Why would a girl be touchy and really affectionate towards me but won't let me kiss her on the lips...

Why would a girl be touchy and really affectionate towards me but won't let me kiss her on the lips? While hugging she lets me kiss her face and neck while I grab her ass. She kisses me back too but not on the lips. When I asked her why she said it's because we're just friends. What. I jokingly asked her if she does the same thing with all her male friends and she said she doesn't. "Are we really just friends then?" I replied. She didn't answer. Fuck me. I told her I don't like being played around with and she just kept silent. She's made it clear many times that she's single so what's her deal? Honestly getting tired of this. I don't feel like I'm kind of wasting my time.

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I feel like I'm wasting my time*

Jesus, some people are smart and listen to their bodies and minds before acting hastily. Shouldn't that be a good sign? Huh?

What are you trying to say here, mate?

Wasting your time ? Are all the things you do with her worthless by themselves ? Is it just something you put up with to get into a relationship ?

Most of the time, yes. She's boring to talk to, we don't have similar interests. Hell, besides walking her dog she doesn't really have hobbies. I want to just keep with casual. A FWB situation would be ideal and I though that's what she was going for too.

Fucking auto correct. You get my point though.

Many people (and whole subcultures) have a mental timetable for intimacy, with each milestone marking a significant shift in the relationship. There can be confusion when people with different timetables come together.

A bit of history. In the second world war a lot of American soldiers were stationed in England and dated English girls, and sociologists took the opportunity to study the culture clash. They were amazed that both the American guys and the English girls thought the other "fast".

What they discovered was this. To the Americans a good-night kiss was just normal punctuation to a first date, but to the English girls it wasn't supposed to happen until they were practically engaged.

So the guys would go in for a kiss and wind up, to their surprise, in bed. As they explained to the sociologists, to the guys it seemed that you just had to kiss a girl to get her in bed, while the girls thought "Wow, we seem to have progressed toward marriage a lot faster than I expected, so I suppose I ought to sleep with him"

In more modern terms, it is common to run into that confusion on whether, say, oral sex comes before or after intercourse.

Wasting your time? Wasting your time how? You are already too grabby and if you grabbed my ass I'd kick you in the balls.

you're an asshole and pissed you won't fuck you. way too forward and grabby but you're a macho man, right?

All OP wants is to fuck the girl, he would do better to go for one that is ready.

Ghost her. I can’t stand shit like that. One of my female friends and I had something similar. She would sext me sometimes, tell me her pussy was wet and we’d sext. But when we’d meet up she’d never let anything go anywhere. She’d say “haha we are just friends!”. It fucked my brain

Here come the girls. Yes, waste of time. Why should I give her my time and affection if after escalating up to this point she still refuses to kiss? Does that honestly make sense to you? I feel like she's just playing around. How's that fair to me?

God I love watching threads like this once the women show up. Can't bear to be interesting, but offended when people want your bodies. Maybe put some effort in eh?


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It’s not fair user, I agree. I am a married user, but if I was still single and a girl tried this shit on me, I would drop her or at least confront her. It sounds like you already tried the latter, and she was silent; to me, that means she doesn’t know what she wants, and is too scared to take the next step. Best to avoid and find a girl who actually covets you/you covet,

She is lying when she said she doesn't do that with other guys. She wants you as a "friend with benefits" only. At least she is honest saying "were just friends".

Shut up bitch!

That'd be the best outcome to be honest. Still, the fact she doesn't want to kiss makes me think she is not really down to fuck. But maybe, she is? Fuck, I don't know anymore.

You find her boring so what are you even doing? Leave her alone and let her get with someone who is actually interested in her. She’s probably being patient to make sure you’re the right person for her, and you’re clearly not so why bother