Gf cheating with coworker where she works

>gf cheating with coworker where she works
>we own home, we're obviously going to split soon due to this
>I ring advice line regarding what to do regarding splitting up, financial advice etc,
>I'm in the wrong as I don't trust her and have trust issues

Onions boys work at call centers now then. Who the fuck can I ask for advice who isn't a feminist brain washed sjw?

This isn't a 'oh god, she spoke to a man!!' thing, this guy is persuing her at work, confessing his feelings to her, it's happening. I'm not imagining it. I'm also not imagining the mortgage I have with this cheating bitch and debt I'm going to be left with after this because she can't resist any dick that comes within 2 miles of her

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Has she actually slept with him or not? Your post is difficult to understand.

Just pack tell her to pack or tell her she can have the mortgage and you'll leave instead. In no way should you extend this. Be blunt and professional. Don't say anything she can use against you, and also have resolve

>buying a home with your gf
you deserve this you mong

It seems like only he is acting from your post, I don’t understand how is she wrong, just because someone she can’t control is socializing with her in a way you don’t like. Have you considered that maybe she has to interact with him due to them working together?...

You sound crazy and she obviously should leave.

What job involves colleagues interacting with each other in terms of 'confessing his feelings'? Are you female?

You mentioned what that other guy is doing but is there actual proof she's cheating? Don't act rashly yet OP

If she isn't actively telling the pursuer to fuck off and getting hr involved, OR asking her bf (op) to beat the shit out of the dude, then it's cheating.

No it's fucking not. She probably doesn't even care about the guy. Girls get hit on all the time. OP, how are you even sure she reciprocates that dude's feelings? Has she started acting different? Have you seen her texting the guy? Has anyone at work told you it seems there's something going on between them?

Enjoy the used goods, bub.

Have you seen texts? What's her responses to his advances?

Yes, Ive seen him texting her with hearts and all that shit. She's also discussed it with her friends that she likes the attention. They met up outside of work behind my back. Get off your fucking high horse defending her when she's the one fucking around. How more evidence do you need, do I need to record them fucking, or will it be my fault he tripped and fell into her?
That's what I felt,funny how she gives more of a shit about how he feels rather than what I do.

Nice argument, mate.

Enjoy your hand

Well then you should've mentioned all those details in the first place, idiot. Yes, that's cheating no doubt.

I'm not telling you how to handle your unruly bitch. I hope she comes home nice and loose if that's what makes you happy

What this guy said. Good luck OP.

>gf cheating
I'm compelled to ask what proof you have. If you don't have proof that they're sleeping together, you can't accuse her of doing so. The burden of proof is on you.
>They met up outside of work behind my back.
If you think this alone constitutes cheating, you're the one who needs to leave. You're being possessive, and that's a sure-fire way to ruin a relationship. Which, by the sound of it, you're fixing to do just that.

From what you've told us, I have to agree with the advice line that you're in the wrong.

Unless there's something you aren't telling us, and/or the advice line?

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OP, fuck what that user is telling you. Whether you're over reacting or not, the fact is that you don't trust her and have to leave. I know you obviously know this but I just wanted to let you know that I had the exact same shit happen and your gut feeling is usually right. I know my current girlfriend gets hit on alot but I can totally tell that she handles that shit in a proper and signified manner. Good luck with finding some advice regarding your mortgage. Maybe you should both just sell and sit whatever equity there is

Now that OP has revealed those last details I agree with you. Before that, there wasn't enough information to assume she's actually cheating. Just trying to have the most objective opinion here, mate.

>Ask if OP has seen texts and how she she responds to his advances
>Get ignored for a pointless argument with some other user


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The eternal back track cope. Can't even be resolute in your cuck mindset. This is why when Jow Forums gets mad that the west is dying, I can't really care

OP's mind already seems made up and he won't post proof so his stance is solidified.

If he stays with her he'll just be miserable worrying about getting cucked anyway. If he leaves he'll be miserable anyway because of figuring out how to split the house. So this is kinda lose/lose due to shit choices.

>Inb4 they break up but still live together and she starts fucking the guy from work in their house.

Back track? Not really. I just form my opinion around the information I'm given. The more info the better. Nice assumptions though.

What helps you toot your own horn, buddy.

My bad

Just be because he confessed doesn’t mean it is the only thing he does at work. It is possible to work and speak about anything at the same time

ITT angry virgins and white knights, cracking stuff. Enjoying all this useful advice OP?

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Who's is winning?

This fucking post man. Lol

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In this thread? Nobody

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So, what's your advice for op? Assuming it hasn't been posted yet

This is one of the few times I hope a thread on here is just bait and not real.

>women can't cheat

Women definitely cheat, weird thing to take away from that post.

I'm hoping it's bait becuase OP is fucked over either way.

Stop wasting time. He knows what he has to do

I don't think he's white knighting mate, I think he's saying op is being cucked

The type of Beta Fagboi who runs around and "confesses feelings" like a Highschooler in a grown up environment isnt exactly the type to cuck someone else.
If she is cheating, she isnt with this guy.
She may also use her orbiter to make OP jealous, which is backfiring right now and a redflag in it s own right, but not the same as cheating.

By far not enouh information from OP, just sounds like the usual two crazy cretins have found each other to produce shitloads of drama out of nothing together.

These two are me.
The way I'm looking at it is:

A. OP is right, that leaves him with 2 options

1)He dumps her and figures out and amicable split (which WILL be awkward if they keep living together AND if she gets with the guy from work in OP's face.

2) OP stays wtih her like a good little cuck boy telling himself everything is okay, while deep down he knows.

B. In the case OP is wrong and she is not cheating

1)He dumps her and it's an overreaction, leaving him to still have to split the house and making this awkward anyway because it shows he doesn't trust her, and she's also a free agent for dick now

2) He just talks to her about it, but now the seeds of distrust are sewn and OP looks like a weak boy worried about chad from work, on top of this. It'll make the guy from work seem more attractive her becuase she'll be like "hmmm why is OP so worried about this guy?"Insecurity WILL push her away.

Probably best piece of fucking advice of the whole thread. The work guy sounds like a dork

I confess my feeling to every girl I vaguely have a crush like I'm an anime character. No shame in my game, bro.

Spoken like a true singleton
>everything results in being alone so that's why I never do anything! It's all their fault!!

Does it work? (Blue-haired hambeasts dont count)

He can't stay with her if she's going to leave him for the fucking work Chad lol

I have a healthy relationship and sex life, and OP is only giving us so much to go off of. Based on what OP has said so far, it does not seem to be in his favor either way the cards fall.

Good point. Hopefully the guy from work really is too much of a dork.

No what I find to be more effective is Naruto running away as fast I can, and then stalking her from a distance with my shirangan eye.

Have my (You), good Sir

*tips Fedora*

Can't be that healthy if you're sat on Jow Forums