What happened to her Jow Forums?

What happened to her Jow Forums?

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books.google.nl/books?id=PIT6SeWkVcAC&pg=PA129&lpg=PA129&dq=i asked gerry apprehensively&source=bl&ots=PV9bkC6Gh6&sig=ACfU3U1c_QShYSHMypqpalZA8mbwhcvsTg&hl=nl&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi-nY-gz4nhAhXBJlAKHWHjAA0Q6AEwAHoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=i asked gerry apprehensively&f=false

The parents murdered her after whoring her out because she was getting old enough to tattle

Her parents accidentally gave her an overdose and her body was disposed of.



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Most likely this

Or possibly this

Parents definitely killed her

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Why do you still care? Either she has been shipped to some third world country and lives there to this day or she is dead and burried in some fucking forest.

Am britbong and want to see parents raped in a prison shower

Do people believe this guy was in that video? I admit he sure does sound like him.

Where did that video came from in the first place, and who filmed it?

I cant make much out of it by looking, its just dark and blurry.

You will never see that because solving this case would involve locking up John and Tony Podesta, which would bring down 70% of the US government.
Some autists had figured out that it was Comet Ping Pong if I recall correctly

I cant say they are 100% involved, but they appear guilty to me with their weird behaviour.

yeah ive got no idea who tony and john podesta are

Ughh, that Alefantis guy is a big red flying flag to me. That dude makes my alarm bells go apeshit.

Podesta bros.

I never bought the codewords as they were explained by the internet, but they were definitely speaking in code and i'm willing to assume it was indeed about child trafficking.

If you are a filthy rich pedophile being part of a greater group likeminded elites, then kids no doubt are being cargo'd as cattle.

If she is still alive shes is rapidly nearing her expiration date after which the pedophile ring disposes of her and gets a new toy.

So there could be another high profile case like this happening soon, making her a media celebrity raises the market value significantly.

Why do it themselves when there are people who pay big bucks to abuse and murder a child.

The movie Hostel maybe a story of fiction, but that doesn't mean it isn't based on a percievable reality or even actual rumors. Same goes for 8MM.

>solving this case would involve locking up John and Tony Podesta
No, it wouldn't because they had nothing to do with it. It's a simple parental murder. Everybody knows it. Believing the parents lies that "SHE WAS KIDNAPPED!!" is just supporting them getting away with murdering her.


Andrew Breitbart: "F*ck. You. John. Podesta."

John Podesta is the man whose emails spawned the pizzagate fiasco, Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman. Him and his brother seek out children like Maddy McCann because of certain things they believe about children with Maddy's eye issue.

Just because her parents are involved, doesn't mean Podesta isn't involved either. You realize how many parents willingly sell their children into sex slavery? Just like Heather O'Rourke was sold and pimped out by her parents to Stephen Spielberg.

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The dad seems gay and psychopathic or a narc at least.


I actually looked into some if this shit, i've gotten pretty deep via the regular web. Probably was a big fat honeypot, but then again it was layered with increments of useless content that lead to actual places where either people were posting CP or sites that were selling content.

I cant imagine that the cops don't know about it if i was able to find it. Even thought there were glimpses and hints of pedosadism, i never encountered that kind of content itself. Most of it was that so called "child love" crap.

Anyone wondering why i did this, it was kinda like a fucked up dark puzzle i was solving just navigating around. Most of it was just teasers or even complete bullshit, then ocassionally i stumbled upon something legit. I quit after a month of endless browsing and clicking.

And no i'm not gonna give people hints about where or how to get in, besides it's like the movie Cube where everything is shifting and changing, and i'm not going back in.


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Yeah i know, suspicious as fuck. I don't remember the codewords as they we're explained, but i don't know for certain what "pizza" or "dogs" mean. How can you know unless you are in the inside.

I like codes, puzzles, ciphers, but it ain't that easy.

She went missing in Portugal how the fuck would she have ended up in New York?

It's literally impossible to spend 65K on pizza or hot dogs in one go. Unless it was code for drugs or something, which seems pretty unlikely.


The rabbit whole undoubtedly goes deep

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Moloch child sacrfice. Probably was a sex slave for the global elite.

Breitbart knew something allright, he was connected, he knows the rumors, perhaps even more than just some rumors.

The bongs OD'd her on sleeping pills, killed her and tried to blame us.

Maybe it was something else entirely, i mean i could project all kinds of things without getting any closer to the truth.

But it sure as hell ain't about pizza's or dogs.

I believe many so called "Jews" are actually Sabbateans, some would call them Satanists or Lucifarians, but i think those are the wrong descriptives while essentially implying the same. You don't have to be a Jew to become, you just need to be severely fucked in the head and they will accept you if you are willing to prove yourself.

Parents left her, drugged, in their holiday apartment with the door unlocked while they got pissed til 1am in a tapas bar.

Evidence of blood and corpse smell found by dogs. Netflix documentary lies and says the DNA they found could have been anything, including spit or semen. Except the dogs ONLY detect blood. The DNA then, could have only been from blood. The DNA found was most likely a mix of the parents contact DNA and her blood. Therefore the parents came into contact with the blood.

Kate McCann when checking on her children finds Madeleine missing, "They've taken her!", she exclaims, not "She's missing!". Leaves her other two children in the apartment alone and goes back to bar. How did she know Madeleine hadn't walked out on her own, maybe to look for her parents? If she had just been snatched, why leave you two other children alone in the apartment? Does she not have a phone? Who are THEY??

People come rushing to the apartment, eager to help. Gerry McCann is nowhere to be seen. One of their friends has to quickly arrange a search of the area and contact the police.

Somehow has Madeleines pjamas to show to the public as what she was wearing when she was taken. Kate McCann washes her missing child's favourite soft toy.

Accusations are made about a local Englishman, Robert Murat, despite a lack of evidence. He later sues the newspapers for calling him a pedo, and wins 600,000 pounds.

The parents are made suspects. Refuse to answer simple questions. Obstruct the investigation by not giving the police a good enough recount of the night.

They remain in Portugal as they start a million dollar PR campaign to 'find' her. Use the money to pay off their mortage. UK government spends millions to find this one girl.

Visits famous pedo, Clement Freud, who lived only a few miles from the apartment.

I think the NXIVM cult is similar, but not the same, they may overlap here and there but i don't think "Vanguard" is the one running the big show.

(((freud murdochs)))
slipstreamed out/modulus

so you're saying that they turned her into a sex slave or something like that?

There are people who birth kids for the purpose of selling them for snuff movies, or even to have them sold to rich fucks who want to exercise their darkest fucked up fantasies.

I'm saying there is a market for this kind of stuff no different from the guy who produced the "Destruction of Daisy" videos.


Iridology. Right Eye. Pelvic Area Damage.

Read into it a little and suddenly it doesn't seem like such a big mystery. Praia da Luz was a well known shithole. Staff from the resort were told never to walk into the town by themselves, and there had been a string of break-ins in the months leading up to Madeleine's disappearance. Kate McCann said that when she got back to the apartment there was a window open in Madeleine's bedroom that she was sure hadn't been open when she left. We'll never really know, but I don't think the most likely scenario is all that complicated: some local junkie breaks into the hotel, stumbles across Madeleine, smothers her to keep her from screaming and then hides the body where no one will ever find it.

The alternative is to blame two parents who had zero indication of any criminal or abusive behaviour and couldn't, according to the witnesses, have had time to get rid of the body anyway. Or blame it on some shadowy conspiracy by an international pedophile ring that for some reason goes around kidnapping the kids of upper middle class British tourists rather than just buying orphans from eastern Europe.

This isn't a fucking Agatha Christie novel. There doesn't have to be a murder, a series of false leads, a conspiracy revealed before it then turns out the culprit was someone who was introduced to us in act one. I read these threads and watch people treat this like we have to work out which person from the cast of characters already presented to us is going to turn out to be the killer. Real life doesn't work like that. It's not going to be someone who's already been identified, it's going to be 'nameless scumbag no. 5', who has a mile-long list of drug and theft convictions.

Some petty criminal broke in, panicked, and killed her. And the reason we never found him is because the Portuguese police are incompetent. Until someone comes up with something new, I don't see any reason to make it more complicated than that.

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She become part of your McDonald's BigMac like most of the other missing Goyim children

'Zero indication of any criminal or abusive behaviour' - Left their drugged children alone while they got pissed. Obsessed about the look of their child, talk about her perfectly formed genitals in a book, hung out with a pedo. NO INDICATIONS? If she had died and the body was found in the apartment by anyone else, they'd be charge with negligence.

I don't know enough about the case to make an informed conclusion. But in general if you pick your setting careful enough, you may get away with plausible deniability.

In cases like that of Peter Scully, the victims are unregistered. Therefor their existance remains unknown to the authorities and will not be missed once the evidence has been destroyed.

Rich fucks can afford to be specific about their victims, and they may not want some Asian or African child, they may even want someone very specific. There are people cataloging children for potential kidnapping in order to be sold.

A child as Madeleine Mccann is registered, and cannot simply dissapear without raising the attention of the authorities. In order to do so, you need to find a way to decieve the authorities without leaving a trail to that would incriminate the parents.

I have to agree, the situation is suspicious as fuck. These are some of the dumbest most negligent parents you could imagine if not being a bunch of bad liars. It is bad either way.

Got Podesta'd.

This video highlights something i find incredibly suspect and way out of the norm of what you would expect to come out of a parents mouth.

"I asked Gerry apprehensively if he'd had any really horrible thoughts or visions of Madeleine. He nodded. Haltingly, i told him about the awful pictures that scrolled through my head of her body, her perfect little genitals torn apart."

books.google.nl/books?id=PIT6SeWkVcAC&pg=PA129&lpg=PA129&dq=i asked gerry apprehensively&source=bl&ots=PV9bkC6Gh6&sig=ACfU3U1c_QShYSHMypqpalZA8mbwhcvsTg&hl=nl&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi-nY-gz4nhAhXBJlAKHWHjAA0Q6AEwAHoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=i asked gerry apprehensively&f=false

her parents ate her. those two are creepy as fuck

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Is there actually child porn featuring her on the internet? Ive heard rumors about it for years.

She was probably kidnapped by either a pedo ring, or sold in north africa or to local gypsies.

Why you think they ate her? What brings you to this notion?

intuition. because they're creepy as fuck

If there was any child porn with Madeleine available, not saying it doesn't exist, but if it was available someone would have brought it to the attention of the internet by simply posting. Censored versions would probably doing rounds amongst those who are trying to crack the case outside the official investigations.

White kids usually tend up in the hands of rich people, not some random gypsies. This in part because non-whites kids from poor countries are easily to be retrieved for little money. It's kinda like gold where the demand is great and availability is scarce so the prices go up.

Well, they creepy as fuck allright, i'll give you that.

Because a simple of case parental neglect leading to murder is too boring. It MUST be an evil satanic conspiracy, it's more exciting.
>Is there actually child porn featuring her on the internet
>She was probably kidnapped by either a pedo ring, or sold in north africa or to local gypsies
Why would you think that? Saying this shit is defending her parents getting away with murder. Why do you defend murderers?

>Does she not have a phone?

It was 2007 you stupid fuck. I didn't routinely carry a phone in 2007. A boomer would have been even less likely to have carried a phone back then.

She was likely smuggled to africa, and then saudi arabia or belgium, there is evidence of romani people kidnapping her.

The strangest thing in the case, imo, is people spotted blonde people near her apartment, and a few days later, a man was taking photos of blonde girls on a beach.

GCHQ also picked up people in africa talking about "the little blonde girl"

Also, there is a gap between the "child love" content and the straight up brutal "pedosadism" and "child snuff".

These are two different realms that are brushing shoulders. Where as the first can be accessed with certain ease and is shared freely for a large portion, as to the other requires money going from generic stuff wich most people could probably afford, to very expensive custom content tailored to the desires of the buyer.

Comet is in dc not New York numbnuts. Also, has little to do with this case besides the fact that alefantis and podesta were friends and possibly both running pedo rings. clement Freud (of the sigmund Freud (created modern psychology), Andrew Bernays (created modern propaganda), Marc Randolph (created Netflix where he utilizes his family’s mind control techniques) lineage lived in Portugal in the same complex McCann went missing in and is good friends with podesta. Podesta even stays with him from time to time. Look what happened to clement telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/14/you-cant-bury-the-truth---clement-freuds-victims-finally-expose/
Don’t poison the well with misinfo plz

I am not drawing any conclusions, i don't have the facts and am merely speculating on the reality of this case.

Regarding conspiracies, i've met and spoken to people who's experiences are in line with what i'm describing in regards to the Sabbateans. Specifically this concerns members of the Watchtower Soc. and the child abuse that happens amongst Jehovahs Witnesses.

You may dismiss conspiracies as a fringe idea, but i know for a fact these conspiracies occur. I do not entertain fairytales.

...case went missing like Madaline


Rich boomers may have. Assuming innocence they probably would have left their mobiles phones at home to not be disturbed during their dinner outdoors. The kids were too young to be able to use the phone and call the parents in emergencies.

I dunno, the descriptive of a "little blond girl" i find very vague.

Joe Biden

Tony Podesta.

I wouldn't dismiss the connection even though it may not be directly related. It may be indicative of the type of people they are when looking at the type of people they are associating with.

Sick fucks have ways of seeking out likeminded sick fucks.

Probably living some "normal" life and doesn't care it happened to her.
I personally know a lot of kids raised by pedophiles, who do not give two shits it happened to them. None. Zero. Nadda. No fucks given.
You'd never be able to tell from looking at them or talking to them, that they grew up going to pedo orgies and doing drugs.

This would require the use of private flights, not sure what to think about this.

Eddie and Kela the dogs found the scent of human blood and a dead human in the apartment.
Robert Murat helped them dump the body in the sea.
Everything else is conspiracy shit designed to not embarrass the British State and Upper middle class from what happened by two very important Doctor professionals.


This case implies child murder, not the same as daddy dicked me and i still love him.

Her appearance including her iridial deformation would certainly be spotted by someone at some point in time. It is one of the most highlighted cases of kidnapping in magazine and tv and everyone knows her face.

I doubt she still is alive.

>Evidence of blood and corpse smell found by dogs.

These dogs have never fucked up.
Having worked with dogs that can sniff out bombs and ammunition these pooches are live savers. I trust them above all else.

Basically you are providing a conspiracy to denounce the notion of a conspiracy. I don't think i've seen anyone do that before.

>Some petty criminal broke in, panicked, and killed her.
It's unreasonable to think this.
There was no evidence of a break in.

whatever happend, the media is telling you the exact opposite

At least it has hard evidence to support the theory.
Nothing else does.

The problem with your thesis is that the two facial composites are of the same man. Just one man, not two. So, the Podesta brothers cannot be the person in the sketch. This Podesta nonsense was debunked as Fake News years ago.

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They talk about the window being opened i believe. Not about windows being broken or anything along those lines.

Media doesn't know shit, they know how to sell tabloids though, they don't care unless it sells.

>I don't think i've seen anyone do that before.

"santa claus is a fraud invented by the coca cola corporation"

No prints, no fibres mate.
Did he fucking bleach it too?

The Podesta brothers John and Tony viciously sexually abused her for days on end finally killing and eating a large portion of her flesh. They had convicted pedophile Sir Sigmund Freud clean up the mess. End of story.

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>Media doesn't know shit, they know how to sell tabloids though, they don't care unless it sells.

Remember the Dingo baby mate?
One day the truth will come out about the McCanns too.
There was NO reason for her not to answer the 49 questions.
The original detective was spot on about her.

Hard evidence as in something that could be corroborated by two conspirators?

Not sure what you are referring to but your attitude is dismissive.

I was a student in 2007. I had a phone. Everyone fucking did.
She's a fucking doctor.

raped, tortured, butchered and eaten by skippy & co

No mate the two dogs, Eddie and Keela.
They found human blood and a human corpse scent in the apartment.
They were trained for this.
I literally worked with dogs like that who can sniff out bombs and weapons I'd trust them with everything. Those doggos are never wrong.

Yes, he was modeled after Saint Nicholas, that guy who comes to bring us presents on the 5th of December. This holiday is inspired by an actual historical person...

Every one had a phone in 2007.
Only a gen Z wouldn't know this.
I carried a fucking mobile everywhere since 97.

>It is one of the most highlighted cases of kidnapping
This case was never at any point a kidnapping.
You're retarded. Her parents murdering her is what the facts show happened. Everyone knows this.
But how could could sketches of the same man from two eyewitnesses come up with different pictures? That doesn't make sense, it must be a satanic conspiracy.

Ol' Skippah was really horny that day.

Have these dogs been able to exclude any other theories? Again i don't know it all, but your attitude is dismissive.


>Have these dogs been able to exclude any other theories?
I don't know.
All I do know, is they found human blood and a human corpse.

>in the wardrobe
>behind the sofa
>in the boot of a hire car which they got after she disappeared.

My attitude is I know the British State and the levels of fuckery they get up to.
He's a freemason, and has friends in high places because he's a good doctor.

Fine... dissapearance... happy now?

If that is what the facts show, why they not in jail? retard...