Some sick Irony with girl

>29 and fell for older woman
>Long story short, friend zoned and hurt like hell
>One itus, feel mad clingy


>Homely teaching assistant books ALL my classes to help me
>Like 7 years my junior at least
>Buys me a present out of the blue
>Invites me to visit at her uni
>Literally not into her
>"So this is how the first woman felt"
>Feels like life/god/whoever teaching me a lesson

I am not sure how to advance from here. She is a sweet, gentle girl but I feel no attraction to her and in contrast to the first woman, her english is functional but not fluent.

What should I do?

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>i dont like her but shes nice
Do you really need us to make this descision

Well its clear that id rather not be with her in a relationship but I meant more how to put her down super gently without fucking things up in the office.

Well she's got that going for her. Why would you want to be anything else but a gentile. Being jewish is a literal curse on the soul.

>One itus, feel mad clingy
Die mad, or stop it.

>Lady shows intrest in me but I'm not interested, irony
Yeah stop being a clingy faggot.

nothing like an older woman.
pic very related

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This girl I found out is only 20. Twenty!

Second she is asking if we are good friends now after one meet up. I said sort of yes, she responds of course we are.

Getting bad vibes user. What to do before this potentially guess whack?

>she is asking if we are good friends now after one meet up. I
is she Asian? specifically Chinese?
that sounds like what they do alright.

Yes. Good guess, I am in China.

From a cultural view, without her going balls to the wall whacko on me and the fact she is a traditional chinese. What should I do to kill this asap?

do not lead her on at all, or give any idea you may be romantically interested. keep any communication short, polite and formal.

if she insists on giving off romantic vibes, then you will have to tell her that 1. it is highly unethical for the relationship to happen, and 2. you are not interested, you could say you are in love with someone else, that ought to take the heat off you a bit.

the single yellow female is a dangerous beast!

The issue is less what I need to do but how to say it so she does not "lose face". I know in specific cases like this that is particularly important. Not as a formality but as cross cultural communication.

1 and 2 make perfect sense in a western viewpoint but still can come off as rejection. I think 1 can work well enough but wording would have to be spot on but 2, not interested coukd be a fucking disaster in our shared office.

I think being in love with someone else could work but again, wording.

just be autistic and be oblivious to any untoward behaviour.

Just say (or better, show) that you're poor. If she's Chinese she'll lose all interest.
This could work too

actually better yet, tell her your parents would disapprove. the confucian streak in her might accept that very Chinee excuse.

I am not poor to her as in my company, ESL teachers get a SHED ton of money compared to a lot of locals.

Sounds good enough it just might work but how do I set this up cause if i say it too outwardly its assuming interest to begin with.

which city are you based in user?

Id rather not say but it aint beijing or shanghai that is for sure. Why?

because I lived there long enough myself and went through all of what you described.

also , read Peter Hessler's memoirs if you haven't already, River Town, and I forget the sequel.

I doubt the one itus as she was an asian raised abroad more or less like myself. But fair. How did you kill your situation before it spiralled?