I was diagnosed with schizoid, and all my life I thought I was just shy...

I was diagnosed with schizoid, and all my life I thought I was just shy, now that I have discovered that I am mentally ill I am unmotivated. I wanted to have a gf but now it seems impossible? I attended to all of these schizoid symptoms:

They have no desire or enjoyment being in close relationships, including being a part of a family.
They almost always choose to do solitary activities.
They have little, if any, sexual experiences with other people.
They take pleasure in a few, sometimes none, activities whatsoever.
They may talk with their first-degree relatives, but they lack any close friends or confidants.
They appear indifferent when someone praises or criticizes them.
They often seem cold emotionally, or simply detached from the situation at hand.

How can I deal with this knowing that there is no cure?

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This is not remotely a big deal as you make it out to be. Perhaps you actually do gave an exceptional case where you got this disorder to a handicapping degree but for the sake of argument I will assume not.

People have two choices. Let themselves be defined by certain things and turn their life based on that and keep themselves the same.


Take charge. Train yiurself. Build up your social experience body builders are not born ripped and people with social skills are not born with it either. You out work in and grow and you get results.

Or you can be like those people who define themselves on race, sexuality, politics or what have you. Be like them, let yourself do nothing cause you are "like" a certain way. Or build yourself up, identify weaknesses you have as an individual and work on them.

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You have fallen for a logical fallacy that goes "Since A can sometimes lead to B, all Bs must be caused by A"

All "schizoid" is is a label to cover a bunch of symptoms, any and all of which can be caused by other things.

Put another way, the diagnosis is not a death sentence. Work on fixing the things that can be fixed, rather than assuming they're unfixable

Ok I'm going to fight, but I'm afraid I do not have so many results, maybe the medication will help me.

Don't take it too seriously OP. Psychology and Psychiatry are not really describing actual illnesses they do describe patterns in the mind but they don't make you ill just different. I'm starting to realize that mental illness really isn't real it is just a description of strange people that doesn't mean for some people this isn't a huge problem but the diagnosis itself is just a bunch of bullshit.

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find your own fulfillment. schizoid just means you are different, but everyone is different, people aren't a monolith. a diagnosis like this shouldn't be interpreted as guidelines through which you live your life, or limitations that govern your every move.

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>They appear indifferent when someone praises or criticizes them.

Is that true for you? Because if it is, you can ask chicks out and if you be reject, you will not even care, right? It's a numbers game after all

Yes, I don't care, but I don't even try because I do not know how to conduct a conversation and go beyond

How do you get diagnosed as having schizoid traits?

Just talking to the psychiatrist as he asked me questions.

Learn by practice, my man!

The main problem to "normal" people is getting rejected, hurts like hell. If you don't care, you are lucky, you really are!

Just dress well, start talking to some chicks, fuck some of them until find one that you can tolerate for more than one day.

Or not, you are free to choose. After all you don't crave for intimacy as the other people do

Use your mental "illness" in your favor

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I can have this in my favor, but I do not have the other good things the normal ones have, so I think I'm in the same boat or maybe worse.

wow so comprehensive, much science.
stop deferring to people who have a financial interest in pathologizing your behavior and go outside

Nobody is perfect. Use your advantage well and you will be fine

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But he has expertise in the subject, it's not just about money

33 khhv here, I always thought I was autistic but this could be me as well. I should get diagnosed so I know what's up. thank you for this thread.

Sounds like a terrible case of nonhumanism. Maybe OP is an alien baby.

>it's not just about money

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