Well I just broke up with my girlfriend after being together for 8 months. I still lover her but not as before and I am sadly not inlove with her. We couldnt keep up convos and if we did they just some stupid small talk and I knew it was due to me falling out of love. I felt like the best thing was to talk it out and I didnt see any other way (apart from forcing myself which wont really work) to resolve this.

She said she will do anything but thing its not from her..... I dont know anymore. I really miss the past 5 months in which its was absolute passionate true love.

I hope i dont end up depressed again....

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I feel like garbage, what should I do....

Just kill yourself

do some things to keep your mind off her. DO NOT do drugs, play vidya, watch tv, lay in bed all day, etc. these things will make you feel depressed and worse. read something educational, pick up a new skill, do some exercise, see friends. it will be ok fren.

Not feel like garbage

After you

Best advice here. You can do it, Op

Yeah, I'll be starting to train some krav maga.
I have some manga an literature that I want to read, some movies to watch.
I'll be picking up meditation too
I really hope these thing help...

that's awesome - those things are all great. trust me, it will man, even if it doesn't immediately get your mind off her (which it won't. once you are alone and not stimulated by anything your mind will probably drift towards her) you will end up bettering yourself along the way and feeling great. then, in hand, THAT will make you forget about her, as you progress as a person

Recently got broken up with from my gf of 2 years here.

The start of a relationship is exciting and you love every thing you learn about her, but when you've learned enough the relationship enters a new stage. Less exciting and more about every day life. This is normal and I hope you understand this, and it's not falling out of love. If you love spending time with her even if it's less exciting that's normal.

I know, I've been driving aimlessly all night just so I can rest my mind a bit. But man I am gonna miss a lot of things from this relationship and yet I ended it. I dont know.....

I do enjoy spending time with her, but when we cant form a proper conversation, because of me distancing myself unconsciously, its starts to feel like a chore and not a relationship

Sounds like you've been depressed the whole time, which is how depression works. It never goes away, it's always with you.

But this hasnt been this way the whole time, it happened after some arguments that actually hurted me,but I forgave her, yet unconsciously I started to distance myself and I DID NOT want that

Did you talk about how you about this felt with her?

Yes, absolutely everything, I'm just too attached to her and she to me and it's killing me that things aren't working

>too attached
Is this a problem for your personal self worth? What was wrong talking about it?
I'm not really understanding why you broke up with her, it sounds like you just got in a fight.

Bitch is trying to edge post now

>8 months


hope you feel better soon

That's what you get for trusting a woman.

Pls respond

Hey, I am in a similar situation.
I don't know what to do, I feel myself falling out of love.
I'm still unsure, but I feel like I would rather be alone a lot of the time.
He's all I have left, I feel like I have only like 2 friends.

I feel held back by him

How did you finally get yourself to do it?????

Sorry I was sleeping. It was because of a couple of fight in which she accused me of being with her only for the sex, that after fights I always manipulated her so that she feels bad and because one time I got really drunk and she said that I was an alcoholic. Then I understood that these things were told to her by her best friend (who is super paranoid). Ex gf then stoped sharing thing to her about our relationship and hasn't been influencing herself by her and I have forgiven her, but those words just linger around my head and in the end make me paranoid too..

Why are you feeling that you are falling out of love?
Why is he holding you back?
Can he truly understand you? If yes then tell him something of the sorts of that you want personal time because of yourself and that doesn't mean you are ending the relationship. Something like this I guess

I hope too

Just broke up with my bf of 2 years. His depression was too much for me. This emotional roller coaster, plus my mood swings and oversensitivity to his emotional state really messed with the relationship.

Are you in good relations after all this, how are you ? How is he ?

Bitch unsuccessfuly trying to edge post

Hope things get better vros

It was very recently. We are taking a break with contact but hope to stay in contact

I've been in the same situation. If you'd like to vent about it, you can give me your discord so we can talk about it when you feel low.

Taking a break or won't be getting together again

Sure what your discord tag. I need someone to vent freely to without judgement or bias

Not getting back together. Keeping distance for now we're but he's an amazing friend


(plz let me know it's you when I accept you)

Damn thats fucked up