I'm getting frustrated and angry

I'm getting frustrated and angry
Have a gym crush
I want to walk up to her one day when I'm super angry and just let her know hey I want to fuck your brains out...

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no one is stopping you

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Ahhh of course
Except the law if she takes it the wrong way and I get #metod

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thats not how the world works bro, just walk up to her and say yo you want this dick? be yourself and it will work bro trust me, worked for me

this is your brain on porn.


Imagine if a 600 pound gorilla charged you, loomed over you and said let's fuck. How apt for coitus would you be?

How so?

t. virgin
>implying a 600 pound gorilla dominating them isnt the most pussy flooding thing a woman can imagine
lmfao. have sex bro.

You say you're worried about "getting metoo'd" like you think it would be unjust

If you approach a woman in a gym angry as fuck and demand that she let you "fuck her brains out", that is sexual harassment, and it is just one hand movement away from sexual assault too. You would be entirely deserving of "getting me too'd", you brainlet roidhead.

>t. Guy doped on porn
This is not how girls work.

And if it doesn't work you'll have poisoned your environment and hers.
So why not try "hello" instead.

Man you and the other incels gave fantasy talked yourselves into alternative facts haven't you?
You know the guy talking all.that shit about domination and pua stuff is also an incel who read a book and is now coming at you like he has the stone tablets, right?

Well... scratch the angry, and be confident and stay at arms length. Find an area where you know a security camera is watching. Approach calmly and give a
>You, me, bathroom?
And hope for the best. Be calm, dont appear aggressive or dominating, just be blunt. If she dismisses you in any way, leave immediately.

#metoo wont work there. There is 0 chance of her having anything on you, because you dropped a request on her, and instantly respected her "no". Camera will be able to confirm this.

And hey, it might work. But if it does, use protection. She guaranteed has STDs if she is down for this.

Jesus Christ adv is all virgins today.

I'm both not a virgin, and a girl.

I am just maximising his chance of having any kind of luck, while minimizing the risk of sexual harassment charges. You never know what sort of girl he has his eyes on, and even if the chance of this working is 1%, if he really wants to go for, let him have his learning experience.

Men scare the shit out of me, using angry and fuck in the same sentence.

With a sensitive, romantic style like that I can't understand why you don't have women all over you

Eww. Creepy.

I'd love to visit this parallel universe you people live in.

>Follow up thread.
“Girls suck I don’t know why this girl doesn’t want to talk to me, I’m a nice guy, women are whores”

This site is a shithole

And yet here you are sweetheart

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OP here
I was only kidding. I wont tell her straight up but if it comes up one day I will mention it and if things dont work out I will find another gym
Anyway I do want to fuck this chick and no point in hiding in
And yes I am an aggressive guy

If a dude did this to me I’d be changing gyms ASAP