Just figured out my great grandfathers last name is Steinerberg

What do? I'm either German or German Jewish, what the hell happened in eastern europe anyway, what did the Jews place there have to do with surnames? Pic unrelated

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Like I'm gonna help a possible Jew.

Lol I change my mind go ask Jow Forums what happened.

yeah do what this dude said and go ask Jow Forums OP
it'll be far more entertaining for the rest of us

>what the hell happened in eastern europe anyway, what did the Jews place there have to do with surnames?
Can you rephrase the question? I really can't parse it.

That's a swiss munincipality
Yeah, you're a jew.

So I'm a Jew. Now what?

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Not necessarily, jewishness comes from maternal side.
Jew dad + goy girl = no jew
Goy dad + jew mom = jew

What exactly is your question?


literally why does it matter
also the matrilineal thing is bullshit and followed only by orthodox

The maternal side is what matters. A theory for why this is the case: You know who someone's mother is, because there are witnesses when she gives birth, but it's more difficult to know for sure who the father is.

...and Conservative; it's Jewish law (Halacha). Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism is rather what's "bullshit". If you want to be Jewish, convert.

*Convert Orthodox (legitimate, Torah Judaism).

You could get a dna test. It will tell you if you are jewish.

It won't.

It's a joke, retarded autist sorry that can't tell.

Stop being autistic and pretending like it matters you retard.

The Jewish "race" is a meme. European Jews, of which you are descended, are just LARPing white people with essentially no genetic connection to the actual Middle Eastern Hebrew people of ancient times.

Does the geographic location of the sperm that created you have ANY effect on who you are as a person today? Does it play any role in how you go about your daily business or how you treat people in every day situations? (Most likely, no.)

Thus, why worry about it? Who fucking cares? Nobody - so why should you? Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

This. Most "Jews" from that region have less than 5% actual semetic blood in their veins

The Jewish race is literally the biggest meme ever. Most hilarious is when you have people of "Jewish descent" in the west claiming that they are an oppressed minority, even though they look 100% white European, act 100% white European, speak no Hebrew, don't practice Judaism, and some of them don't even have noticeably Jewish names. Like kek, you're just a white guy you loser. Literally worse LARPers than the ""Irish"" Americans.

There's always Mizrahi jews