The incident today made me rethink coming to this website. So much hatred surfaced...

The incident today made me rethink coming to this website. So much hatred surfaced. I don't think it's healthy to stay amidst all of it but I think it will be desensitized with time. What should I do Jow Forums?

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/pol is what you should be worried about. But it really makes you think in terms of how many people hide behind a computer screen and talk a bunch of crazy shit

Don't return. This place is a breeding ground of hatred and toxicity.

But where to go. I want the anonymity

What did you expect? To be honest, I suggest you go somewhere else to interact with people in a respectable manner, you fucking pussy.

It's exactly as I expected. It still got to me. I think I will stay and learn to deal with it.

This place is really awful for you, I wish I wasn't so addicted to fast paced risk free human interaction. Sometimes I'm able to go months and months without stopping by but inevitably I'm pulled back. Maybe one day I'll fully break free. I hope you do too OP, you'll only be better off for it.

What happened today?


Just search that

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new Zealand retard from eightchan who overdosed on irony and memes livestreamed himself killing over 50 people at a Mosque. Apparently the first thing he said in the video was "subscribe to Pewdiepie" and he also had a playlist of meme music playing throughout. His manifesto also included ironic references to things like Fortnite. it happened yesterday.

Don't post that shit here you dumb kid

What you need to stay clear is the toxic boards which you voluntarily chose to browse.
This website isn't just /b/ and Jow Forums, those are containment boards for fucks sake, get into an actual hobby or something, plenty to choose from the home page.

Holy shit I didn't know the details beyond people at a Mosque being killed
The containment boards failed

Not him but unfortunately edgy kids are spamming it on this board like the post above that was deleted, it's all over /mu/ cause the guy was playing music in his livestream. I haven't been on /v/ but I assume they're spamming it there, etc.

The only board that I haven't seen it on is /jp/. That board is the one place that isn't filled with frogposting and internet drama.

We live in a post-postmodern world now, and this place is just a sign of the times. Leave this wesbite and the Internet as a whole. Build healthy relationships with actual people and leave this hell behind you

You obviously don't.

It's the newest shitpost around the block, give it a few days and everything will go back to normal.
The containment boards aren't really failing, it's just that some users use multiple boards so it's natural that some hit will spill over from time to time.
Report posts that violate the rules and move on, actually enjoy the reason why you're posting/lurking on said boards as opposed to giving a few fags a rise out of you.

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Just take everything with a grain of salt. Use your head.

I'll give you a hint OP, Jow Forums even in it's golden years watched videos like this and laughed.
The difference is it's now home to the psychopaths who commit these acts because of the old say 'a community that gets its laughs from idiots will soon find themselves flooded by idiots thinking they're in good company'.

It's a problem that could have been seen a million miles away and it's why moot killed the current even board /n/ and /new/ because it got overrun by real bigots and racists. He let Jow Forums take its course and of course that's what happened, but the extremists thought this place was too lax so they went to 4^2 chan and of course they're reaping what they sowed by allowing such cancer to fester.

The only way to clean up Jow Forums now would require fundamental changes in how this place is administered while at the same time putting a stranglehold on boards like Jow Forums so it's no longer a gateway board.

It's weird. It made me think the opposite. I haven't gone on this site in 7 or 8 years, and the thing that happened made me decide I need to come back, to keep watch, and to be at least one dissenting voice in this gross storm(front)

>actually enjoy the reason why you're posting/lurking on said boards

I don't know anymore. It's just out of habit at this point after 12+ years, or maybe it's given me stockholm syndrome.

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Maybe it's time to shake things up, pick up a new hobby or board to post on.
Alternatively spend more time away from here, a break every so often is good for you.

Yeah it's a habit, and not a good one. The only way to break a habit is to cut it off completely, then to replace it with another habit. Block this website, delete everything you have that is related to it, and never come back. Now the hard part: find something else to do. Get a hobby, build relationships with people, talk to friends. Anything is better than this shithole

It might be hard at first, and you'll most likely come back in your weaker moments (depressive episodes for example), but you'll thank yourself in the long run

Yeh, like I said earlier, /jp/ is pretty much the only board that's pristine and not infected with /b/ tier shit - but I don't really care for like 90% of the content there. Maybe it's best I unplug for at least a while.

I'm just so addicted to shitposting and online arguments lol.

>4^2 chan

Get discord :^)

I tell myself that I'm too old for that shit, but the more I think about the more it makes sense

I don't give enough of a shit to know if the math is right. I'm just pointing out that and discord are where even more right wing nutbag and terrorists fester. outside of Jow Forums.

i don't know i kind of like it, feels like being part of history in a way. things will escalate and we have front row seats here where information is more or less unfiltered and instant. turning and looking the other way right now is something i'll regret i think, this shits important

>I don't think it's healthy to stay
I don’t think Jow Forums is all that healthy either, but it’s not like everyone who comes here is going to get politically radicalized. If that’s specifically what you’re worried about, then you may already be suspectible to that kind of stuff.

I actually feel sick knowing 49 people died for a meme. I usually only have a fleeting feeling of sadness in response to stuff like this but this is just so wrong. How did memes go from rick rolling to inspiring so much meaningless death

Most of the radicalization comes from youtube and websites like breitbart & infowars.

>part of history
how is it any different than all the other mass shootings, or the other mass shootings done at mosques?

You probably aren't since a lot of different people use it, it's not just for epic gamers in their 20's.

There's thousands of us exposed to dumb memes everyday and we don't go on a shooting spree. The guy was obviously insane, and the ironic shitposting got to him. Anyone with a head on their shoulder is fine though.

But yeah I agree that it's sad how Jow Forums became political over the course of the American election and before that as well.

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>how is it any different than all the other mass shootings, or the other mass shootings done at mosques?
the meme aspect, the rising tensions, i'm unsure if i can articulate it well. im going to bed

I guess it's exceptional because it happened outside of the US.

It's actually a turning point. The cycle of terrorism is now closed. Muslims will retaliate and white supremacists will retaliate and it will keep escalating

>how is it any different than all the other mass shootings
Because it happened in NZ, a relatively peaceful country that’s been devoid of terrorism. Mass shootings are practically unheard of there, so it’s a sign of increasing general unrest in the western world

The problem is we have fundamental shift of what culture is in Jow Forums. In the golden years, a meme was just contextual to an event and it ran through a natural cycle.

These days newfags think memes are the culture, which is why you see pepe and wojack spammed to hell and back for years. Look at how they're shitting up Jow Forums if you need proof. And because newfags thinks the memes are cultural icons they continue to force content of them and kill off any chance of OC being created. It's a disgusting cycle.

It's not the first time a Mosque was shot up by a Jow Forums retard

>The guy was obviously insane, and the ironic shitposting got to him
It’s easy to just dismiss the guy as mentally ill but many spree shooters often aren’t. We don’t like to think about it but totally normal people can commit horrible acts of violence.

This one is big

>just writing up a manifesto full of Jow Forums memes before I go and kill dozens of people, like any old regular person.

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I need anonymity to increase confidence for just a bit longer and I think I will be ready to leave
Oh sorry if I didn't mention that I'm from a Muslim background and was having trouble with the hatred around

Can be hard. I'm asking if keeping myself exposed to it will help me not get emotional about it eventually

Im not saying it was impossible for him to be mentally ill, but,
>Reports suggest that up to 60% of perpetrators of mass shootings in the United States since 1970 displayed symptoms including acute paranoia, delusions, and depression before committing their crimes.
I know the shooting happened in NZ but you should confront the uncomfortable truth that sometimes people get stressed about politics and their life and write manifestos and go on killing sprees, and are not paranoid psychos.

Little by little, try to filter yourself away from certain boards. /v/ is a lost cause and it has been for a while. Jow Forums is slowly getting absorbed by nothing but gender-race-politics sort of answers.
Really, Jow Forums is okay if you stuck to the really niche boards and threads. They are slow but still kinda hold to the older Jow Forums before it become "fun" to be a troll cannibal pretty much trolling the site instead of trolling the world.
I miss simple shit like trying to name chip flavors or taking a swig of an ice cold and refreshing "Hitler did nothing wrong" mountain dew.

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>you should confront the uncomfortable truth that sometimes people get stressed about politics and their life and write manifestos and go on killing sprees

totally normal people doing totally normal things because they saw too many memes on Jow Forums or maybe saw some tweets that they didn't like

If you were correct, incidents like this would happen much more than they do.

You failed to make any sort of point. They do happen fairly often, at least in the US. Mental illness is not the single driver that causes people to go on killing sprees

You're saying that it's totally normal.

Just stay on the blue boards, they have some cancer control to them.

49 Muslims die and everyone stops everything

40 Christians die by the hand of Muslims and no one blinks an eye

you're all fucking hypocrites if you are in the same position as OP

Raise your hand if you or anyone are Nigerians.

it shouldn't matter if they are Nigerians or abbos
fucking idiot

Apathy works best when it's people that are relatable. E.g. people in the West are shocked when a terror attack takes place in the West, or in a first world country.

Most people in the West don't relate or care about what happens in Nigeria or Tibet or tzyrjikistan or other countries that are that much different. It's not really intentional or mean spirited it's just there are only so many hours in a day that people can be upset at events in the world

there's a category error with the way people understand 'hatred,' especially people who don't ever come here.

it looks like youre making the same mistake, conflating what you might think of as bigotry hatred, and trollerly.

its like a combination of 'i was only acting stupid' and 'the game' being done at the same time through memery. And the people who do that go looking for the actual bigots to play their games around for as long as they can.

but it can be hard to partition off, i get it.

But the joke is that Jow Forums is somehow worse than anywhere else online. Its the same fucking people everywhere, there's just no filter here. Try to keep that in mind, and make judgements based on what people actually do around you, and not what idiots say with text on a phone/pc


Nobody bats an eye when muzzies go on a killing spree but someone returns the favor and all of the sudden all white men and Donald Trump are to be blamed



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>it shouldn't matter if they are Nigerians or abbos
Sure, in a perfect world. But here in the real world we feel more strongly for those who are physically and culturally more similar to ourselves. Nigeria is, to the West, nowhere. A backwater that we get oil and cocoa from. New Zealand is the Anglosphere. They're white, speak English, even post on the same webforums as us. For a disaster to strike there feels much more pertinent to our own lives.

You're seriously disconnected from reality if you can't wrap your head around that.

You know they have a culture so degenerative that they tell rape jokes to children, right?

The fact that you are selectively outraged over once indecent and not the other tells me you are merely about pushing agenda and you couldn't give a rats ass about those that are killed by religious extremists

you are a fraud

Shut up nerd go back to Nigeria. People still bring up 9 11

I'm not a fraud and I don't care about religious extremists. A bunch of people just got slaughtered in a country very like my own.

9/11 was a zionist false flag meant to incite hatred against muslims for the benefit of jews


lmao as if you care about Nigeria you obvious pol reject

Really wish we could fix it. So fucking tired of the constant circle of shit that keeps expanding.

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yeah and as if you care about anything else except identity politics that suit your agenda
you are a fraud as well
fucking pathetic, no principles

>identity politics that suit your agenda
I said nothing about any of that you raging lunatic

fraud exposed

>waaahhhh toxicity and mean stuff
go to go rebbit where you belong you retarded faggots

>You know they have a culture so degenerative that they tell rape jokes to children, right?
Sounds like Jow Forums, all right.

yet here you are bitch boy

How many times does a shooting occur? There are almost 8 billion people in the world and these type of occurrences are still considered somewhat uncommon.

>wahhhh agendas and muh hypocrisy!111!1

Listen, faggot. I've been here since 2004. Bad shit happened, we laughed about bad shit happening. Some kid kills himself because his iPod got stolen and we all have a dark chuckle and make memes about it. Whatever. It's not nice, but society is full of assholes.

Some ultra faggot got all wrapped up in memes and killed 50 innocent people because he thought he'd be a real hero to his shitty larping stormfront faggots that never actually had a place here. If you think this is "hypocritical" that we're not mad about Nigeria, no shit we're fucking not, and you're missing the goddamned point. We're part of a website, or series of websites, where shit has gotten completely out of control.

It's time to call bullshit on the people who think this is their counter culture revolutionary white supremacy website. Jow Forums should be nuked from orbit, and if that doesn't work, shut down the whole fucking site. Fuck you and your shitty "b-b-b-it you have to blame both sides" garbage.

I have no ability to say anything to goddamned Nigerians, but I can tell you that you're a piece of shit.

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I would rather be a Reddit tier normie who has a normal life that's shitty and good at some points. Not some permavirgin who's pissed off about something all the time, and associating with people who think that slaughtering Innocents is okay. The internet is a fucking mistake. I don't think humans were ever supposed to have this level of connectivity. Facts and misinformation both travel faster than light now, and there is now infinite information accessable to everyone. This shit is like real life Pandora's box

Based ancientfag

This is the world. Don’t close your eyes, even if it hurts

Same as it has been every day for 100,000 years