Where do I go from here?

Met this girl today. Told her I liked her and asked for her number. She said she liked me too and texted me. After 2 text she hasn't messages me back in over 12 hours. Did i come on too strong and scared her? Did she ghost me? What should I do? I don't want to send another text.

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She could have died too
just relax

Worry after like 2 days of no contact, she might be afraid of coming off as desperate herself.
I'll admit I'm new to this board, you seem fun.

So i didnt fuck up?

Seriously doubt it, if she didn't like something it's entirely on her end IMO.

Also, thanks

ffs meant not myself

Kek, alright.
Anything I should know about this board?...

If OP doesn't reply, it's a troll thread. There are often copy pastas from older threads earlier in the day.

Ohh I've been bitten before on other boards for the same thing, but thanks.
I do try to watch out for the unique stuff.
Well goodnight/goodmorning.
Good luck

Im not a troll. I fell asleep. What should be my next move

Do nothing, wait.
Also, it's just a general rule for new threads.

I talked to this girl for the whole semester and towards the end I got her number so I can stay in contact. She took hours to respond too and once waited 24 hours to reply, eventually she ended up ghosting me. So it's not looking too favorable for you OP.

That seems like a bad strategy. If nothing after tomm. Do i text or call?

Drop and move on.

move on.
i'll put it like this
if her fav celebrity crush said the same line. you think she would make him wait this long for a reply?

cringe. Your texts are a mix of scheduling a business meeting and being a nice guy. Next time just call, instead of asking what her schedule is. Hell, If you really want to call then do it first. You gave her too much power and control. Women are submissive and passive in nature.

if she doesn't respond after 3-4 days of your first call(make sure to leave a brief VM), text her and tell her you are planning to check out the (insert event/restaurant/ etc) on x day and that she should tag along. If no response then block/delete and move on.

I feel like I should give it one more shot. Instead of a text. Maybe a phone call. If nothing I'll move on. Is that a bad move?

Yea I know. I need to fix it

no just move on

I'm gonna send her a text to add me on instagram


Why? Here's what I'll text her

"Hey [her name] add me on Instagram. "

If I get no reply I'll move on

no dont even do that
wait until she responds or not
dont do it okay
pls just listen

Dude good luck I have had worse text stories good luck.

Man really. How long do I wait?

Do tell

could be an hour
could be a year
you guys haven't gone out yet and you're already begging for her time
look i did the same as you
and pic related is what happened after 3 months of dating
save yourself now

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Damn that sucks.... Lol yea my text was bad... feels like shit though

Listen to this man. Women are like cats; you give them space and if they want pettings, they come to you. Otherwise, fuck off lol.
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