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>What do girls/guys think about ?
>Do like ?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of .
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. There is no "magic moment" (or activity) that will instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out. "Signs" of attraction are meaningless.

>Where do I meet people for ?
Anywhere outside. Or online. Above all, leave your comfort zone.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me.
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Coffee is the preferred first date, but any of the following may work: lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, froyo, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park, .

>I'm insecure because of my penis
>Do women prefer penises of certain qualities?
>How do I my penis?
Fuck off

>Why can't just give a straightforward rejection?!
>Why are terrible? . .
Fuck off

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Make one yourself! Try these macros:

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would a girl break up with their bf if they found out he watches blacked exclusively?

Girls, opinion on existential dread/questioning existence?

Man, that's retarded. Get your shit together.

Dude I just don't get it, I'm legit just walking around all day until I can be unconscious, then I get up tired and go interact with other people, waiting til I can go unconscious again or sit and do nothing

The right amount is enough to give you philosopher status.
Too much and it delves into emo queer status.

The very simple truth is that life is what you make of it, and anyone who is so brainlet that they can't work that out is to be avoided.

Bro I do make life what I want just I get people fucking it up for me, also I have to go through all these steps and shit if I want to at least have a comfortable place to be unconscious

But like, is slight dissociative episodes and some light references to it when I'm sad enough to make me emo queer?

How long do you usually wait before confessing your feelings to someone?
I've known him for almost two years but we've only started talking frequently lately and he's only interested in really serious relationships. I feel the same way. so I don't want to give him the wrong idea by telling him too soon... But how long does it take? I don't mind waiting of course, he seems more than worth it, he's a great guy... I just... Agh. I'm so overwhelmed by feelings and I hate it.

Not until I've been exclusively dating the person for several months.

It depends on the people involved, but with persistent exposure, not too much mind you, and the right KIND of exposure, it may be sooner rather than later


I wasn't joking. Life isn't an anime where people go around making love confessions to start out a relationship.

You need to be dating. If he's online-only don't bother.

Yeah but I think they more mean a "yeah I'd persue you" catch feelings

this isn't anime, don't go confessing some undying love with the heat of a thousand sun. you can admit feelings/attraction but don't be a spazz

Can any anonettes elaborate this
Feel like there's truth to
>she's arguing a point, hut she's also arguing YOU
I just don't ever see myself ending an interesting discussion with a woman, because she starts crying over me stating something she believes (e.g. something random like eggs are inherently bad) is wrong or that I don't agree with it. I don't want to trest women like little children that you have to give a game of chess to just to not upset them.

>online don't bother
Not everyone is a child like you, adult people have options and money and can travel or move.
You won't believe it but it actually happens a lot.

What is there to elaborate on? You don't need to argue until she cries. Bend your own rules.

Anonette here, yeah that is true but only for a certain subset of girls and gay men. You and a lot of other anons keep going for dramatic immature girls who expect men to do everything, and get surprised when dumb stuff, like crying over uninsulting statements , happens.
Date a girl with a phd/who does research and is responsible. and tell me she cries over dumb shit, only then i will actually be surprised.

Where do I find a girl? I’m a college graduate, and there are no single women in my social circle or employment.

Women: Is flirting just being friendly with the opposite sex? There are so many different behaviors that have been called "flirting" by people IRL and on here that I am completely confused as to what exactly flirting is. Is joking around with someone considered flirting? Is it something physical? I've joked around and jokingly teased women all my life but I've never considered it "flirting" and have never heard someone call it flirting. So what exactly is flirting?

>adult people have options and money and can travel or move
Adult people also have careers and responsibility, as well as the intelligence to find people local to themselves before doing a Hail Mary for some rando you find online.

If you aren't close enough to casually date extensively before going serious, it's not worth it. It's not that it can't work, but that the odds make it a waste of your time. Nobody is that uniquely good or uniquely right for you.

>You don't need to argue until she cries
She doesn't need to cry till we stop arguing. Why do I need to bend my mind just to not upset little delicate Miss Flowers?

>Date a girl with a phd/who does research and is responsible. and tell me she cries over dumb shit, only then i will actually be surprised.
Well, haven't dated or gone for a girl with a phd, but they were all in Uni already or going for it. And doesn't matter if they studied arts or law - I've seen it in all of them. Again, not all the time, but I reckon even once is too much.

But from what I get from you, I'm right in not backing down and if anything I should look for different girls?

It's basically cute banter. It's hard to explain exactly though.

>Date a girl with a phd/who does research and is responsible. and tell me she cries over dumb shit, only then i will actually be surprised.
Happened to me. My ex was brilliant, advanced degrees in biomechanical engineering, etc. She would panic and scream over spiders, and started crying insisting she has PTSD because her mom made her do dressage riding competitively as a teen.

Breaking up with her was the best decision I ever made, even if she did make $80k/year and owned real estate in the most expensive city in North America.

I promise you that people with PhD also cry

Many people are not tied and don't even want to be tied. It's just childish to generalise in that miserable manner and brings the quality of this board down. LDRs worked out for many actual, real and existent people and it happens rn as we speak.

>Nobody is that uniquely good or uniquely right for you.
Maybe not unique but rare enough and sometimes very very rarely right for you. But it's a moot point anyway since when you already love someone you love them and don't start computing logistics months in like a calculator

It’s hard for you to explain, because you are stupid.

I stated this in previous threads but I'd also guess that most of these crying girls are also on bc which is majorly fucking with their emotions. bc is bad for girls.
Don't back down just to please other people in your life. Be kind, but firm. This is your personal identity.
I promise you thick skinned girls like me do exist and we don't want a muppet who goes 'yes honey, you're right'. I had an ex who did that and i got so annoyed. I want a man who stands up for his beliefs. And before you say that i'm just saying that, I do have friends I disagree with on fundamental things, but we are still friends.
You could become a yes man if that's the relationship you want. It doesn't sound like it is. I don't think girls like me go to clubs and that sort of thing often, so i'd suggest doing outdoorsy, active stuff if you want to meet these girls

Nowhere. You can’t meet the girl you want anywhere.

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Tell me though, when you're in a relationship/interested in a guy, you don't mind friendly disagreement or anything like that, but you also don't want him to fight you tooth and nail over matters of opinion, right? You, more or less, expect him to know when to bend to avoid turning an impersonal argument into a personal one, right?

She was on bc, wasn't she? Anyway i'm still surprised, she sounds a bit mental. glad you got out of that

i had a good set of friends doing their phd and none of the girls did this stuff. maybe i got lucky

Flirting is just like being friendly except you have romantic intent. Touching, banter, sexual jokes, smiles, looks, laughing at each other, these are all things that could be platonic or could be flirting. The difference is in how the person intended them. It's up to you to use your judgement in determining what the other person intended.

Based and redpilled

I wouldnt even be friends with someone who fapped to/watched Blacked once

I don't want to fight tooth and nail over anything unless it's like my kid or stopping someone from raping someone else. I just don't fight over matters of opinion. I guess not many girls are like this. I've never made an impersonal argument into a personal one. even when i've been called names. i just leave the conversation if they start getting really upset.
i've had friends who were misogynists but accepted me and had my back when i needed it. I've debated with them over them hating women, but never started shouting or crying. No one got upset or took it personally. We both just called it a day and hung out the next week normally.
I really do not mind and in fact encourage differences in matters of opinion, as long as we're both respectful about it.

>i had a good set of friends doing their phd and none of the girls did this stuff. maybe i got lucky

Intelligent women do tend to be less emotional in the grand scheme of things, but y'all are still more emotional than men are on average.

You're probably also experiencing the simple difference in dealing with women as a woman, and dealing with women as a man. My experiences in my life have taught me that girls do kind of expect men to give them right of way. It's how they're brought up and how they're socialised and it's what they learn from their formative years. It's also a self-fulfilling prophecy. They learn to expect men to do the heavy lifting, men figure out that doing the heavy lifting is what women like, and so their expectations are reinforced. This all means that as a guy you can expect girls to pull stunts like crying or shifting arguments to personal stuff just to get out of tight situations just because they know you'll give them the right of way.

As a stubborn (to a fault) kind of dude, I have been occasionally happy to kiss a relationship goodbye over dumb arguments where I felt like I was being emotionally manipulated by a girl. They put their hand on the Big Red Button to get me to do what they want, so I press the button myself.

Even if you're gay and dealing with women romantically I very seriously doubt that the way women handle you is anything like the way they handle men.

>Many people are not tied and don't even want to be tied.
Yes, those are called children and young adults. Once you get past the age of 25 you either have a career or are married. Or, I guess, just live with your parents lol.
>Maybe not unique but rare enough and sometimes very very rarely right for you. But it's a moot point anyway since when you already love someone you love them and don't start computing logistics months in like a calculator
I have no fucking clue what you're going on about. You just destroyed your own point from the sound of it. If you're doing the low-throughput game (just talking to a single person online for years on end without dating anybody) you're asking for failure. Love is not enough. And when you've not dated, you can't say that what you have is love. What you have is more than likely infatuation.

I won't lie that women are more emotional than men generally. but i mean that i never saw the girls i hung out with do that stuff to OTHER men. of course they wouldn't cry at me, another girl, or try to emotionally manipulate ME.
it's modern media and other stupid crap that made lots of other girls like this.
I think you should continue to hold to your thoughts and beliefs and not be emotionally manipulated. Anyway I wasn't brought up to expect men to do anything for me (actually my parents weren't around, so these were my own ideas). i didn't understand crying to get what you want until college. i thought not splitting food bills on dates was stupid and the like. so anyway there must be other girls like me. you just have to keep doing you and that's better than bending to someone's manipulation.

Posted this toward the end of the last thread, thought id post it here.

..So there's this new girl at my university, she's new to the state, so she's been hanging out with me and my friends. We've gone hiking and drinking a couple of times. She came by the market I work at and had lunch with me, so we're definitely on good terms.

The only problem is that I'm not really sure when/if it's appropriate to make any moves or let her know I'm interested in becoming more than a friend. I mean I hug her when greeting, but that's about it.

I'm also concerned that one of my other friends might also be interested, and I kind of want to make something happen before he tries something.

Any wisdom/suggestions/advice?

>I thought not splitting food bills on dates was stupid and the like.
That's a thing?

I grew up very poor, and I scraped through university only to graduate into a job market that was burned to the ground (and the earth salted) by government funding cuts. I then spent several years volunteering and on welfare due to being "overqualified" for entry level jobs.
Until the age of 26 I didn't have a cent to my name and lived in the soil beneath the economic ladder. Consequently I never felt stable or financially independent until I (recently) scored a full time job, even if it's awful and low paying, and it's only now that I'm nearly 27 that I'm considering dating.
I thought it was customary that guys pay for the girl's meal, and I was less of a man for not even being able to take someone out for coffee.

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Sorry, I'm not OP I'm the guy telling him to let his girlfriend win arguments sometimes.

You are right and there are girls like you out there. I've even dated some of them. My message to the guy actually having this problem is that it's okay to to let your girl win. It doesn't take anything away from your argument to agree to disagree over things that don't necessarily matter, and certainly that don't need to come between your relationship. Like you said here you'd as happily walk away from an argument as let it become a big issue, and that's just the sane version of crying to end an argument. Yeah, crying is not cool, but also the fact that he feels the need to be stubborn until a girl resorts to crying just means that he needs to learn how to choose a hill to die on.

After all, by the time she's in tears you've unbalanced the relationship badly over something that (in his case) doesn't really matter, so it's far less harmful to learn to agree to disagree. You don't need to be a pushover you just need to be flexible. "Winning" in an argument is only rarely more important than the relationship at large.

>flirt with her

Yes it is.I'm not swedish but they also think it's weird to not split the bill:

I'm thinking that if i can pay for myself then why do i let the man to pay it for me? Am I a gold digger? I realize this is strange to think in america... usually when i suggested to split the bill on a date, the guy looked at me weird (but somewhat pleasantly surprised). Recently i went out with a guy and it was unspoken that we paid for our own, so that was nice.
It is customary in the USA for a guy to pay for a meal, but i think some other girls like me are wanting to split the bill to show that they are not just there to scam you for free food.

>I'd also guess that most of these crying girls are also on bc
Well, can't always say which ones are and which ones aren't. What I can definitely say is that my one really long actual partner was on bc before we got together, was on it the whole time when we dated and probably still is - and she was absolutely terrible with this. Smart girl, smashed lawschool, but fuck was she overemotional witht the slightest disagreements. Also totally the reason why I don't want to deal with this at all anymore and why I absolutely don't back down when the tears start coming

>Don't back down just to please other people in your life. Be kind, but firm.
That's what I try to do. As said, I never raise my voice, I never get personal, but I won't back down. And if the tears start coming or she goes like 'If we continue this discussion, I'm gonna start crying', I tell them calmly that if she feels like crying, she should let it out, thqt I won't judge her for it, but that I won't end a conversation because of it and like that and that I won't change my point because of it.

But still, as man you get socialised to read a girls tears as hurt/sadness and no normal wants to actively hurt a girl, so even though I stay firm, I sometimes feel I'm too hard/cold about it, which then makes me feel like she tried to manipulate me, which leads to not to positive feelings about her.

> I don't think girls like me go to clubs and that sort of thing often, so i'd suggest doing outdoorsy, active stuff if you want to meet these girls
Been overseas for over 1.5 years now, so absolutely no time for clubbing. So definitely not where I go to meet women.

Girls how much value, if any, do you place on a guy you like / your partner being capable of doing traditionally "manly" things like fixing cars and using power tools and all that jazz?

>What do girls/guys think about ?
>Do like ?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

I (girl) feel as if I immediately bore the men I go after. I'm trying to hit up a guy on IG (he lives in my city so not LDR) but I feel I already came off as flat and dull. What's the best way to get a guy interested, or show a guy I'm interested in him?

Does her name start with a P by chance?
Just flirt with her. Ask her to lunch or to dinner. If you wait fir the "right time", you'll miss your chance and either end up friend zoned, or your friend will move in first.

Cheers m8, exactly how I feel.

>so it's far less harmful to learn to agree to disagree.
I'd say I've learned that a while ago. If it's a matter of pure opinion (lets say rugby vs football), I'm more than happy to just call it a day and walk away. I generally don't try to convince people to agree with me, I just firmly state my opinion even if it means disagreement. Only when it's factually wrong stuff do I insist on it. So I feel I act the best, calmest I can about this, yet I get those - to me - childish cries. So why don't they learn to agree to disagree instead of this emotionally manipulative crying, which indeed is harmful to the relationship?

Correct, I am looking to hear individual opinions. This is just a question of interest considering that as a guy I place high value on girls doing traditionally feminine things like dressing up and being nurturing.

>What do girls/guys think about ?
>Do like ?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

"Hey baby what's up? Want to get coffee some time?"

Spark up a conversation. Talk about hobbies you might have in common. Or get to the point and ask him to lunch or dinner

Without wanting to sound like I'm talking through my fedora I will admit that I often find girls more boring than guys, and it's just a matter of the disconnect in our respective interests. I assume the feeling is more or less mutual and it's why having a few things in common is such a great help. I've got two female friends with whom I have nothing in common and I cannot spend more than an hour with either of them before I'm bored to death.

I think that the general solution to a problem like yours is to be conspicuously interested in him and his hobbies, or to be conspicuously interested in trying to get him into one of your hobbies. People like to talk about themselves obviously and if you can get them talking about something they've got a passion for then they tend to include you in that passion by association. The reverse also works, where your passion for something can be infectious to an observer so long as they have a passing interest in whatever it is you're doing.

Figure out some serious interest of his and invite yourself along, ask for instruction or if he'll give you lessons, give him an opportunity to play the big strong capable prince.

Also, DO NOT forget to flirt, and don't be too subtle about it. Nothing more dull and frustrating than a girl who can't flirt and then later you find out that she gave up on you because you never flirted with her at all.

That's true, you can't really generalize. I was on bc for a period of time and acted kinda like your ex.I still agreed to disagree, didn't take anything personally, but i'd weep constantly and not know why i was crying. So it's like a personal mission of mine to try and get other girls off of it( or at least raise awareness that it's bad for you).

>I won't judge her for it, but that I won't end a conversation because of it
that was really nice of you to say actually. This would be a huge positive in my net. I don't think you're cold about it at all. If you wanted to be nicer you could offer a hug or something but you're already being pretty nice without being a pushover.

I don't think she actively tried to manipulate you. i think she did her best but it didn't turn out well, and i totally see why you feel manipulated. don't feel badly about it.

I don't know, I was never good at comforting people or dealing with tears myself so i pat them on the back, and none of them were good enough friends that i'd bother continuing discussions. but you're being really nice about it and i don't think you should feel bad.

Eeesh, calling him "baby" seems a little rushed.

That's what I did, but I don't think he was receptive to it. He hasn't messaged me back yet so I can't say.

I see. What are some good ways to flirt if we're just texting online at the moment (he's on vacation right now, will return back to our city in a few days)?

Just ask him if he wants to meet and do something. It doesn't have to be so complicated. It's what you want so ask for it.

"Hey would you like to meet up for coffee once you return to [city]?"

Would that work, or does it need more?

>So it's like a personal mission of mine to try and get other girls off of it( or at least raise awareness that it's bad for you).
Probably can't generalize that either though. From my limited knowledge as man women respond very different to bc and the different sorts (pill, implant, ring, etc) and then the different brands aswell. So pretty sure not every women has negative effects on every kind of bc, but raising awareness is probably a good idea nonetheless. My ex btw was aware the bc played a role in it - always sad it made her a massive crybaby - but yeah...created big conflicts anyways.

Otherwise thanks for your opinion, appreciate it. Just one thing

>I don't think she actively tried to manipulate you
What do you then think it is? Just subconscious 'manipulation' (if that's even a thing), because it's a tactic many girls learn from a very young age? Or just an expression of the discomfort over the disconnect that the disagreement created?

My bf of a year & a half just received a text from his ex gf of 2 years. She told him to check his email. He told me he's not interested in reading it. The email from the title looked like some long ass apology. He didn't open it, said he wasn't interested. Told me not to worry because I expressed that I was and asked if he still had feelings and that if he did want to reply that it was okay and just to let me know.
She's pretty and I don't want to be paranoid. How do I deal? I don't want to sound crazy either.

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>The email from the title looked like some long ass apology.
Cringy as fuck. Why would you feel threatened by someone that doesn't have better shit to do than write long as apology-emails after being seperated for 2 fucking years? Seems super desperate that one. Assuming you're decent - considering your reaction so far you can't be too bad - why even bother? Don't stress too much, you can't do anything anyway.

Call him baby.

"Hey baby would you like to meet up...?"

You need to get his attention right?

Thank you

Doesnt start with P

But im curious, what exactly is flirting? Practical examples? Im a realative noob to this. I mean, im good at engaging in conversation and making people laugh, but flirting, i don't know

Wouldn't that scare him away?

Forgot to say too, she went back to her home state for spring break, but when she comes back we're supposed to go to a bar to watch a baseball game. Hopefully a good chance to flirt if i can figure this shit out

It might but you're clearly not getting anywhere by not taking a risk.

Not necessarily. You'd be taking the pressure off him to ask you out

I should have mentioned, this guy is kind of a player. He refers to himself as a "sex god". But me, being shy and timid, feel as if anything I do will scare him away, or make me look desperate, so I mute myself and become "boring". Should I just go for it or are there things I should think about first?

How important are a+t to guys? I'm not blessed in either, but I could at least do gam exercises... Also is it weird for a girl to ask a guy out? I feel like if they were interested they would ask me first.

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As soon as you feel them. Honesty is the best policy and if anything goes wrong, it's never because you were honest.

>How important are a+t to guys
More or less as important as height in men is to women
>I feel like if they were interested they would ask me first.
Some men are very reserved or are bad at picking up signals. What women think are obvious signs of attraction are often lost on men so don't fret if he hasn't responded to your advances.

>How important are a+t to guys? I'm not blessed in either, but I could at least do gam exercises...
In practice most physical assets don't mean much if feelings are involved. Last girl I had a crush on was flat as a pancake on both ends but she was fun as fuck to talk to. Theoretically speaking I'm an ass man, not too worried about tits but appreciate their existence greatly, but a nice ass will make me swoon. Literally start doing squats.

>Also is it weird for a girl to ask a guy out? I feel like if they were interested they would ask me first.

Not weird, and you're also abdicating way too much responsibility by implying that a man should always be the one to come and ask you out. Have you even flirted with him or indicated your interest? You can't expect a guy to do all the work all the time, it's just not fair and not practical.

Ive never heard anyone refer to themselves as a "sex god", it sounds to me like fronting.

I say you should go for it

He's black/Caribbean so yeah.

"Hey baby would you like to go out for coffee when you come home?"

He should be pursuing you. I would not want a girl approaching me as it would be a huge turn-off. It would make me feel like I'm above you and I'd never feel satisfied with you because I could never feel like you're a "catch". If you want your man to think of you as a "catch" then he has to work for you, he has to feel like he earned and deserved you. Being too available, he's just like... I can do better... this pretty girl just walked in my life for free, I wonder what'll happen if I actually try next time... I bet I could get that even prettier girl!

He's probably being honest with you. You can trust men with stuff like this. Be honest in return and he'll do amazing things. Tell him the thought is bothering you and makes you feel insecure. Emphasis on how it makes you feel.

Also tell him that I (peanut butter) said "Girls often don't need help or solutions to their problems, but validation that their feelings are OK and their desires are reasonable. It gives them a sense of security and trust with you."

Understand that men often try to solve problems instead of listening to your heart. Your boyfriend solved this and apparently solved it well, he doesn't even care about the email. But he forgot to listen to you and tell you it's OK to feel that way. So as a temporary proxy, I will tell you anonette that you're perfectly fine to feel the way you do. I would too in your position. His ex probably meant a lot to him at the time and she is pretty, and now you know she is thinking about him.

This hurts because you love him. You're not crazy, you just really really value what you have. He loves you too (proof is in his solution). He doesn't want you to feel this way and he'd do whatever it takes to help you.

So my advice is to
-Think of what you need; something actionable he could do; communicate it to him
-Pass along my message above and tell him how much it helps to feel understood
-Accept he may not fully "get it" but he does love you

I and all civilized men prefer smaller chests and toned, healthy looking bodies. It's silly to just think "ass" because there's a bit more to it. It matters how appealing you look when you're bent over. Like the tones on your back, the back of your upper thighs, the shape of your hips, and yes your ass. It's the whole picture that counts and we look for a girl that's fun to have sex with. If you were bent over naked in front of him; would you describe your body as "fun"? If yes, you're good

>Also is it weird for a girl to ask a guy out?
Terrible idea. This is how you guarantee a man will never take you seriously.

So I should be a tease?

How do I go about that?

Please don't listen to this schizo and filter him

what kind of 22 year old girl would sit my lap saying she loved me and she needed me at university. refused to meet me outside of class and allow a teacher to fuck her in the toilet next door. and then sit back on my lap like its nothing asking me to kiss her.

When is it ok to talk to you women?

Like if I see you're wearing a shirt for a band I like, when can I actually walk up and just talk about the band?

I legitimately do not talk to women I do not know anymore, unless it's a waitress asking for my order.
Never had this problem with dudes, I can point out any random stoner or metalhead and say "Yo, you like weed/metal? Me too" and then odds are at the very least I'm likely to have a quality conversation.

The kind thats a bit crazy

>>Also is it weird for a girl to ask a guy out?
>Terrible idea. This is how you guarantee a man will never take you seriously.
Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

she is with with her bf of 7 years this happend almost 2 years ago. it still hurts me.

i dont know how to move on even though nothing really happened. apart from a few handjobs.

You know that approach you take to talk to men? Use the same logic when talking to women.

One more thing: I sent him a DM, he has yet to respond. When he does, should I immediately ask him out, or keep a convo going? When is the right time to ask?

Just chat with him as normal. You want to let him have every little victory and eventually he'll ask you out.

Take interest in him, ask about him and think about what he says, have meaningful depth to it.

Like when you ask how his day was; he might say "good, long" Then you can ask him what he did; then you can ask about one of the things; then just talk about it and vibe with him. You want to get him super comfortable talking to you. You can do this by being judgment-free and interested. Only talk about yourself when he asks or if it relates to his story.

He'll feel special (as he should) and comfortable. He'll see value in you and hopefully ask you out. Remember to let him have little victories: laugh at his jokes, share your number if he asks, etc; it could mean a lot to him.

So your original question was how to avoid sounding flat and dull? Take an interest in him and keep the conversation on him.

Do it and don't cry to me when he leaves you for a prettier (or uglier lol) girl who actually made him feel like he landed a "catch".

>I feel like if they were interested they would ask me first.
You're right I just want to point out: we're scared! But you can help us

--Hold eye contact a second longer with guys just normally, get into the habit of making guys feel comfortable with you.
--Listen to men a lot; really learn to listen a be a good listener
--Let yourself feel happy when you talk to a guy you like, even if it's subtle, we love talking to happy girls because it validates us and tells us we're doing good
--Guys worry about boundaries, give him the feeling that he can talk to you for as long as he wants and it's OK.
--Smile, keep your sense of humor, and be a little goofy

im not a child. i dont waste my time having silly crushes. if i like someone i think about it and i tell them very soon. you don't want to miss your shot because people are always flirting.

I'm not sure if this will do the job of turning him on to me. Again, I'm afraid I'm going to come off as boring.

And again, this is a guy who has been with several women. He expects sex. If I don't show sexual interest he might abandon me and find some other chick.

Girlfriend told me about a friend of hers who has two guys she sees on/off, and essentially only uses for sex. Other than that, she apparently has no romantic longing whatsoever. Is this common? Seems weird from a mans perspective.

I'm a man.
I'm under the interpretation that it's potentially criminal to a approach a woman that isn't sexually attracted to you.

Even if a fatso ugly bitch approaches me and asks for my number, I'll at least try to figure out what her deal is.

I tried that, in fact I used to constantly approach women and introduce myself over common interests.

Get called fuckboy, creep, fag, etc

If you just want casual sex and nothing more, then ask him out. It'll work but he'll never take your seriously.

If you want to not sound boring, you do that by being interested in him. I know I over-explained it in my last post but just think about it. What makes you interesting is if you're:
>a dancing monkey/clown
>interested in him
>have a common hobby you're both passionate about

The second option is your best shot.

>potentially criminal to a approach a woman
Yeah-- in hell maybe

I can't even take your seriously anymore.

Sorry? Idk what to tell you.
Almost every woman I know has a story about a nice guy giving her innocent attention and how he's a "stalker"

Yeah and once I walked down the sidewalk and tripped and fell. I still walk on the damn sidewalk every single day.

Get out of the advice board; you despair-slinging retard. Seriously the worst possible thing you can be on an ADVICE BOARD is a DESPAIR SPREADER. Get out and don't return. Go ruin other peopl's lives.

Say I'm out buying groceries, again let's just say I see a girl wearing a band shirt of a band I like

There's no way for me to initiate conversation without taking a risk of being humiliated.