What the fuck am I meant to do with my girlfriend?

We're going through a rough patch right now. Trying to spruce it up a little bit, as all we usually do when she comes round is cuddle and watch cat videos. Cute, but boring considering we're around eachother for 12 hour periods of time. I usually get bored and play vidya, which pisses her off. What the fuck are we to do. It's my parents house, so we can't do anything inside. No cooking, as she gets bitchy when we cook. No going out, we are poor.

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This is precisely why I don't try and get a gf
I wouldn't be able to keep her

Maybe go for a walk, or try to go somewhere local

Having a gf doesn't make me a normie, faggot.

yes it absolutely does retard. now go kill yourself you emo piece of garbage

I was about to say go outside, see nature and explore the world, have fun goofing around, talk about philosophical shit, etc. but then I remembered that she's a girl so she's probably a shallow useless piece of fuckmeat.

You're exactly right.


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>watching cat videos
>with your gf

so when did you cuck yourself? You both seem young. Cook her a good meal and then give her a good fucking.
you're eventually going to break up..but maybe thats a good thing. Who gets bitchy while cooking?

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at least you are aware of it I guess. women just aren't men so you will never enjoy life with her as with your best friend. fuck her, kiss her, do all of the intimate shit you could only do with a girl but don't expect something platonic
at least knowing that makes it easier when she breaks up with you, which she probably will, so you will feel no different than losing an object.

What is even the point of having a gf if you are not going to marry her? I don't plan on getting married until my 30's that's why I haven't bothered on getting a gf.

>Having a gf doesn't make me a normie
Put me in the screencap pls

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Talk, listen to music, watch a movie, look at photos, go for a walk, have sex, whatever. When you're married this will be every day, so you better think of something. Otherwise don't spend so much time with each other.

>no going oit, we are poor
Nigga go for a walk and be outside for a little bit. It doesn't take money to go to a metropark

I don't want to marry her. Although she is an 8/10, she is annoyingly stupid and there are too many flaws. She gets angry too much and is socially inept, and therefore embarrassing in public. Also, I know I said she is stupid already, but she is really fucking stupid. Like, braindead stupid.

In that case, plan around trying to get someone less retarded, and just enjoy what you can in the meantime. Try to find excuses to spend less time with her, since it clearly is pretty boring being with her.

doesnt she like to play vidya or is it just that you dont let her touch your controllers with her dirty hands?
stupid people tend to be entertained quite easily, just find a video game that she likes

this looks a lot like a boomer advice
>inb4 marriage is a social institution that has existed forever but young people are hedonistic and hate compromise
yeah i know, but stills it sounds boomer-tier to me, sry

>doesnt she like to play vidya or is it just that you dont let her touch your controllers with her dirty hands?
>stupid people tend to be entertained quite easily, just find a video game that she likes
stupid and short attention span. worst combination.
>In that case, plan around trying to get someone less retarded
I am. Already speaking to another girl, but how the fuck am I meant to leave my current GF? have been with her for 1 year and 4 months, im in pretty deep

>stupid and short attention span
is she autist/aspie?
also is she your first gf?
>for 1 year and 4 months, im in pretty deep
this is sad
if i had a gf for that long and suddenly she tells me she doesnt love me anymore becuase i'm boring, it would hurt like a thousand stabs user
whatever you do, don't make her suffer
she may be stupid but she's still the girl you fell in love with a year ago

>but how the fuck am I meant to leave my current GF?
I don't have experience with that, but I don't think there's anyway to go about it without it being rough.
You could always go with the "I don't think I'm in love with you anymore" thing, since it makes it seem like you aren't leaving her due to her being braindead.

Play games with her, duh. She wants to spend time with you.

i know. i feel evil as shit but i'm just not interested in her anymore. She's so in love with me though... Makes me wanna slash myself for getting so far into this without thinking

okay, let's prove this
if you are going to dump her, send me her discord or anything to contact her and i will comfort her after your breakup
i'll do my best to convince her to forget you

hahahahahaha. i'll pass. this thread ss'd and my life is over

wait you want proof i have a gf?

Break up with her and find a new girl to fuck.

obviously you won't pass her contact here
and you know why, user? because you care for that girl
heck, you fucking love thar girl even if you don't want to recognise it
no matter how dumb she is, you love that girl with all you heart
so go and meet with your gf another time and the next time you think of leaving her remind this sentence in your brain: "god i love this chick, how would i dump her?"
and every time you look at her eyes say these three words in your mind: "i love you"
i don't want any proof, user
i believe you

Fuck my head is imploding. user you give the best advice but I don't know what to do. If I allow this to carry on forever, one day I'll end up married to her. I don't want that../

so what do you want?
and, what does she want?
does she want to marry you?
marriage is a spiritual issue, if you don't want legal burocracy in between you can skip that part
has she cheated on you?
do you want any other reason to leave her apart from her mental capacities?
i can only offer you some advice user, but ultimately you are the one who has to decide
are you in Europe? maybe go to sleep and tomorrow things may look a bit clearer in your mind

I am eighteen and I want a good future for myself and someone I love
She wants someone to depend on as she has a pretty shit life.
She wants to marry me more than anything.
I like marriage, although I want to find the right girl. She really isn't someone I could enjoy a conversation with due to her limitations. She literally doesn't understand sarcasm, or any nuance or depth in conversations. She spends her time in a dopamine drip, anime, tumblr, pink kawaii stuff, you name it. This is an escape from her shitty family and social life though, so I don't 100% blame her.
She has never cheated on me. She is 100% devoted to me. I am in europe but I want to round up this conversation before I go to bed.

If she doesnt let you do what you want what fucking good is she for. Fuck her no pussy is worth giving up everything else you like. Act like a king men are if she cant deal with it bye bitch

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Dump her and buy a fleshlight.

this is peak commentary

This is a retarded take, but I am considering leaving her and finding someone who I can have enthralling conversations with. I'm talking to someone who is a 7/10, less attractive than current but she is so incredibly smart and interesting, i can't get enough of her.

still here user? your advice was good

Seeing all that you write about her, you don't love her, so there isn't a problem really. Well yeah maybe that you are still together.

sorry, i am a europoor too and i'm a bit sleepy tonight

what i can deduce from what you've written is that she is a very innocent kind of girl
for sure, she isn't intellectually brilliant, therefore it may be quite boring being with her for a long time and sometimes you feel that you don't have much in common with each other
like anime and tumblr, in some way you are a way of escape for her
she finds herself in the middle of a turmoil of personal circumstances and familiar issues that she is unable to confront with her limited mental capacities
what i'm going to tell you is just my personal impression and you can decide if you take it or leave it:
if you're going to keep in this relationship with her, you should invest some time in her hobbies, even if they are dumb as shit
i'm sure it's not just "pink kawaii stuff" what she likes, she probably knows a lot about it and she's eager to share it with you
it will be idiotic or stupid, but you have to make an effort and maybe, if you give her some time, you can hold some deep conversations with her if that's an issue for you
you are probably not going to talk about Aristotle's entelechy and metaphysics but you can teach her a lot if you invest time and effort in her

now, if you want to leave her because you've found a better girl or whatever, remember this:
YOU, precisely you, are one of the few reasons why her bad days are not so bad
she is a girl with troubles but she loves you, you have to take the risk and assume that she's going to suffer a lot after your breakup

i'm not going to decide for you because i can't
but the next time you meet, pay attention to the way she looks at you, pay attention to the smile in her face when you say any silly thing that makes her giggle
you are important for her, ok? that girl is in love with you, despite any bad opinion and all the bad things and flaws that you don't like about her
godspeed, user

Lots of people who post on this board are posting about current relationship advice you absolute faggot. Are you new here or something? Did you think this was your special secret club?

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Meet up slightly less often, every other or third day but make sure you have plans to spend that time together. And generally involve each other when together. She's there with you? So if you play vidya you have to find something you both will enjyo playing even if she'll be shit at it. Go for a walk, once or twice (not more so it won't get boring) once the weather's nice do a picnic with some simple sandwiches and snacks you cook when she's not there (or each makes something and brings it). Watch fucking anime together or some movie, read books and talk about them otherwise. Fucking interact. No wonder you have a rough patch if you are like strangers occupying the same space all the time instead of each busying themselves with some of their own passions to then meet when you want to spend time together.