The boy cheated on me :')

Yeas, today my friend saw my ex bf with other girl, I remember when he was assuring me that he hasn't got nobody else. We have not been together for 5 days. My heart is broken beacuse the reason of break up was - he stopped love me, now I know why :') Its really sad, when you trusted that person immeasurably and he hurts you so much. PLease send me some nice music albums or, funny jpgs, i dont want to think about it.

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Just find you a hotter guy with a bigger dick. Let him see you with the guy, too. You be ight.

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>break up
>still expect him to be faithful to you
I know it hurts but what else did you think would happen

How long did you go out? Dont worry user it will be alright.

Here have a funny greentext, will keep them coming if you are interested..

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About 2 years... thanks :')

I know, but it isn't easy

Dont worry user, it will be alright user. Do you have any hobbies? Sth you can use to pass your time with?

Here, this one is silly..

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Yes, but I devoted all my old connections of this relationship. Now im so lonely, i havent any friends, really sad uhh

Devoted, what do you mean user i dont get it?

Here, have a feels one..

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Because he wanted to lock me in a cage, he wanted me to stop winking with the others. That's why I lost contact with everyone. I rejected my hobbies, I gave everything for this relationship so I would feel good that he would not be jealous, because I loved him like no one else.

So he just demanded more and more huh? You should never do that user, always keep your core and stay strong. Be your own first, be yourself..

What did you use to enjoy?

Here, lets your spirits up..

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Video games, music, art... I like drawing,
I've started playing the guitar lately

All good stuff where there are loads of content to take your mind off, a bit generic but ok.

Why dont you post a drawing of yours?

This is one is awfully cute..

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I can understand where you're coming from all too well. I was with the only girlfriend I've had for 2 years, and my whole life revolved around being with her. Not long after our anniversary, she broke up with me, saying she wanted to sort herself out as a person & not be so reliant on me for happiness, but still wanted to be friends with me. About a week later, she got a bit drunk and told me it was all bullshit, and that she broke up with me because she wanted to have sex with her boss at her job.
It's coming up on a year now, and I'm still pretty messed up about it. No friends or anything, so I'm just pursuing my own hobbies and interests to see where that takes me. I'm sorry to hear about your similar situation, and I wish you well.

Here's a dumb Yu-Gi-Oh parody:

Full stop, just be glad that she broke up with you first. It's way worse when you find out that they're already been fucking for a long while. At least this way you can get mad and just drop her - in cases where you actually get cucked that shit hits you right in the psyche.

ohhh Really sorry : (

Well, at the time, we were living together, and I worked 2 jobs. And our schedules didn't always line up, so there were some days where she was off of work, while I'd be working one or both jobs in the same day. So she eventually told me that when I'd be gone for 16+ hours, she'd have her boss drive over and pick her up from our apartment, and take her places she never asked to go to with me. Like the beach, the mall, or to go stargaze or some shit.
My family was pretty abusive to me growing up, and she was the first and pretty much only person I've ever confided in and trusted 100%, so to have that happen, it pretty much did mess me up psychologically. She told me every detail about the sex with the guy, the whole situation's been pretty damaging.

I can't change what happened, so now I guess I've been trying to make it the "best" worst thing that's ever happened to me, so that I'll have at least have gained something from the negative experience. Just trying out different things to see if any it brings me any happiness, so that I don't feel so numb or depressed all the time.

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Yes, I want to focus only on me, find more interesting hobbies,develop my skills in tattoos, making music etc. All the lost time is now devoted to self-development. I believe that carma is coming back.
I am very sorry that when I asked him honestly 2 months before parting or if he did not find someone in his life, he denied it. He lied to 2 poor girls, me and her. I hope he will not destroy this girl like me.

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Good for you OP?.

If you havent already, cut contact with him. Unfriend and unfollow him on social media, keep yourself away from him and dont think anout him.

This is your time to thrive now

yes I know ,thank you guys :')