Started Boxing - Need advice to keep up

>Suffer serious oneitus after being told I am seen as just a friend by a woman
>Go bonkers
>Decide to screw it and bounce back
>Take up boxing
>Love it
>First week two classes
>Second week present
> 3 classes and feel like dying

I was told today by my trainer that my joints and muscles are super weak. I am 5'3 and built like a skeleton.

Any advice how to "keep up" with the endurance and general muscle build up? I like it but second week in I am floored.

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Also my right hand, my main one, is starting to properly hurt after I punch with my 10 oz gloves. My left hand is my weaker one but 0 pain. None.

The only major obstacle is the pain is my right hand when i hit the glove or boxing sack. I don't think I broke anything but it is agitating.

Need more protein.

>3 classes and i'm dying
>i'm built like a skeleton
>gee why do i feel like shit

gee maybe it's because you're skelly mode , and have no fat or muscles to cushion your bones when you try to punch things. Also you have no endurance. That's why it hurts. Eat more and eat healthy.

do cardio on other days of the week.

5 overall. 2 week 1, one group and one 1 to 1, second week was one class with friend, second group and just today one to one.

I actually asked if I should cardio/treadmill and he said not to as im not strong enough yet and my joints are buggered.

What to consume for that? Are protein drinks dodgy for someone in the least optimal fitness condition?

>he said don't do cardio as i'm not strong enough yet and my joints are buggered

what the fuck kinda fag teacher do you have? how does he expect you to get endurance if you don't do any cardio? I've done sports my entire life, competed in college and i never heard such crap. How does he know your joints are buggered without an mri scan or checkup?

Unless you have some bone disease, you are fine to do cardio if you feel up to it.

Maybe slow down and build yourself up first? You cant just go from 0 to athelte in a week without your body having a massive tantrum

He said that I need to focus on strength training to bolster my muscles and endurance overall first.


I think that was the implication. I jumped in deep but today i was fucked, could barely keep up. We had to keep stopping.

>He said that I need to focus on strength training to bolster my muscles and endurance overall first.

There are so many things wrong with this that I can't even. strength training doesn't help endurance unless you know what your'e doing.
you are going to hurt yourself. Please check his credentials. Go to /fit and read the sticky. take control of your own health instead of blindly trusting some whack job

That fit sticky is like a dictionary user. I assume I should try to work on skip rope to build cardio? I am pretty much F tier in terms of endurance.

Yeah the sticky is pretty in depth. skipping rope is good, but it's very taxing if you have no endurance. Basically anything is good at your level. Walk, jog, shadow box. if you don't feel pain, then you are good to go. Your body knows whats up.

maybe try z-health drills or something similar?

Do some general weight lifting on the side. You dont need to get huge for boxing but if you are a skeleton man let it will help with the muscle part. As far as the joint part idk ask a doctor or something.

Introduce roadwork into your training regime, running is the easiest way to reinforce joints and tendons, also it builds up the stamina. You need antioxidands in your diet to reduce pain caused by inflamation.

Roadwork? Do you mean running? Also last time I did heavy running my joints got stiff after a month. Any stretches to switch that up?

My main motivator is fitness and put on weight. No fighting so getting buff isnt such a big deal, just fit.

Last post before a reply but my arms and legs are aching like crazy. Got to put legit effort into pushing open a door. Is there a quicker way to speed up the process or do I just have downtime till the next session?

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Definitely downtime, try to eat and hydrate, maybe a multivitamin.

You're a gem. Thanks. One of my close colleagues on the spur suggested I go with him for 2 hours in the morning to train up. This pushes my weekly exercise to three days for two 2 hour sets and one 1 hour and 15-30 minutes.

I don't want to give myself any leewai but today I could barely complete any set in my one to one regime. Considering my current skeleton and ultra unfit mode, could this be bad for me to do this much?

you're joints ache? Tell me every one of your joints that hurt you dumb fuck TELL ME

My upper arms hurt (back part) , my front part of the top of my legs hurts (chunky front), my upper side muscles to the side of my shoulders hurt (dont know name). The joints as in the connective parts are ok but sometimes the muscles around my chest hurt.

learn the names of your body dumb fuck cunt shitting fuckface

So are you saying your triceps hurt, your quads hurt, and your delts hurt? How the fuck are you 29 but this fucking pathetic? Have you literally never worked out? And if your muscles hurt it's because they're fucking sore. It takes 72 hours for muscles to heal after working out

Yes, yes and yes to the hurt questions. I did do some HARD HARD cardio when I was 19 but otherwise no. Video gamer and all that but boxing is meant to sub.

And ya i know pain = sore. Cheers for the timeframe though. Ive never done orooer workouts no. Unfit as a fiddle.

Yes, if you are in a considerable amount of pain, do not overextend yourself. You can get a serious injury that way. But you need to increase your stamina somehow eventually. You can figure it out in due time by just increasing your food and water intake.

Pic related

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I don't plan to fight. Just get fit, use it as an outlet.

Your body hurts because you've never worked out and it is not accustomed to it. You're barely two weeks in, you're body will adjust.

Look up DOMS so you can understand why you are sore.

Good job though user, keep it up.

Thanks user. Guess I got to wait out the 72 hours. Hope this works out, boxing has turned out to be the best possible type of "fighting" hobby I could possibly have taken up. Just 1, 2, left and right punches. Footwork is up next after I fix my right hand hurting after most punches.

Today I had hand wraps with my glives on but my right hand STILL hurt. Should I perhaps try thicker gloves than what I have?

Then you should probably switch to different sport. Even during friendly training your sparing partner will nonstop try to give you small permanent brain damage or at least make your nose angled.


fuck this pussy, there's no feeling greater than ruining your life... I'm this user and I have Borderline Personality Disorder so maybe you shouldn't take my advice...


dont listen to the other anons.
Its the most natural thing for your body to hurt on the first weeks of training after a long time of no physical activity. Specially considering that you are skelly mode AND you started doing a high impact type of sport. You have no muscles to absorb the impact and all "trauma" hits directly on your joints and bones. A few soccer players have fucked up knees but they can keep playing because they have overdeveloped their leg muscles and those muscles are able to take away most of the impact and weight off the knee.

Your trainer is right, over burdening your body with more training will be detrimental as you wont allow it to heal properly which is a big part of building muscle mass. Dont listen to cardio retards at this point it will only slow down your progress as you overburden your bodies healing capabilities. Im sure since you are skelly that you dont eat that much so you already have a limited ammount of nutrients for your body to use for repairing muscle, another reason not to overburden yourself.

If i were you, i would get out of boxing, do bodybuilding for a few months and then come back to boxing. No impact and a higher focus on building up your body mass should help you advance faster and avoid actual injuries.
On one hand i feel that you shouldnt abandon boxing because it got you so motivated to better yourself, on the other, i feel that any physical activity you embark on would have the same effect, its your body releasing endorphines to congratulate you on giving it attention and such activities are known to be great stress releasers.


As for nutrition there are a few routes you can take.

1st, Self made
Go to Jow Forums and read the sticky. They have a big part devoted to nutrition, how to measure your protein intake and which types of foods provide protein and other nutrients required for muscle building. Avoid the meme foods on the everyday threads, some are correct, most are not. All you need is in the sticky

2nd, Nutritionist
Book an appointment with nutritionist. Immediately start a food diary where you describe each meal and drink you take, detailing ammounts, time of the day, etc. You will have to do this minimum for a week, ideally a month. This will immensely help your nutritionist figure out what you are doing wrong and what you are lacking. Of course he/she should order you to get a blood test too which will provide greater insight. I should have to say this but you MUST inform her that you took up trainning and what to get bigger.

You can do both, its up to you and how much time you can/are willing to invest in this.

After getting a basic understanding on nutrition you can start checking out protein supplements, mass gainers and shit like that.

At any rate, im really happy that you have embarked in self betterment user, whatever you do, do not quit, do not miss a day, eat healthy and you will see your life change for the better.

Thanks for so much detail. Again I am not actualky fighting anyone, only lunching a bag or shadow boxing so the right hand withstanding I think im ok. Also I think body building and weight lifting is not exactly my cup of tea but cheers regardless. I will keep at it, just need to find a neutritionist now.

>Even during friendly training your sparing partner will nonstop try to give you small permanent brain damage

That's not how that works. To get brain damage, your brain has to bounce around on the inside of your skull, something that doesn't happen during training.

I found the place in my hand which is hurting when I punch is between middle and ring finger, between the bones but past the knuckles.

I have never broken my hand before but otherwise its fine. Besides letting it heal, how should I address this?

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T. Box player

You will feel like your body is falling apart for a few weeks, that's normal.
Soon enough you will notice that you can endure the training without as mich soreness until it fully dissipates. Like with running long distances (do this on off days btw. 30 minutes at an easy pace is enough at first) your joints and cartilage need to adapt to the new stress.
They will, but you gotta keep at it. Go to the boxing gym twice a week at least.
No matter how sore you are. If you have serious pain somewhere, tell one of your trainers about it and do what they tell you.
Just keep fucking going and push through in most cases, everyone is like that in the beginning.

Ya the plan was actually three. But super light day 1 as i went all out for 3 and was fucked dsy 3, 0 sets complete.

My main issue is my right hand ring finger but the instructor today (snuck in for 5 mins to review and blow off stress) said that is normal.

The next is, how do I force myself to push through the pain when my muscle aches? I am particularly shit at sitting crunches (you lean against a wall back pressed and try to hold sitting position). Can hold AT BEST 10 seconds. But i am enjoying it.

It is different from my wargames and vidya. The endorphine spike is not remotely there but it elevates my mood a lot longer and in a less extreme way.

You don't need to. Pain is common because (I think) the gloves you're using to punch the bag is normal gloves and not bag gloves. The padding is attacking your knuckles with each punch, but even with the pain some punches don't hurt. It's the hooks and shit that hurt, right?

No its the regular punches but I think its the bad angle i am punching with my right.