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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>[insert humble (or otherwise) brag]
Fuck off.

>Why is there no new thread?
Just make one. You can use these macros:

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I see this happen every now and then, walking down the street, a girl walks by, looks and me and then her eyes get firmly planted into the ground. ladies, what's the reason for this?

I do this because I dont like seeing people/people seeing me but I also want to see who I'm walking past and make sure I dont bump into them

Guy i'm seeing says that he only wants sex but everytime we see each other he treats me as his gf. He hugs me, kisses me, ask me questions, if we go out he offers me shit and generally acts more than as just a fuck buddy.
I like him but not as bf material, i don't know what to do. I don't want to lose sex, but at the same time i don't want anyone to actually fall for me and then have their feelings crushed.


get real problems

If you want to hear real problems then get off of Jow Forums

Is it strange that as a guy my favorite part of a relationship is the first stages from meeting a new girl, talking, going through all the shit to get her to fuck, just the challenge of being able to get girls to give it up? I could care less about the sex, im not great at it anyways

I'm not on Jow Forums retard

No, we know most guys are shitty.

How do I stop appearing threatening to girls?
I'm genuinely a nice and friendly guy, but almost every girl I try to be friends with treats me like I'm some sort of threat, whether it's avoiding me in real life, denying friend requests, and blocking me on social media (even though I don't talk to them often).

I'm fairly average looking, but I'm a huge loner. I don't try to have sex with them/flirt with them/physically touch them/etc etc.

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what do you post on your social media?

>I'm a huge loner
>I don't try to have sex with them/flirt with them/physically touch them/etc etc.
incel virgin

fix those

They can tell why you contact them, that's why they avoid you. Do you only try to "befriend" girls you're attracted to?

Nothing really threatening. Harmless quips on twitter, and wholesome things on instagram.
I also met all these girls in real life first.

I know being a loner is seen as a red flag, but I just don't enjoy being around other people most of the time. I'm friendly and talkative when people talk to me, though.
>incel virgin
I genuinely want to be friends with them, not something more. (Also I'm not a virgin)

>Do you only try to "befriend" girls you're attracted to?
In a sense, yeah, but it's not always romantic attraction. I don't want to date every girl I try to befriend.

I want some reassurance to this.. so I'm asking for opinions. Do you think situations, relationships, and love can be so complicated that someone can kind of just misunderstand, misinterpret, and create a whole story by filling in most of the details with their imagination? In simple terms, they are really emotional and get carried away and now actually believe the narrative they have in their minds?

I wonder if this makes sense.
I kean I can't always filter out what is real emotion and what is an irrational emotion. Because I'm super emotional, even against how logical my mind is, these aspects battle each other a lot.

Yeah, I guess that could be an interpretation of false memory syndrome since you're actively creating false details and believing them in the whole truth of things. Like a white lie version instead of creating whole new false memories.


Thinking about using tinder to get my dick wet and get some experience.
Do you typically fuck at the guys place or the girls? I still live at home at 24 and it's a bit embarrassing

Is it a dealbreaker for girls if a guy has had a bf before? Long-term, non-LDR, didn't sleep around on each other or do anything wild, just a past relationship with another guy

Both genders, why sex isn't as enjoyable as in hentais. I am a girl and feel mostly discomfort during a vaginal intercourse.

Because you have a health issue likely. Otherwise you're a clitoral orgasmer like the majority.

Depends on the girl. Personally, not a dealbreaker but I probably would be a little uncomfortable with it at least at first. Probably wouldn't be as much of an issue when I'm more settled in the relationship.

If my girlfriend lives in an adjacent state and is coming to mine for a concert, would it be weird for me to suggest that we rent an airbnb for a night to stay at instead of her having to worry about catching a late train to get back home? While it hasn't been directly said I think we both understand that we can't use either of our homes to advance our relationship due to parents, but I'm worried that she'll take me wanting to rent a place to be intimate with her in a bad way for some reason

If you have a decent sized backseat, that's usually best. Unless you're willing to rent a room somewhere for a night.

is dating over when youre 30?

t. turning 28 in 10 days

had 4 girlfriends
the longest relationship lasted 2 years whe ni was 20

i feel like dating is dead beyond 30 and that by 30 you should have someone at your side you could build a life together

Met my boyfriend when he was about to turn 28 and I was 24. Getting married in a few months.

Dating is never really over.

I'm 26 and a guy so may not have the perspective you're looking for, but at every age since 20~ I've noticed some of my female peers dating guys in their 30s/40s. I think men luck out and can always date lower age wise so you should still have a great deal of time to find someone although strong connections might be harder to come by.

Should I bother trying to start something with this guy that’s going to graduate this semester that lives 3 hours away? I graduate next semester and would like to eventually move to where he lives anyways (NYC)

i'd love to be part of a romantic story like that, just for once
i don't know, i've been feeling so drowned in self doubt about how everyone around me is dating like crazy, having casual sex which i'm no fand off or in a relationship with someone for years and years
yet the other people who never had a relationship seem to be content too
what is wrong with me wanting companionship yet dreading to get myself out there

girls: if you were 25 would you date a 30yo if you liked him

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Yes. 5-6 years is basically the biggest age gap I'd go for at this age, but it's still acceptable in my eyes.
I don't like the idea of dating someone a lot older than me, but my boyfriend is 4 years older and I never feel the age gap.

Guys and Girls, ever had that one ex you just couldn't get over the fact is not giving a single fuck about you anymore

would it be a bonus if he looked like this

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Please respond

Do any of you know anything about girls? I'm in my late 20s and never had one. But I met this German girl recently. I think she might like me but I'm not sure as I've never had a gf. She invited me out for drinks and singing with her and some of her friends (all girls). She also invited me out again this weekend for a few drinks. I don't know if this is relevant but she laughs at my jokes a lot and yesterday she playfully hit me in the arm while laughing at something I said to her.

Yes. A 5 years age gap is nothing at this point imo.


Is it normal to be afraid to get into a relationship ? I'm 18 and there's a girl who I know likes me and is basically waiting for me to make a move, but I'm afraid she might not be the right one

Is it ok for 23 year old girl and 29 year old guy to date?

That's a relief to hear that it's not a guaranteed dealbreaker, at what point in a relationship do you think would be appropriate to tell a girl about it? I wouldn't want to be in a position of not telling her for years on end then having her feel betrayed when she does find out, but it's obviously not the kind of thing you open with in the first few weeks

Not really, user. Not my thing at all. Kek.


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Yes, and IMO it's better when the guy is older (if we're talking about long-term relationships)

Is it ok for two people of different religions to date? I'm Catholic and she is Protestant.

I'm one who likes knowing what I get into, so if it was for me - as early as you feel comfortable sharing. Like, it's a thing I'd like to know before we become exclusive so I can weigh it out and see if I feel comfortable before taking commitments.
I'd probably want to know about it a bit.

Again, I'm pretty conservative and very family oriented so probably your worst case scenario other than a religious freak, when you consider a partner. I don't think most girls would mind too much, especially if you're in the US.

fuck religion honestly

You're not of different religions, you're of different churches/denominations. You're both Christian.

And yes. People of all backgrounds can date as long as they can be understanding of each other. I'm not religious, my boyfriend is Christian, we date perfectly and have no big issues about it.

Catholic and Protestant are pretty similar afaik so it should be fine. IMO as long as culturally your customs are similar it's fine. The problems start when yours customs are different, for example an atheist and a catholic. Also remember, the mother is the one who passes down culture and heritage to the kids, so if you're a man be aware that her traditions will prevail

I thought..but turns out we both couldn't get over each other.

Exact same thing i'm going through right now and all i'm thinking is we should try it again

Why would she take it in a bad way?
Seems more reasonable, and ya'll have discussed parents too by now.

That's spring for you. Consider a more compatable partner next time.

Yes for sure. Talk through everything first and then decide together what happens next. Sometimes timing and life really is just wrong, and now it is right.

We are compatible, for whatever reason she doesn't want a relationship (again?)
I tried, for her seeing each other again after she broke up was just some fwb thing


How would you react if I was plowing your mom and you walked in on it

I don't know I'm neurotic and I keep thinking in the absolute worst case scenario she'll think I'm treating her like a hooker. But we've also been dating since mid January so maybe that is very illogical

Have you had the sex planning talk?

got a girl's number on friday and we've been texting
we texted for two hours last night. we basically shared our life stories
i honestly think things could work
should i keep initiating conversation? or should i let her text me?

why does this have to be so hard. i know she likes me. i REALLY don't like girls who play games

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How is she playing games if you texted yesterday ? Just keep texting and plan a date. You're the man, it's your job to initiate things

What game is she playing? She's replying to your texts, there's nothing "hard" about it.
Just ask her out on a date, you nutjob.

I don't even know how to approach that lol. Part of me thinks it might be premature since we've never really been in a room alone together, just in secluded or dark areas. I think the most alone we've been was on Valentine's day when we walked around in a park at night and made out there.

fine i'll keep initiating
i just don't want to be annoying or seem desperate/clingy

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Just ask her out, you fool. Why are you making this such a hard thing?
Just tell her you're having fun talking to her and would like to do so with a cup of coffee.

Do you even want to ask if she's ready to talk about it before you jump the gun and potentially sleep on someone else's dirty floor?

This could be seen as flirting or her just being friendly. I wouldnt treat this as a romantic interest just yet until you get more signs from her
Yeah, it is. Especially with you being 18 and transitioning into the dating world.
> I'm afraid she might not be the right one
time will tell, get to know her better if you find her pretty and like her personality. If you dont end up liking her after a few weeks just break it off
she's not playing any games. get out of this mindset before you ruin something special

I just got complimented that I have a really good butt (I am male) from 2 girls so I can be sure it isn't just someone weird fetish.

Could a female, or somebody explain me why is it attractive on a male body expect general good genes/well-being/fittnes ?

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I'd rather wait until I had my own place to do so but I just feel this weird pressure to progress things, not from her though. It just feels like I should before she finds it weird that so long has passed without me trying to.
To be totally honest my ideal and most dreaded situation are somehow the same: for her to bring it up and for her friend who really approves of me dating her to let us use her place. Dreaded because that would be intensely emasculating due to the last sentence here I don't really care about gender roles when it comes to other people so I don't know why I feel this way about myself

>got a girl's number
Good job to be honest, I keep forgetting to.

>This could be seen as flirting or her just being friendly. I wouldnt treat this as a romantic interest just yet until you get more signs from her
Signs such as?

Could she be mistaking you for a queer, making you her gay friend in her mind? That's the only alternative desu. If a girl's constantly hinting at or straight up asking you to do things with her then it means she's interested to some degree.

Just anything a lot more personal. Going out just you two, talking about sexual things, more physical contact, her sitting very close to you etc
Same way youre attracted to a girls bum.

>I don't think most girls would mind too much, especially if you're in the US.
I always got the impression that most girls would lose interest in a guy if they picked up the slightest hint that he may be bi while a minority of them would be into it as some sort of fetish thing, maybe I'm worrying about it too much but it's good to know that some wouldn't consider it necessarily a big deal one way or the other. I should probably mention these details in case they're relevant:
>lived together for a few years
>no butt stuff (tried it, didn't enjoy it either way, not interested in it now)
>age gap (but not some sort of weird situation where one of us supported the other financially, we both still worked professional jobs)

She only recently met me. She's only been in the country for 4 weeks. She's always asking me to join her and her friends for things. Like lunch or drinks. But your right she might just see me as a gay friends or something. How do I check?

Take the plung, if you were wrong then she'll rebuff and embarass you... not the end of the world, though you think it is.

What do you mean by take the plung? Do I just straight up ask her if she likes me sexually?

For women,
Just how attractive is humor to you? Can someone be too frequently funny? I'm becoming paranoid that I won't be taken seriously because I joke around too much

Yeah it's true I'm young so I still have time. I do find her pretty, although objectively she's around a 7, and I've known her for a year now, although I never thought of her as a potential partner until 2 weeks ago. The thing is that I'm a very empathic person and I care about her, so I wouldn't want to realise she's not for me after a few months and break her heart. I'm also afraid of meeting better girls later when I'm in uni but being ''stuck'' with her

How might I be able to find a girl open to the idea of beating the crap out of a muscular, conventionally masculine man (me) during sex?

However the female butts are connected to hipp size which can be usefull during childbirth and additional fat storage so can nuture the infant longer.

While males don't have to do any of it. But I get it now partly that it can be a social result.

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No just ask her out somewhere where only the two of you can go

The glutes are a muscle, women are attracted to muscles ergo women like glutes

Like asking her if she wants to go watch a movie together?

Something more intimate where you can both talk would be preferable but a movie could work

You could but you're probably too autismo to pull it off so you'll have to be a bit more subtle. Try just asking her out to do something with you on her own, for starters.

Your boyfriend probably sucks at sex.

I don't think I'm autismo. I find talking to people and faking various different personalities depending on who I'm talking to very easy and I make her laugh all the time.

So I started a new job a month or two ago, and I'm taking the bus in. There's a pretty girl on the bus as well. I'm not planning on asking her out right now. I don't have time for a girlfriend at the moment. I'm still getting used to the (long) commute and having almost no time to myself 5 days out of 7. I'll likely be more used to it and able to think about this sort of thing once it gets to midsummer. Thing is, I can't tell how old she is, so I can't tell if she's commuting for school or work. If she's commuting for school, she may not be around after May depending on whatever. Anyway, I've kind of been wanting to talk to her to at least find out. And maybe be friendly with her on the bus---I'm friendly with a couple of the other commuters that I can recognize.

But I'm beginning to suspect she thinks I'm creepy. I have a certain part of the bus I prefer to sit in if I can, which I usually can because I get to the bus early-ish. She had chosen seats around there as well. Up until one morning I acknowledged her, and nowadays she often sits further away. Or maybe I'm imagining it. Idk. It's hard to tell.

Anyway, one day this week once people got off at the first stop and there were seats open that I could move to and not have to share, I moved---to the seat behind her, but ironically not because of her.

But she didn't show up on the morning bus I took after that, and I'm not sure if it's because she thought I was creepy. I mean, I've been trying not to seem creepy? I don't think I've been too much. But it's hard to tell how I come off.

Anyway, my question: I feel absolutely horrid at the idea that she might have rearranged her schedule because of me, and I'd really rather she didn't have to do that. I'd rather rearrange my own, honestly. Is there anything I can do? I'm guessing not. Everything I've thought of seems even creepier. I just feel really bad, and I didn't even do much of anything.

i really want to have sex, but, i thoroughly believe that casual sex isn#t even remotely as good as in a relationship with feelings

You're right about that. Casual sex is a trap, just contain yourself and wait a little

Or her

If youre known as a jokester and then youre more serious to a girl it could make her feel special. One of my friends only jokes 24/7 and if he has a serious conversation with me I would feel very unique.
You need to get out of the idea of being stuck with someone. It's as if you expect the relationships youre going into to be bad already.
>although objectively she's around a 7
You dont sound that into it.
do you always think about childbirth when looking at a butt?

So have casual sex with real friends you chill with.

Yeah, there is a time and a place for humor if you're trying to entertain. But what happens if you start joking around while she wants to tease you under the table? Gonna chuckle it up still?

i know how it's like having sex in a relationship, sex with feelings between each other
i just find the idea of casual sex so distorted from what i want during sex
don't know user, like, i'll never be sure if that girl didn't contract something while fucking her other hundred dudes
in a relationship i at least have some security that she is just fucking with me i.e. the risk is way lower of contracting something

How do I give compliments to a friend who is a girl?
I am trying to be friends with this girl, I have known her for about a year now through a hobby.
She keeps bringing up stuff like how she just bought new pants or shoes or something, how she recently worked out. She compliments me for my contributions and she likes my ideas.
It feels like she is flirting with me, but I know she have a boyfriend, and I don't want to mess with that.
I don't want her to think I am cold or rude, because I don't know how to compliment her without making it seem sexual.
>just talk to her like she was a guy
I have tried that, but over the top gay jokes with male friends is funny, it is different with girls.
And I don't compliment a guys outfit as a guy would never bring it up to me.

Am I completely missing something here?

How to make sex better, if me and my boyfriend lost virginity together and don't have experience? He has great stamina, size, body and stays hard for hours, it's a shame that neither of us ever came during sex.
Any exercise advice for an unfit girl to get good in cowgirl?

Honestly dude, I have never acted this way with a guy unless I wanted to date him, so be wary of that. She probably is flirting with you.

That aside, if you want to say stuff to her that isn't really flirting and just friendly, here are some examples:

(buys new pants/shoes) Those are really nice! Where did you get them? Did you get a good deal?
(goes to the gym) Sick. Did you make any PRs?

Pretty much just try not to talk about how hot she would look and focus on the more practical aspects of whatever she is saying. It's pretty retarded but that's as far as you can go without her thinking you're flirting.

Hmm maybe you're right. It's my first time being that close to a girl so maybe I'm just falling on the first option I have. I think I'll wait longer, thanks for the advice user

That's why you don't raw anyway. Bag it up and have fun. Also STD infection rates for the really dangerous life threatening stuff are actually really low. Our biggest worries are Chlamydia, HPV, and Gonorrhea. Chlamydia is curable with antibiotics, Gonorrhea is curable too. HPV is the only tricky one because it's also nearly asymptomatic like Chlamydia but typically people with common curtesy disclose if they diagnosed with it.
There is a method to the madness and it's to just get regularly tested anyway if you have anxieties.

Another thing, dont make a habit of thinking every relationship youll be getting into will be the one. Have a more realistic approach of expecting things might not go how you want them to.
+ everyone has flaws, so dont go looking for the perfect girl