Advice for young males

Stop watching porn. I've been watching since I was 7 and it's fucked up my perception on women. I literally didn't even know you're SUPPOSED to want a relationship. For some reason I just kept thinking men were fucking women without getting to know them, BUT THAT ISN'T TRUE! I thought the the way my fellow males talked around me was the way they talked to girls, BUT I WAS SO FUCKING WRONG! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO FIND A GIRL YOU LIKE AND TRY TO PURSUE HER. I LITERALLY HAD NO IDEA! I sincerely thought that girls were just fucking dudes, BUT THEY ACTUALLY WANT COMMITMENT! I'm done.

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That was common sense for me even though I watch porn lol.
But I can't stop it's too fucking hard. I got years of work till I'll get a gf, and no way I'll be able to resist that much without busting a nut.

I can't even nut after all these years of porn. She's blowing me the best she can and I'm sincerely enjoying it but I CANNOT CUM

Porn didn’t make you retarded, you were born that way


I didn't have friends in highschool so I didn't understand how "dating" works. I still don't have friends (am 18). It's weird, because I lift weights and have a masculine face, but since I didn't grow up attractive, I thought the few pretty girls that tried to talk to me were being nice/mocking me. I feel stupid, so maybe you are right.

I also suffered from insomnia when from August 2016 to now. So I'm sure lack of sleep(3 hours or less) has actually fucked my brain up in ways I may never recover. Oh well, life must go on.

But it is.
You can have sex or just fuck girls without a relationshit.


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But how? What exactly do you say to them that allows you to have relationship free sex? With girls?

It doesn't matter what you say desu.
1. go to a place women go to have casual sex (bars, clubs, tinder)
2. talk to girl about anything at all
3. maintain good eye contact and smile
4. if you get positive feedback, start touching them innocently
5. escalate
6. touch back/sides/shoulders
7. kiss
8. do it well enough that she wants more
9. preferably have an appartment of your own nearby
10. get her there under any pretense. Doesn't matter what you say, just dont tell them you want to smash because they know
11. have sex
12. hope you put on a condom, don't want any of that std scare

With texting it's also pretty easy, just have to excite their imagination. Don't send dick pics, talk about something that will make them imagine your dick without mentioning it. You'll get a feel for how women like to be touched, use that to your adventage

>watching porn since 7
>has never seen a romance or even a piece of media with a romance subplot
Yeah right. Shitty bait.

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I stopped watching TV when I was 9. Don't watch to many romance movies. I sincerely didn't know that you interact with girls like in movies. I grew up in the ghetto so the kinds of girls I was around were different.


Not everyone grows up in nice middle class homes and go to decent schools with decent people. Funny thing is, my highschool was relatively normal, but because I went to such shit schools growing (and am poorer than others) I didn't know how to communicate with normal kids who weren't always testing me.

im stuck at step 2

That's not what I'm doubting you dumb nigger

Sadly I'm not even black. I bet if I was I wouldn't have been picked on as much.

I stopped "pursuing" women when I was 19 years old.

You are supposed to have enough resources and power for females to throw their pussy at you. As simply as that... Anything beyond this is purely fantasy.

that some redpill right there

porn is bad if you watch a lot of them. my fetishes got extreme. when i have sex some times i need to think about porn so i can cum...

Go fuck yourself nazi frog poster.
In fact, make life better for the rest of us and kill yourself.

I wish you would talk tough outside.

t. weakling

I think the only remedy would be to force yourself to binge romcoms and slice of life tv.

Ok, just stay tough on the internet.

But I'm not white, middleclass, or a woman? Are you saying life is the same for everyone? Does everyone look at life like Romance movies and TV shows? No wonder I haven't been able to make connections.

Based lmao

casual sex has always been a thing dude

Romance movies and tv shows are typically an idealization of regular life. The stereotype that only middle aged women watch them is because middleaged women like to have future goals and similar experiences to the rest of society. Men that don't have fragile masculinity watch them to usually get a good association of what women/relationships/family life actually look like.

We can't all have a Disney childhood. Especially if you're poor and live in the hood.

I grew up poor and lived in the hood and I still watch the occasional romcom. So many people around me are just fucking whoever will fuck and having kids, but secretly I want the white picket fence life with some kids and a dog and of course a wife that I love

I would like the same. But we are exception.

Not everyone grows up on your Disney princess bullshit. Talk to some real people every now and then princess.

If porn is bad why do women dress like pornstars?

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Because women like to advertise their bodies for the best males. You don't see flat ass girls wearing these.

There are some that share the struggles of poverty nowadays. I also mention it was idealized, so the reality would be to not get your hopes up that high.

>I stopped "pursuing" women when I was 19 years old.
>You are supposed to have enough resources and power for females to throw their pussy at you. As simply as that... Anything beyond this is purely fantasy.
Guess you're just not man enough to do both!

You sound like a little bitch bro, how much pussy you been in lil nigga?

The chase is better than the actual 'relationship'.

Hello, virgin here. What do you mean "chase"?

He means being a misogynist.