you grab them, the better.

>schizoid personality
There's your problem.

Aulstralia's a conservative rape camp where women die of abuse 2x per american standards

op stop replying to me pretending to be someone else. you got your replies in your bait thread. at least owe up to it. if not your mummy is gonna be sad.

>>the absolute state of assblasted manchildren on Jow Forums

i gotta go to bed but thats not me. i appreciate whoever it is because its making me feel pretty good knowing im not the onlyone

but until tomorrow afternoon, further posts are not anons

yeah thats what I thought

Please tell me you're being sarcastic

Dude, you like dudes but are too caught up on the social hang ups of being with a woman. Get drunk with one of your Bros and make out with one of them. With all that sexual frustration out of your body you will have the nessessary ability to not care about women. Loving women is another thing entirely. That's all about appreciating all the work they do for what you may think is trivial and absurd. Even women need a ego boost.

im not a manchild babe im just emotionally destroyed from women being mean to me on the internet

How do you feel about women rejecting men who've had too many past sexual partners?

The reason it's regressing back into what it was is because of the pigheaded men that raised rapist children.
>Enjoy sucking dick when all the women are dead, you cucked yourselves m8's

you don't hate a bear for mauling someone
honestly you should view women similar to

so much retarded

OP, you answered your own question. you admit you are a narcissistic and self-absorbed individual. it turns out that similar people tend to attract each other.
if you want some general "understanding people" advice, it is very basic, and it requires you to put yourself in their shoes for a moment. it also requires you to understand that a particular percentage of people (for instance, believing that western sorority 20-somethings make up the entire female population- this is r9k logic) does not make up the entire group. for one thing, everyone has flaws. you are never going to meet your perfect wife. perfect people simply do not exist. you admit yourself that you are not insecure. you yourself are incredibly materialistic, superficial, and you seem to worry to a ridiculous degree about the way that strangers perceive you. to understand people means that, having experienced your own troubles in life, to know how problems can grow and form uncontrollably, you can support your peers, learn to cooperate, and grow to become a better person.

wow, geez bitch, way to fucking generalize like the OP. Really doing yourself justice huh?

femanon here.
You just need to not think with your dick OP, strike a conversation with a girl before you start dating her and be a better judge of character so you dont waste your time on someone who isnt worth it.
But you also need to work on yourself, always strive for improvement not only for your body but also for your personality. Saying "that's how I am" is cowardly.

dont play their shitty games in the first place dude treat them like a dog that has to sleep outside btw we are not your personal blog dude only females use THAT many words to describe their point dude

Join a catholic dating site then filter the search to places like Germany and France

so many qts straight out of your fantasies

The reason it is easier to hate women than it is to hate men is that women are more problematic when it comes to building relationships. Even if you swore off women romantically just maintaining a friendship with them while still being perceived as a straight guy is complicated. Anytime they get into a relationship the dynamic shifts and the other guy has reason to be concerned. With men they are simply easier for you to remain casually affiliated with.

>>I live in the middle of nowhere

Found your problem. Sorry my dude, but you are screwed. In a big city there are enough options that you'll find somebody, but if you've exhausted your pill then there's literally nothing you can do.

If y'all were dating guys you'd hate them too, trust
Everyone's shit though. Good people are by and large an exception. You hope for 'decency' and go along your way.

Dunno what to tell you.

>Overall I want to not hate women

>but so far I have yet to meet a decent woman where as with men, I don't hate their entirety because I have met "some" decent men.
your pattern recognition abilities are functioning normally

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Dude, you are just a male version of a typical Stacy, who thinks that she is way above an average dude only because she's not a fat pig and says please and thank you when needed.

Lmao at gymcels who think they're suddenly hot shit because they work out. Women don't give a fuck. They would rather fuck some 6'4 guy who's skin and bone than some 5'10 manlet who compensates with the gym.

Fucking A this dude needs to run.

I wish I could take the bitch out of all men and have them muster up the courage to just leave. Why is that so hard??? Just leave dude, just fuckingggg leave. Kick the bitch to the curb and walk away? As soon as men realize that a female is literally a bitch for him to fuck and entertain him he can go on happy with his life. It works for every othe rculture but ours is just cucked.

Creepy af

Eu te amo.. homen do Brazil mesmo tem um jeito com nos mulheres, talvez é o testosteron. Quem sabé.. em uma outra vida ?