Think I'm a girl with high testosterone

I haven't gotten blood work done and I'm 24 pic related is my hand I heard that if your ring finger (finger next to the pinky) then you are a girl with high testosterone. I have a few unwanted facial whiskers and so does my older sister. My voice goes from high to low and I'm about 5 foot 8, as my parents are somewhat tall. My dad is 6 1 and my mom is 5 11. My boobs aren't really that big and I have had boyfriends before, but I feel like this testosterone thing has to be brought to light before it gets worse.

Something else I found that girls with high testosterone is a lack of libido, is this true? I just want some advice on this because all my life I've felt like I was different than most girls and I got along more with guys.

I don't hang out with men or women now and i still feel boyish. I'm not open to taking medication but I just want to talk about it a little bit to come to terms with this flaw of mine

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You are overthinking it, it's a minor correlation to androgen exposure in the womb, not your current testosterone level. My wife is 5'8 and has same digit ratio as you, and so do I. Mine is feminine for a male, but my testosterone level has been called very high by my doctor, once was over 1000 ng/nmol I think was the measure

If anything you might have a slightly masculinized brain, just a guess. My wife is a leader and strong, it is attractive to me. We're both tall and aggressive people so, there's someone out there for you

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You could have trisomy x syndrome. I have this, I have 3 X chromosomes it makes me extremely tall (6 ft 1) and kind of autistic like and super clumsy and my hormones are out of wack, I had to take estrogen


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I'm 5'1", have sizeable tits, a mid range voice and feminine hips with ass. My ring finger is way longer than my first finger. You're over thinking things.

Yes but do you have a large clitoris, what even is a large clitoris?

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It's a clitoris that is larger than a medium clitoris.

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No, I don't.

I am self conscious about my body, I have an hour glass figure but I have small boobs, plus a bit of annoying hair

No, higher testosterone means higher libido, regardless of your gender.

Also there are a lot of things that can alter your hormones, it's not like it's a thing that stays the same throughout your life. If you're worried about it, drink less milk.

If you really wanted to know you could get tested:

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You’re literally me except I’m the opposite. I’m a male with high estrogen (no I’m not fat or super skinny or anything)

yeah, I was reading that girls that have testosterone tend to have sex at earlier age.

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>1,000 ng/nmol
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