I’m an older person and I lost my job

I’m an older person and I lost my job.
I have about 3,000 dollars left in my bank account, since I spent all my savings the last time I lost my job.
Suicide seems like a good option right about now.
The world has worn me down.

What can I do, except to kill myself?

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Losing your job and being broke is definitely no reason for suicide.
Your money and your job is not what defines you and what makes you worthy of being alive.
I agree that it‘s a shit situation and that it‘s very disheartening and that it feels like you can never recover from this. I can understand that just not existing anymore seems like a very welcome release.
I‘m also not going to spew crap about „think about your relatives“, yadda yadda. This isn‘t about them. This is about you.
You need to realize that you don‘t have to earn your right to be alive! You are enough, just the way you are. Understand that the fact you‘re not where you wanted to bw right now is all due to you not having enough respect towards yourself. Yes, go ahead and go back in the history of your life. You‘ll see that if you would have always thought that you are god damn worthy to take what you deserve then life would have been a lot different.
But don‘t worry, it‘s not even close to being to late to begin. All you need is find your dignity again. You are god damn worthy of respect from everyone, including YOU!

Get practical and get serious fast.
Immediately (like TODAY) apply for unemployment
Get a job, any job, asap.
Analyze your housing situation and make any changes immediately (either calling your landlord to get an extension or giving notice and finding a friend's couch to crash on)
Getting an advance on any pretax accounts may be wise
Cancel any unnecessary extra services to save money.
See if you qualify for any assistance programs.

All the best, mate, you'll get through this. I'm older and have been through probably worse than you and I'm doing ok now. Also a word of advice, remember this moment for the rest of your life and make it a point of constantly preparing for it to happen again. The only thing that got me through is that I was living below my means, which I continue to do. And now the cash is finally stacking up.

I’d rather die than to be homeless and begging for food in a shelter.
You talk about dignity, but the truth is that there’s no dignity when you’re poor.

Why do you think you can't get another job?

Too old and white. I’m a computer science/programmer and the industry doesn’t like old, white folks anymore.

This is some good advice.

OP, suicide is (and never has been) a good solution for anything. You gotta keep yourself busy doing literally anything at all. Go apply for new jobs, go do charity work, anything that keeps you busy. Else you're just gonna spiral down into a void.

If everything around you is bringing you down, then consider moving to a new place for a fresh start.

I am unemployed and I have 0$ in my pocket. I am applying for jobs that doesn't even want me. How shitty is that. But we gotta push through this mess and find another job to push through with life. You can do it. We can do it. Come on.

I don‘t think you know anything about dignity.
Yes, you can be dignivied and poor.
My dad once was homeless and had no money at all. He never lost his dignity.

If your respect towards yourself is tied to your circumstances then it‘s not real respect at all. It‘s just your ego sitting on top of your posessions and achievements.
There have been people in inhuman situations who have still not lost their dignity. Ghandi comes to mind.

Get a job. Any job. A McJob if necessary.

Use that as a base while you search for a real career-advancing job

Yes, nothing says dignity than being a homeless vagabond who has to beg for food. And Gandhi’s suffering was a myth. He was a well-educated lawyer turned political activist.

Again, working with teenagers at a fast food joint while being laughed at isn’t something I’d want to experience. Death seems like a sensible option than this shit.

I moved from Europe to United States. Fresh starts only work if you can afford them. I can’t afford to move anywhere.

Ok then. Seems like you want to be miserable. Atleast enjoy your misery then.

Explain to me how being homeless, dirty with no access to showers and clean clothes is dignified. Explain to me how I’m going to get a fucking job when I won’t have a clean pair of clothes. Explain to me how dignified it is to beg for canned food in a church basement while forced to listen to sermons about Jesus. Explain that, you spoiled faggot.

What languages did you know? I thought that software was all the hype now?

Only if you’re a recent college graduate or an incompetent Pajeet. Streetshitting Pajeets have ruined software development and turned it into a joke.

Kek, i guess i know who‘s the spoiled faggot here if you think that those things make dignity impossible.
Ofc it‘s easy to be dignified if you have it all. But it‘s no guarantee. Which implies that it has nothing to do with the circumstances. People can‘t humiliate you unless you let them.

It‘s in the face of situations where most people would feel humiliated that you see who gas skin deep dignity and who just used their world posessions to fake it.

Go shit in a street, Pajeet.
Of course you don’t understand that you need clean clothes when you go looking for a job.

Hey user, you should write self help books. This is some good shit.

Its okay user you can get through this.

I know this sounds kind of lame but it really really does work for me. if you start looking up positive affrmation videos and start trying to meditate it really works. unless of course you have depression which is a slightly different beast i really do think positive affirmations help. Its basically when you keep repeating to yourself
"I am enough" like 10 times, and then you keep repeating to yourself "I am valuable" 10 times. or you could say "People look up to me and respect me" and take maybe 5 minutes or however long you feel you need it and do it everyday you'll start to see a difference in your attitude.
I love this video I listened to it this morning:

you gotta have a good attitude user. you have to survive. you can't let the lion get you you have to fight and survive.

also practice self love.

OP here. I’m sorry I asked for help here.
Suicide is the only rational choice.

Where‘s a will, there‘s a way.
You can be on the street and still have clean clothes, you know? This is a practical example of not losing your dignity. It‘s being smart enough to find solutions to your everyday issues.
I mean, you could wash your stuff in a stream, it would be better than not washing them at all.

You know that trolling outside of /b/ is not allowed, right?

maybe you can do signwaving as a job. its the easies job on the planet and no one can scream or yell at you. you can just sit and listen to music and meditate all day.

dont listen to the shitty anons here they are projecting their own hurt onto you.

if i were you i'd ask for advice on Reddit the responses will be more mature. the culture here really is kind of to tear people down. sometimes its just brutal honesty other times its just complete trolling

I was a fool thinking that I could get anything but platitudes and bullshit from this place.
Now I have to figure out the best way to kill myself.

do it, you're obviously no better than a streetshitting pajeet if you're a programmer who can't problem solve

Dude if you're older what did you do in the time that you were employed? Get into consulting, qa, it, something. Also how do you only have 3k?

I was let go in a previous job and couldn’t find a job for over a year.

You’re right, I am a fool for thinking that there are people who can provide actual help and not new age platitudes.