If I never ask a girl out due to fear of rejection, will I be alone forever?

If I never ask a girl out due to fear of rejection, will I be alone forever?

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Yes thats usually how it works, incel.

don't be a dick OP is likely ~16

Universal truth about life: you have to work for good things to happen and if you wait for them to happen to you they wont

Dude just ask them out if you don't you'll never know. Regret is always worse than reject. I just asked this girl out and she said yes. It wasn't the suave ask out either like the one that plays in your head. But it worked. It's worth it to ask you ever know.

Nope I'm 22

I've tried but I literally can't. It's impossible to imagine a girl ever being attracted to me. So my brain convinces me that rejection is a 100% certainty, and I cant do it, for fear of humiliation.

Most likely yes.

First, start lifting weights. Then, get a *social hobby* so you can practice talking to girls without a pretense of sex.

Once you feel like girls obviously should want you it will turn around

Or watch weird porn on Jow Forums and never improve yourself

Reminder that this guy creates a thread every day and will not take any advice, he only wants a pity party for himself.

The problem is, speaking to girls platonically hasn't helped cure my fear of rejection. I can hold up a 30 minute conversation alone with a girl, make her laugh, gain her interest. But unless she comes right out and says "I find you attractive and want to date you" (pretty much those exact words, from her mouth) I will not be able to make a move.

It has to be those exact words, from her. Because in the past a girl has said to my face "you're attractive/hot/really cute" and i wasn't able to do anything still because I thought "what if she thinks that but doesn't actually want to date me". And I've also been told by a friend that he had spoken to a girl I had a crush on and knew she had said i was attractive and she wanted to date me. But I still couldn't ask her out, because I hadn't heard those words directly from her

I'm like two DUI guy, I'm a celebrity. I've even got the wojaks

Can you give me a few examples of good social hobbies? When I think of hobbies I think of fixing up old cars or playing an instrument.

Im not OP but I am 29, I have girls that talk to me, we go on dates but I dont ask them if they wanna be my gf or kiss them or w.e I just friendzone myself due to fear of rejection and get ghosted soon after. I know its stupid but I accept I am mentally ill and doomed to walk this earth forever alone. OP should really seek help is hes young, too late for me and wish I had gotten some help.

OP here. You're waaaaay further ahead than me. I can't even ask a girl on a simple date.

Don't set getting a date as the goal, you've got your standards for yourself way to high.
Make your goal approaching a girl and asking her out. Expect the rejection. If you managed to even ask that's a huge success.

I can't do it though. Literally I have tried. I've made the decision in my mind "I'm gonna ask out that girl tonight" and I can start a conversation, speak to her, maybe even a bit of very light flirting, but the words to actually ask her on a date will not come out of my mouth no matter how hard I try.

Look on the bright side: At least you'll never get rejected.

But will I really be alone forever just because I can't ask girls out? It doesnt seem fair...

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Yes, unless by chance you get some girl to ask you out. Unlikely, tho.

>But will I really be unemployed forever just because I never sent a CV? It doesnt seem fair..

>I won't get X because I don't try to get X
It's very fair and logical

I don't know you might. But if you stop fapping you will be more aggressive in your courtship of girls honestly if I haven't fapped in five days every girl becomes a super model. I personally don't wanna be with a girl right this minute I am happy being in a relationship with my self.


So, what do you do when you rarely have someone come around that seems even remotely interested in me, and if I try I have a 100% rejection rate?

Sure, I could probably get some butt-ugly girl to date me, but I really don't want to be with someone I am not attracted to AT ALL.
I am not that ugly either and I don't ask for a lot.
Either way, it seems like I will stay alone.
It seems to me like I am just meant to.

But why?

It's not that I won't, it's that I can't. Autism, social anxiety and fear stop me from doing so.

Keep trying.
It's the equivelant of if you roll a dice and get a 4 then collapse in tears lamenting you'll never roll a 1. Yes you will, it's odds.

Everyone faces rejection, you are not unique. So the two things you need is to work on that fragile ego that can't stand confirmation you are what you already think you are. Rejection changes absolutely nothing.

Then the other thing is, who are you asking? Girls you think are pretty from a distance with whom you have maybe adequate at best social chemistry? Because that does not work man.

>Will I be alone forever if I never ask anyone out?

Not hard to figure out man...

If within a hundred rolls, you never get a 1, it's time to start contemplating the possibility, that there might be something wrong user.

Sounds like me. My big problem is that I have no idea if I'm handsome or not, and even if I am, if I have any sex appeal at all (btw, sex appeal is tied to more than just looks). Sound familiar to you?

Which is why I posed more questions like, who the fuck are you asking out?

Yeah. I feel like im good looking but have no sex appeal. Im a weirdo.

Stop looking for a girlfriend.

Look for acquaintances. Develop a wide circle of people you know well enough to say "Hi" to. Out of that circle a smaller circle of actual friends will appear naturally. Within that circle will be some girls. One or more of the girls you will particularly hit it off with as friends. One of them you'll especially hang out with.

That's how girlfriends happen

>but will i be hungry forever just because i cant walk to the fridge? It doesnt seem fair...

it really do be like that

I did exactly that. No relationships with girls have developed "naturally". I've been sitting here for years, meeting girls and making friends, but none of them show any clear signs of interest in me.

Maybe they can smell your desperation. Women can instinctively tell when a guy is desperate. Try masturbating before hanging out with girls, that will relive a-lot of your built up tension.

>people still help this dumb nigger
We stopped feeding small dick cuck user and he left. We need to do it for this faggot too.

Not the OP but I'm at uni. How do I network? My flatmates are a bit meh and I want a wider network.

I'm not desperate. In fact around women that i don't know too well I often go out of my way to show as little interest as possible. I don't smile at them, I sometimes frown a little bit to keep a steely cold look on my face.

reee I hate this answer the most.

Never happened to me within my 25 year old life.
I got lots of acquaintances, some good friends, none of them were ever interested in me romantically.

Ok I see the problem.. that doesn't work.. stop listening to pua Pete. Looking hostile and unnapproachable makes women think you're hostile and unnapproachable...

In my whole life, I have met only one girl, that I could have seen myself loving for real.
It could have never worked out because of circumstances, but she was the only one I felt these kinds of feelings towards.
99% never gonna see her again.
Nobody else, except maybe slightly. Not the same quality nor quantity of feeling whatsoever though.
I am fucked.

Damn it's confusing for guys. Get told this and then get told women love assholes and hostile, cold-hearted men ad nauseum.

Ha, feel similar things, pal. The one I really liked is someone I felt was way too good for me, and someone I should reject for her sake in the impossible scenario I bump into her and she says shit like let's give a relationship a go. My logic is this girl has so many options, so why waste time on me? I to think back to things that could have been IOIs when I knew her in sixth form (high school in Bongland) but I think that's wishful thinking/delusion on my part considering how lovely and kind to people she was in general.

Ok I'll put it this way. If someone says "women love *specific thing*" they're retarded. They're people dude they all want different things. There are girls that love a bad boy hard ass dangerous criminal. Thats an archetype of girl. She's an idiot. You don't want her.

You assume girls are interested and ask them out directly. I didn't think this one girl was interested at all and she said yes. I mean she still can stand me up at our date and action speaks louder than words but I made the attempt and got over it. If she says no just say, "Well just think about it." and disengage.

Who gives a shit if she is attracted to you. Asking her out is about you not her. She is not the prize to be won. You are. So act like it. Girls like confidence, but they also like directness. And if she says no or is iffy about it. Tell her to think about it and move on.

It was different for me.
She liked me, I liked her, we fell in love at first sight pretty much.
Neither of us believed we could be together though, and turns out we really couldn't, not without turning our respective lives upside down.
It took me months to get over what could have been, I still think about it to this day.
She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

You have to be incredibly hot and have a lot of visible things to offer girls in order to not be alone forever if you don't make 90% of your life asking out girls.


Maybe, but not necessarily Take care of the reasons for your thoughts at and not only you'll have easier time approaching girls, you may be attractive enough that it'll be you who will be approached.
Also, consider getting female, platonic friends. Become accustomed and comfortable with talkign with some, maybe with time you'll stop worrying about them and again, feel more confident. Or maybe they'll hook you up.

Same, but I'm right in the middle of it. I really like her, and I know she likes me, but I just keep thinking of everything that stops us from being together. I also think I could get someone better later in my life and I'm afraid of being stuck with her if that makes sense. But if I wait too long I'll miss my chance

If you could go back, what would you do ?

>Just ask girls out who look at you
>Convince her that her life would be better with you in it
I think I missed the first step to all of this.
How do you meet women to have eye contact with?
What do girls do for fun? Where do they go when they aren't at home?
I trying to talk to strangers, but it is not that easy. I have had 1 good conversation with a stranger this year and it wasn't even romantic.
Do I have to alter my life to be a dudebro in order to have someone I can talk to?

To you cause you cared about her, man. Same with the one I really liked. You can get lost in their eyes, so to speak.

You are going to have to dive head first into your fears if you want to help yourself.

t. Used to have social anxiety

>this guy again

He refuses to seek professional help, people on Jow Forums telling to just be yourself isn't going to help him either.

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So what advice do you want? Every one given to you you've shot down with "nope it's impossible I cant talk to girls."what's the point of this thread other then you looking for sympathy to a problem you made yourself

hmm sweety professional help? you want OP to get fucked more by anti depressants and bio shits?
the only one who can help OP is OP.
t. med fag

>you want OP to get fucked more by anti depressants and bio shits?
I don't believe that he even takes anything.


I have the same defeatist attitude like you op. The problem is you just gotta do it a few times and you'll get over the fear. I won't be able to do it because I am a fucking pussy. But you can already approach them so there is hope for you user, good luck

>The problem is you just gotta do it a few times and you'll get over the fear.

OP is going to tell you BuT i LiTeRaLlY CaN't dO iT!!!!!!

I understand, I have the same retarded view, but it is the truth

>First, start lifting weights
is Jow Forums just Jow Forums with degenerate cretins like this one?
Why is the answer to everything "Just go to gym BRO" are people here genuinely this retarded?

Well, whats the solution when you have an impenetrable mental block preventing you from asking girls out?

Understanding that it's not fucking impenetrable if youd just stop fucking telling yourself it is.