Did I fuck up with this girl?

Guys I am need of you. Did I fuck this whole thing up? Some context
>be me
>live in apartment building
>have cute neighbor who looks at me with contempt when we meet
>months pass by
>because of a legal thing, I need to meet the chairman of the resident's committe
>its her
>we hit it off
>because that legal thing didn't work out, I apologized and invite her for lunch
>she told me she preffered dinner and drinks
>we went out yesterday
>everything was fine and dandy
>we come back to a bar near our home
>drinks keep coming
>we are going great
>she tells me personal stuff, is interested, flirty, touchy, grabs my hand and asks for my ring, all thinks are looking good
>its time to go home
>we walk together (live in the same floor)
and here comes my mistake
>going through the stairs
>I hold her by her hand and try to kiss her
>she rejects it
She wasn't really offended or anything but it was obvious I took the worst time to do this

Then we texted.
>her: Hey you are such a fucking bigeye
>her: You passed there
>me: I'm sorry, I like you, I wanted to kiss you
>her: You are a bigeye, and a nerd
>me: Did I offend you? I know I am a nerd, it's nothing new
>her: Do you go through life kissing the girls you like?
>her: Do you think you are talking with a little girl
>me: No, I kiss the girls that stimulate me
>her: I didn't stimulate you
>me: Of course you did, you are smart, intuitive and cute, sure you stimulate me, don't missunderstand, I am saying you are attractive, that's all
>me: Excuse me if I disrespected you but I couldn't stop wanting to kiss you
>her: You lie, you got horny
>her: Because I was using a short dress

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>her: That's ok
>her: But you can't take me by surprise and grab me
>her: That's a psycho attitude, or from a little kid
>me: You are shallow if you think like that (the dress thing)
>me: I know you aren't like that, it's clear for me
>her: Ok but you screw all the good vibe we had this afternoon
>me: I didn't want to kiss because of the way you were dressed, I wanted to kiss you because you attracted me the whole afternoon, the way you are, your being and nature, the things you told me
>me: I am sorry for screwing up the vibe, but I am not going to deny what I want, and I want to kiss you, because you stimulate my soul, I know I was very unwary with the timing, but I couldn't hold it
>me: It's not psycho or a little kid, don't offend me
>her: I offend you
>her: Because you deserve it
>her: Stupid
>her: You screw up the whole vibe
>me: Yeah, I know I chose a wrong timing, but it doesn't take away what you make me feel
>her: Even with your weird stories, I liked you
>her: But you hold it! (your feelings)
>her: You can't go through life doing things just because YOU feel it
>her: Anyway, nothing else to say
>me: Well, so be it, if you don't want to go out with me anymore, I'll understand, but that's the truth, you are attractive to me, and it's an honest attraction.
>her: You have nothing of nerd, and so little cunning for this matters
>me: You may be right
>me: I am sorry for ruining the good evening
>me: I just acted by how I felt, incriminate me for that if you want
>her: Hahahaha
>her: Incriminate
>her: Exaggerated dumb
>her: Ok ok
>her: I don't know, it upset me a little
>her: But that's over now
>her: Don't do that again
>me: I am sorry anonette, I chose the worst moment, but if you wan't us to share again, of course I will do that again, you are a really cute person and I won't let that go by
>her: That's corny
>her: *thinking emoji*

>her: What are you going to try again?
>me: I am going to try to kiss you again because you attract me a lot
>her: Aaaah no
>her: You don't understand anything
>me: I don't have anything to understand, just what you project on me, if that doesn't fit you, then we can go by our own ways and all is good
>me: What you project is that you are a cute woman
>me: Of course I'll be interested, but yeah, I am an idiot, I did it the whole way, I apologize for that
>her: Tell me it's a joke
>her: Show this message to your doc and I am sure she will tell you that you are wrong
>her: You can't conditionate me
>her: Then we go on our own ways
>her: Which is what's allways been
>me: I am not conditionating you, I am saying that you attract me alot and I wanted to kiss you, but I understand if I don't make you feel the same, then we can just be cool
>her: We have always been cool
>her: Hey, you can't manipulate me
>her: Zero chance
>me: I am not manipulating, I am being honest, if you don't believe me, I understand.
>me: Then lets be cool, this is it. I won't try to kiss you again or anything similar
>me: I respect you
>her: Okay
>me: Good :) Good night, sorry for the embarassment
>her: Okay
>her: Thanks for taking me out of my job's stupid shit
>her: and for listening me
>me: I liked that a lot, to relax you
>me: Get some rest
>her: You too
>her: Kisses
>me: A kiss
>her: This is weird
>her: We are just a few meters away
>her: Haha
>me: Yeah haha
>me: Rest in your bed a few metters from me haha
>me: See ya tomorrow
>her: Ok, bye
>her: Go to sleep

That's it. I think we may go out again but I shouldn't try to do anything, she wasn't really that mad, but the rejection felt bad and now I am very angry at myself because of being such a dork and choosing the worst time to do that.
So, what should I do now? Keep it low for a while, try to just be cool about this? Is there a fix to this?

>Kiss a nice woman you like, who supposedly likes you too after seemingly succesful date
>Get 30 minutes of drama, her telling you you messed up and are trying to manipulate her
>Just wanted to make her feel good man

Tell me friend, is it really worth it?
I have to know for scientific reasons.

It's worth it, sure. She is really something.
That's all, though, I wouldn't go through any more drama.

She strikes me as a crazy bitch.

Also, you apologized too much, now she knows she can walk all over you.

You're in love and she knows it!
Watch your step, godspeed friend.

I don't think you did anything wrong in particular, you just picked a moment she didn't like to try and kiss her and took her by surprise is all.

When you go out with a girl, the best thing to do is try and see the date from their perspective. That means you should imagine your date as a cheesy romcom film or romance book where the guy always manages to do the most romantic thing at just the right moment.

In your case that probably meant walking her to her door and kissing her goodnight there, and not just randomly trying in a stairwell.

Nah, you are wrong, she is just cute, there are no feelings involved yet
>Also, you apologized too much, now she knows she can walk all over you.
Well I had to, we have the all feminist bullshit aound here so things are a little sensitive and I didn't want to put this in a context of abuse.
You are right, I should have waited to her door, but there is a issue there, there are cameras on the floor and because of that legal thing, we are not supposed to have something. Nothing serious though, not worth commenting it.
What do you think I should do now? Keep it low? I think I shouldn't talk her until she does



Your texting is awkward to read, but she seems like a crazy bitch.

She made a big fuss about a small thing and accused you of manipulation, while she is the one trying to manipulate you here.

Shit, two anons saying she is a crazy bitch, this doesn't feel well now.

She talked to me, so I guess is not all lost. But I'll keep it low key for a while.

Just remember for next time, if she accuses you again, don't justify your actions and don't son't don't apologize.

Sounds like you slobbered on her if she was that mad about a kiss, but forgave you.
*shudder* terrible kissers are truely scary

we didn't got to kiss, I grabed her for it and she went away
I am an excelent kisser, all my gfs have said that and the last girl I was with would make out with me for hours and become extremely horny

Oh so she really was that mad of you exerting your will on her?
Maybe she thought it was too soon then. Must be a lot of slut shaming out of her parents.

That's probably it, or as it was suggested to me in another board, it's because I didn't grease the wheels correctly before, I just took her by surprise. The idea was to make her horny about that kiss, not jumping to it in a completely unrelated context.

I'm often taken by surprise when a guy kisses me, but she seriously sounds crazy. You should not have to apologize and it's known that if you are going in for a kiss then you find the person attractive and/or you like them. I would be wary around her.
I didn't even have to read the rest of the text to know she's blowing this way out of proportion...

imo you apologized wayy too much my friend, should've standed out for yourself and not tried to explain everything you did, this girl sounds crazy. but i feel you you're probably in love lol

Yes, she is kind of crazy, she is bold and sometimes insolent, but I like those traits about her. Nevertheless, I am being more and more convinced that I actually didn't commit a sin or anything like that and she overreacted on this thing.
I guess you are right, I did apologized too much but it was because I grabed her with strength, although I dropped her at the second she tried to push me away.
I am starting to feel that the flower is dying.
No I am not in love lol, it's too soon for even having feelings

>computer ran out of memory

lol I know
>sorry about that

If you like these traits then that's you, I know I wouldn't. Different strokes for different folks.
You really didn't do anything wrong except for apologizing about it and continuing with expressing your attraction while she is denying it and arguing with you about it. If she did not want to she should have said sorry herself. Even if you see her feeling uncomfortable just a simple "sorry" is fine. There is no need to express your attraction as going in for a kiss is more than enough.

Well, I was kind of drunk, I wouldn't normally do that expressing my attraction towards her out of the blue

Next time ask if you can kiss her. You should be able to tell if she wants a kiss from body language and eye contact, but it seems you're not good at that.

I can tell from body languaje, and it never occured in the whole event, just lots of flirtation but nothing close to a kissing moment.
I think alcohol did a bad thing on my confidence and thought I could pull it out the way I intended, I was obviously wrong

you can't let her know how you feel right away. You gotta be mysterious and let her chase you a little bit.

Yeah, I know I sold it right away, fucking alcohol.

Good news, she has been talking to me all day and actually recognized I "strike her attention in a good way", but I am kind of weird so she wants to take things slow. She is being the same as before, like nothing happened. I am not going to make any other effort in the same direction though, I've done and said enough.
Thanks for all your advice anons.

Did you like google translate that shit?