Christchurch changed me

>before christchurch
>questioned jewish over-representation
>thought that the difference in races would lead to different behavior and types of social organization
>thought that "the west" is a homogeneous culture
>suspicious of islam
>found edgy nazi memes funny

>after christchurch
>happy that jews are responsibly managing leadership positions
>stopped caring about differences in races; they're not as important as culture, social class, and financial class
>recognized that the west is composed of a bunch of different cultures, and progressivism is the dominant one at the moment
>recognize that muslims in the west will be assimilated into the globo-homo and their birthrates will drop; there will be no great replacement
>nazi memes are now mainstream, boring, and no longer culturally subversive, but rather destructive

Was Christchurch the bluepill that cures the redpill?

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We all know

This is a bait thread hence why you used soft core pornography to lure people in, so you held these beliefs before it anyhow

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that’s the real red pill

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What would you expect from a leaf

Nobody's opinion changed, for or against. Nice try though

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Why are Canadians such shit?


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>another leaf post as weak as ever

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No seriously guys, I actually don't care about any of that shit anymore. I didn't feel anything when I watched those people get gunned down, but now my mind has done a complete 180. What happened?

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>post has zero value
>pornography clickbait
>a fucking leaf

Why are you posting soft core pornography? s

Mainstream religion is a worm that infects its hosts.

Jews are the chess masters, and most others are the pawns.

But then there's always the people who invented chess.

Figure it out.

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cheesus, leaf flaggots are laying it thick today.
amerimutts, move aside, kikes has a new bitch to call them (((greatest ally)))

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Stupid dumb leaf scum

Wow im a socialist cuck now
Stfu you subversive shill

It made me realise the jews stop at nothing in their operations.

Now fuck off mossad


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I'm unironically a liberal now.

There's fake news, then there's fake news.

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Christchurch was a jewish psyop to convert national socialists to neo-conservatism
Iran is still our greatest ally and Israel needs to burn to ground

I understand... you're at a loss for words, it is difficult when so many of your compatriots suck doggie dick. I'd be likewise silent

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My take was that it was to delegitimise the white nationlist movements that wernt openly 'neo nazi' as the "white nationalist = nazi" label wasnt working at all, not this can be used to make anything pro-white terrorism

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even if it was, it
>failed utterly in its aims
>added to the accelerationism biggly
>will bring about tons of unintended consequences


finally, someone said it. a man of good taste!

Feepie beepie as always. Leafs need to fucking nuke themselves already.

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shalom rabbi

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Hi, congrats on your first post at pol leaf! Few things to remember Jews and mudslimes are the same, refer to same diet, pedophilia, control of media and world finances, and disdain for western culture. Posts such as yours have a process they must go through, that is sage in all fields. Happy posting... back on plebbit.

Before: You glow in the dark
After: Still a glow in the dark nigger.

Nobody cares about opinions of lemmings anymore, because we are not trying to win the elections (as no legit anti-Zionist, white nationalist candidate could win the elections)
He probably did this because JIDF needed to subvert accelerationist movement
It brought more chaos to the image board as accelerationism was promoted by the people who rejected Trump/Neocon movements and fights for greater Israel. Accelerationism meant to collapse west or start revolution against the current system. He's accelerationism is to provoke a war between Muslims and Whites. Trump is also trying to start a war with Iran

>>recognize that muslims in the west will be assimilated into the globo-homo and their birthrates will drop; there will be no great replacement
This is what trends show.
Non-whites don't inherently plop out 20 extra kids. Otherwise the U.S. would be much more than 13% black.

The basic premise for his manifesto is wrong and he barely mentions the Jew.

You got reprogrammed by watching the video.
NPCs don't have the ability to resist coded signals.

>fuck the elections
>pro accelerationism
terre, based Estibro!

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lel it made my positions even stronger and more radicalized. remove lefties, remove niggers, remove kebab, remove anyone who opposes 14 words


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islam indeed is the greatet threat to western civilization because western civilization is at the hands of the jews since the dawn of christianity


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he did it for us

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Same, fellow white person. I love feminism and multiculturalism now and, for one, welcome our Jewish overlords. Shalom!

happiness is pic related and the world needs more of it

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I don't know much about Brenton but the fact that both he and Anders are Crypto-Zionists is suspect.

Leaf i think you're lost, can you tell us what discord you came from so we can find your caretaker and send you back?

Tere, nazibro!

I'm on nofap!!!

>happy that jews are responsibly managing leadership positions

Fucking. Kill. Yourself. Whore.


Look here mohammad, nobody believes you. Try to me more jewy next time, you have to be subversive, not overt

opps first one ment for OP


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Even more redpilled and more based after the Christchurch extravaganza.

We know you’re bullshitting because you said that jews are responsible leaders. Even if you weren’t Jwoke everyone knows the leadership of modern Western civ is utterly destructive

>happy that jews are responsibly managing leadership positions
You ARE aware that this shooting, the wars in the middle east, and all the terrorist actions that are sprouting due to those wars, are ALL Jewish actions?

You DO know that ISIS is a paid Jewish mercenary group?
You DO know that Jews forced the interactions between white countries and Muslim migrants, to create this tension?
You DO know that every time the U.S. talks about pulling out of the middle east, its Jewish groups that go into action to stop it?

Hello, newfriend.
Lurk more.

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>no seriously goys

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Christchurch changes nothing, in a similar way no muslim changes his beliefs after some shitskin blows up.
If your opinions are changed this easily, you should probably fuck off.

A leaf... every fucking time.

Christ, what was the point of this shitty thread?

based brapposter

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Jesus christ, what a garbage website. Do you believe sourceless shit like this?

>bc i like ass and titties
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You probably like rap music and
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I never understood why people would make statements like these in a genuine attempt. Lets say that hypothetically there is a massive conspiracy, and they are perpetually pinning people against each other with the jews at the head. What possible practical impact could this have in any capacity to literally anything?

Lets say you are a person who just wants power. You just want to gather as much resources, and influence over people just for the sake of it, would this change anything for you? No, because it is not like these sorts of people would just go "Oh hey man yeah the meeting is on Thursday" and would give you a good deal if you wanted to play ball with them.

You could not devise a plausible scenario where such a group existed where they would not be objectively malevolent in the worst way. Also if the jews were the chess masters ordained by a global power why the hell are they letting terrorists into their country? Is this global conspiracies hold on the world so flimsy that they can't manage to not get their chess masters blown up? Who was in charge before WW1 because if you think the jews were even more than a foot note back then you'd have a hard time of it. How do you even organize a conspiracy of that level requiring that level of bureaucracy with no records back when travel around the world took so long?

My point here is that your world view is fundamentally flawed, and you are either in a cult or trolling.

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Who be semon demon?

>happy that jews are responsibly managing leadership positions
This is the most outrageous part of your post

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Yea exactly.
How do you write a manifesto titled "The Great Replacement" and mention the Jew only once?

>Muh birthrates

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this is pretty accurate

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Why is it always Canadians that come up with shitty posts like this?

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>stopped caring about differences in races; they're not as important as culture, social class, and financial class
not knowing those differences in culture, social class and financial class are due in large part in a difference in IQ among the races; but if you were truly on our side and not just lying about your position you would know that. Also "happy that Jews run the world" wtf kind of larp is this, not even left wingers say this lol.

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Fuck Muslims
Fuck jannies

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It gets better. It all makes sense.
He had "brief" contact with Breivik.

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Nobody wants to talk about how gorgeous this ass is?

>recognize that muslims in the west will be assimilated into the globo-homo and their birthrates will drop; there will be no great replacement

If there is no great replacement then the human race will literally go extinct. Western culture is literally suicidal at this point in its extreme degeneracy.

Also, Interbreeding with Islamic people who are Middle Eastern or North African is still keeping the Caucasian race going.

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Why a necklace of Buddha?

What a sad photo. The Demiurgee laughs.

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Also the phrase "Great Replacement" was brought in by identitarian shills who declared that it was not white genocide by the jews, but rather great replacement by whites themselves
They also banned all antisemites from their ranks
There have been threads, but I have not saved the images

You are literally me.


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