Suicide advice

i seriously need advice on how to commit suicide, preferably slow and painful

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At 14? You only have one life, user. You can still change it. Even when things look like shit, you can crawl out of it.

You're 14. You're young. Suicide is, as they say, a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Don't throw away your life over something that's totally fixable. It might be awkward and seem hopeless, especially at that age, but you can get through it.

Good luck

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Imagine being female and considering suicide even though you have every advantage in life.
Just lol

>slow and painful
Live out the rest of your life until you're like 83 years old and have dementia

Go for a walk innawoods and stop being such a faggot that you can't see beauty among the suffering desu.

Truly just to spite exist

Women don't actually follow their own words anyway. OP is just on her second period or something and once it passes, she goes back to leading guys on, and lusting after Chads.

Get addicted to drugs you will experience highs and lows and eventually die from it.

If you want a slow painful but simple death push the lever on your microwave to make it think it is closed then put your head in then start.

I actually am in a forensic science course this guy killed himself by placing to butterknives blades pointed up on the table then smashed his head down so the knifes when through his eyes and he died. It really happened not joking it's real.

Be my gf

Why kill yourself when there's awesome music to listen to

you can keep on living. That's sure to kill you and you have to continue to suffer.

Drowning is both slow and painful, as well as absolutely terrifying.

Figure out why you feel this way, and try to fix it.

Girl you have plenty of time to get better.

Well said, well said. This truly maximizes the suffering

Chill dude, you're 14. No matter how bad things are right now, you have the rest of your life. Talk to +1 (800) 273-8255 and a counselor.

Live with the pain, that hurts more than anything else. You remind me of a friend I had when I was 14 or 15. Don't do anything fucking stupid, kid. If you want to talk about anything, we could work something out.

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Open up a premium Snapchat and make money ripping guys off. Use that money to become happy and go to rich people events and make friends. Life is sorted then

What is so bad in your life

Freeze to death outside.

The slowest and most painful suicide method: live through old age.

There's no reason to do it, whatever problems you have will pass and in a few years time you will look back and will be glad you didn't.

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but if you ended it now, how could you date me in 4 years :^)?

Thanks for this.
I probably wouldn't take the time to post here if I was actually in the frame of mind to end myself, but all the same.

A shotgun to the head is quick.

Do it faggot.

Become a step father, let your gf fuck other guys all the time. Never break up, do this until you're at ripe dying age (60 - 90).

If you mix painkillers or sleepingpills with alcohol you"ll most likely die of respiratory depression

This, they are literally the reason we say
You're such a pussy


So you want to be in the ordeal long enough to regret it completely? Maybe this is your problem in general? You do things that you want despite the fact that you will regret it.

I was actually going to make my own thread asking about the best way to do it with pills and alcohol.

Post pics of your feet now

suicidefag, you think you are in a fucking game? You have only 1 life. >Begin bullied? Report it.
>Depressed? No, you're not unless your doctor says.
>Lonely? Find someone to hang out.
>Bad parents?(i mean if they mentally discipline you) Call police.
>Hotel? Trivago

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>preferably slow and painful

Not them but I have friends but I just don't think any of them like me that much. My friends also don't like hanging out anymore and we don't even play board games much and if we do people just argue about the most mundane shit. Had my birthday recently and no one got me a fucking thing despite spending a bunch of money on all of them over the past year for theirs. I just think no one likes me and people just deal with me around them despite being friends for a decade.

Reported for being underage, get off this addictive site now while you still can.

17 year old femanon here.

I know what it feels like being depressed, desolate and lonely. But please, this is not the answer. Believe me. Don't listen to these faggots, go sit down, close your eyes, and just think of nothing. Absolutely nothing. The only thing you focus on is your breathing. SLow and steady.

Slowly, as you start to relax a little, think of the things that make you happy.

Maybe you have a lovely cat, or a dog, that you would do anything for. Their adorable fuzzy face, and how excited they get when your pet sees you.

Maybe you have that one weird friend you always goof around with, maybe take funny selfies with or annoy the boys in class with.

Think of how nice it is to do things like go on a walk in the woods. As you look around, you see the leaves, and the sun shine trough the trees.

Try to calm down a bit.

Everything will be alright.

I have personally found that therapy helped me a lot with my suicidal thoughts. Of course, not everyone has acess to it. But there are other ways.

Go to forums for people who have the same issues as you, maybe talk to a friend, or someone you trust.

I am sorry that you had to go trough so much awful shit that you want to take your own life. I am so sorry. I wish i could change that for you, but i cant. But i am begging you, as just another femanon to another, I KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TROUGH. I was there. And i promise you, things will get better. Go off Jow Forums for now, this place can only make it worse

Please remember that I love you! You are worth living! Life is worth fighting for!

Things will get better. I promise.

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