Feel strange taking part in female dominated hobbies

I am a guy and most of my hobbies are female dominated. For example I have started going to a creative writing society at my uni. There are about 15 people that attend, and the only other guy is a gay person.

I am shit at talking to both men and women, but especially women. I basically end up not speaking and then standing out as a weirdo for this. I also really stand out as I am essentially the only guy.

Should I drop my female dominated hobbies? Try leave the hobbies for a year or so untill I gain confidence? What should I do?

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I must look so creepy not saying anything and just being there. I definitely make people feel uncomfortable.

I advice you to really takes this pic to heart.
She‘s absolutely right, you know...

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I hate to break it to you user, but the moment you stepped foot in that room everyone thought you where a faggot.

Yeah I guess you are right.

Finally 'SOMEBODY' gets it!

I'm sorry OP but this is fairly pathetic. You found an outlet for your hobby, that also tends to give you many opportunities to meet women, and you want to bow out because you don't know how to talk to them?

This should be your learning experience. Unless you're asexual or otherwise fine with not dating I guarantee in five-ten years you're going to look back on this and hit yourself over the head for having a remarkably perfect environment to get experience and maybe even meet someone, and just leaving because it didn't work out for you instantly.

No, fuck that. You grit your teeth and do your best and in a year from now you'll be much more confident than if you allow yourself to be chased off by being in a room with women.

Finally some proactive advice. OP, listen to this guy. Part of life is suffering yes, but if you channel your energy right, it can lead to better opportunities. Surrender your fear of rejection and try talking to the ladies. Start with the mundane shit until you find a talking point. Probe, find a common interest. Smile, ask her on a date. You’ll get it!

What other hobbies are you talking about? For the larger part of human history writing, even creative writing, was considered a more male hobby. The difference between men and women is that women are more social creatures. Women tend to flock to writing groups, and classes and discords. Men tend to just stay home and write. Women love to talk about writing, men prefer to write. There is nothing wrong with you taking the class either, but if you aren't there for social purposes what does it matter if you're the only guy there?

Would you like to talk on discord about writing? I just finished my first novel and would like someone to talk writing with.

>Women love to talk about writing
>Would you like to talk on discord about writing?
begone thot

>wrote an entire fucking novel first

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Also everyone in the room has a boyfriend who is on the football team and you would be foolish to try and actually date any of them, but you can at least make them interested and apply how you did that on other unattached women.

Not that user but also a (published) author who's frequented events like this, unless OP is talking about an entry level course or something the other people there will also write seriously and most likely have been writing for years.

Just talk to the girls there bro. Overcome your awkwardness. Its a good opportunity and you'll probably find some good friends there - they probably think you're gay if you don't say anything to them so just tell them once you get to know them that you're not. It's good that you are taking your hobbies more seriously by going to clubs so don't be discouraged by the female majority

Just saying, by your own logic you are a woman

Tell that to every piece of fanfiction created on the internet, ever. Gays count also.

>Men actually write
So does that make me a hermaphrodite, or do you think for just a moment you can stop pretending that people only speak in absolutes. Even if I did, all I did was prove I'm a man by insisting I wrote a novel but have no one to talk to about writing thus far, didn't I?

Or do you want to pretend to be retarded to further your point?

I can't speak for everyone, and obviously there are women who do actually write, but yes I was operating under the assumption that OP was in some entry level course (otherwise this wouldn't just now become an issue) where most people are aspiring to be writers but live more for the label than the work.

>for the larger part of human history it was considered a male hobby
You do realize fanfiction isn't the larger part of human history, right?

There's 1,400 year old touhou fanfics.

I don't live in the US/UK but where I live, if you know some people more active in the literary scene you can definitely get into nights discussing pieces with other writers without being charged, just because everyone likes to hear input and get inspired hearing someone else's writing process.

The female to male ratio isn't as skewed as OP describes but women are still firmly in the majority and are either published or have at least finished novel drafts they ended up discarding for something new or feeling it wasn't good enough. Women spend the most on books and are more avid readers than men, and while it's next to impossible to have stats of people quietly writing within their homes, it doesn't seem likely to me at all that men truly do it much more often (nowadays). Even just looking at current hot literary names - Sally Rooney, Zadie Smith, Lauren Groff, Lisa Halliday, Linn Ullmann, Dorthe Nors, Rachel Cusk - it's not like women are underrepresented. I live in a smaller European country so this might not be representative but in the generation of authors 25-40 women absolutely dominate the scene.

Why are you so butthurt? Maybe next time think before you write stupid shit.

>Why are you so butthurt over me calling you a woman.
Gee I wonder why.

>Maybe next time don't make me feel bad for being a woman who talks about writing but only ever writes stupid advice on Jow Forums

Are you a 5 year old? Who gets this mad over being called a woman? Perhaps you should stop using Jow Forums if your feelings are this easily hurt.

For fun: Write rockhard porn and become popular!

Seriously: Just continue. Ask for feedback and keep trying new things or new ways to write. There are plenty of male writers out there.

>Should I drop my female dominated hobbies? Try leave the hobbies for a year or so untill I gain confidence? What should I do?

Don't drop your hobbies, like creative writing, if you love them. I'm a professional musician and my instrument is dominated by women. Whenever I join a new group, out of 18 people, I'm usually the only man.

It's weird at first since many of the women in your hobby may not talk to you and stick with their cliques, but it allows you to ignore their drama and just focus on your hobby. Just stick with it dude.

Gays have male brains but yes I do enjoy writing erotic fanfiction

Dont worry what other people think, do what you like

Never drop your hobbies because of something like that. Get to know the girls(it will be easier since you are the only guy and might be given special treatment. It might be awkward, but keep trying, find someone talking to whom is the easiest for you). If they are actually nice, you will thank God for joining them, since if the group consists of nice girls, they are usually much more calm and supportive than male groups are - at least from my experience