What will the repercussions be if I(18male) moved out of my mom's place into a studio apartment and got a realistic sex...

What will the repercussions be if I(18male) moved out of my mom's place into a studio apartment and got a realistic sex doll? I'm not ugly or weak, I just don't have much friends and no desire to go out to public places and waste my money. I do drive to the beach very early in the morning on Saturdays to read a good book for a few hours though.

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What will the repercussions be?
What the fuck are you talking about?
It will cost you money, so you'd have to get a job probably.
What a dumb question, honestly.

living alone is depressing

>no desire to waste my money
>wants to buy a realistic sex doll

Which sex doll company do you work for? Are they paying you well?

This is a one time purchase.

And how much is this one time purchase? Don’t forget to add it to your monthly rent, gas, food, electric, water, and internet bills.
Damn this is starting to get expensive

Well since I'm saving up most of my money, it might be a few thousand. But my goal is to save up $4-6K before move out. This will probably take until August/September.

You could get a real girl for a fraction of that cost

Also here is my budget list. It's really just the average prices of bills, taxes, etc. The rent however, is the real cost of some of the nicer looking studio apartments in my area.

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18 and wants to move out of his parents house so he can buy a sex doll. Lel.
Are you being serious? Literally jerk off and clear your head. A sex doll won't provide you companionship man.

Yeah, but I graduated without ever really doing anything with girls and didn't want to be a part of any groups. I always thought that the pretty girls who were dressed in all of the name brand clothes were making fun of me/ pitying me whenever they tried to talk with me.

Okay yeah you got more problems than I thought. But don’t get the sex doll, it’s a poor substitute for the real thing. Get a pocket pussy or something like that.

It's just me, my older brother, and my mom. It's starting to get hard to live with them. I can't say that they are toxic, I think I just need to develop away from them. I only really plan on working, going to gym, and trading and investing.

I already have one

>Netflix 14
>Chill 100

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It's $14 because I have the UHD version. I managed to get $270 4K TV for Christmas.

Glad to see the work of actually making an estimated budget. But groceries are way too low. And no budget for ordering takeout. 150 to 200 a month for groceries is way too low. It looks like that is to include everything from food to toiletries to household cleaners and goods.
I suggest you actually try to buy all your own food for the week and see the cost and what you will be eating. Or at least keep a list of everything that you eat in a week and try to accurately calculate the price of it.

He said get a pocket anus, I already have one.

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I already know all of that. I'll be eating at a calorie deficit, that's why the groceries are cheap. It's mostly gonna be dried rice, dried beans, sauces and seasonings, and vegan meat substitutes. Toilet paper and paper towels, soap and shampoo won't impact it too much. I'll be living a pretty disciplined life. Gas might be a bit more because I plan on going to the beach every Saturday morning and reading somebooks/studying.


Is that actually strange? I have my penis death grip for a while and couldn't get hard on, so I bought the cheapest fleshlight I could find. My dick works again now that I am not crushing it anymore in my hand

why don't you jack off like a normal person

I really want to feel supple titties and ass. Isn't that what normal guys want?

Get a hooker for that

Mate, you don't need a sex doll. There's no point in tarnishing your character and becoming a weird recluse who can't connect with anyone. Every relationship or female I've ever been close to has seemingly fallen into my lap. I used to watch lots of porn and I'm certain people could tell something was off with me, my confidence was shot and I felt like an addicted piece of shit. It was always on the back of my mind. I feel like it would be the same of o knew I owned a sex doll. A pocket pussy is one thing but a doll is too far imo. I would love to fuck one but never own it.. I have a gf now and she fulfills and sexual desires I have, she loves to please me.. don't feel like I would have roped her in if I felt strange about myself. Btw we met online playing games and have met up multiple times and I plowed the shit out of her. Basically what I'm saying is especially so young don't focus on your perceived failures with the opposite sex, live your life, better yourself and wait fo the opportunity and take it. You never know one day you can have a realistic sex "doll" who will want to duck you twelve ways till Sunday. It's your life but they are expensive and not worth imo but best of luck either way

I could definitely fap to those sex doll photos.

>It's okay for women to buy these machenations that plug em with plastic phallaic objects for her sexual needs

>But it's not okay for a man to buy a female shaped plastic lump to fufill his sexual needs

Living as a man really is hard mode. Not even OP so don't try to shame me.

fuck pillows don't have asses or breasts to feel. normal people do not want to fuck a pillow or a tire or a chair

But no one cares about pocket pussy, which is the equivalent of a dildo. If a girl got a male sex doll that would be weird, same for if a guy got a sex doll use your brain

sorry, is there a video anywhere of this particular doll getting fucked
would really like to see that

Yeah, but this is a very nice looking doll. Not a pillow.

Nah, they still care. Yeah, companies like Fleshlight and Tenga are making it slightly more socially acceptable, but still nowhere near the "empowerment" or acceptance it is for a girl to own a dildo. The general consensus is still that a guy who buys a sex toy is seen as a loser.

It's a tripfag, they're automatically worse off than you
Don't reply to them and don't give them the time

When moving out ascertain monthly rent and attempt to figure out a cost for food and for bills. Draft this up as a monthly budget.
People are right, the doll is gonna be pricy. That's the big object right now since you're not exactly working a 70k salary.

Yeah you can easily google it. I highly recommend watching some and then watching amateur porn with real people so you realize how uncanny valley these dolls are.

I can never find it just looking around like that, I mean specifically this meme doll with the hair and clothes and everything

learn to be digitally literate. it’s really not hard to reverse image search or search phrases like “sex doll grey hoodie”

It's only gonna cost about 2 months of working, then I can start saving up for the move out, which might take another 2 months. So hopefully by September. I'm not actually gonna buy it until I move out.

for about 3 seconds, i doubted whether that was a real woman before before reading the post... wow, but also..huh. i never thought i'd say this, but i actually would support you doing it: it is very transgressive, degenerate and abnormal, but i reckon it's also kind of progressive (in a futurism way). you will need to think about some things though:

1) for casual guests and family: hide it... don't be the guy that sits there next to his "gf" and larps like it's an actual companion... it's not, and you will alienate every one of the few people that associate with you by pretending it is

2) develop a very good sense of humour, because you WILL be found out (or you may share it with someone close to you). If you can't casually play-off/downplay/make light of the fact that you spent money on faux pussy, you will face complete and utter social ostracisation from all sides, and your already low self-worth will plummet. This will actually be easier if you are more open about it, believe it or not. and, of course the rest of your time owning the sex doll will be spent deliberating whether or not you can confide in the people around you.... you can't tell everyone, can you? or is that anyone?

3) the fact that you would be hiding such an important part of your lifestyle from so many people is bad for your self-esteem... it WILL affect your confidence. when you confront this problem down the line, and don't bin the doll, you will at that point commit yourself to being 'a sex doll guy' indefinitely, therefore resigning yourself to never having a meaningful sexual relationship with another semi-normal woman. the best you can hope for is some kinky tart that lives thousands of miles away and RPs with you till you have enough money for her ticket. this frumpy bat of a woman will look nothing like your exquisite sex doll, but once you get over the general disappointment in her you might develop a kind of vague affection for each other

you need to buy them asap because feminist are trying to ban them and they don't want to lose sexual power over men. I will buy one right after I start my new high paying job.

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Independence is fucking amazing. Yesterday I played video games for the entire day. Ate healthy snacks and I took a loud shit with my door open. Because I can do whatever I want, this is my house.

None? I guess it'd set you back a couple thousand dollars, but nothing besides that.

Haha, someone doesn’t know that there are way more toys for women than men...
No one is going to take your sex dolls away, they will only become more sophisticated. Silly boy

If there will be repercussions, they will be more on account of you moving out than having a sex doll - unless you make it a source of your issues. It's like porn, or sex toys women have - keep it stashed properly when not in use, keep it private, leave that part of your life as it's meant to be - personal and don't let it dominate your life.

I can absolutely understand your attitude and would consider getting a realistic doll myself if not the fact that the ones of quality I'd find worth using at all are too expensive, I have better things to spend money for and in general, my sex life I manage well enough without one.

First ensure that you can live on your own well enough at all, being able to study, work, support yourself etc rather than think about moving out for the sake of getting at that silicon pussy.

But STD's? Also I don't want a to fuck someone who is only fucking me for money, if I don't need to.

I mean what's the point of working for money if you aren't going to blow it on drinking and snorting blow off chicks asses?

I want to be able to travel and live away from others.

I love this absolutely retarded theory that assumes women would have any interest in the kind of losers that would have sex with a doll.

Who hurt you lil nigga?

I've never heard of anyone who "came back" from owning a sex doll. Once you go down that rabbit hole there's no coming out of it.

You're going to die alone while pretending that your sex toy is a real person and your actual wife.

Just get a fleshlight instead. It's not the same thing as a full-blown sex doll.

Not that user, but $200 for groceries is way more than one person needs for a month. $100 is about reasonable. Anything over $150 means you're probably buying things you don't need.

>implying women are not going to lose their shit the more men get them

men are already leaving their wives for sex dolls.

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Damn, that one looks pretty nice

Pretty much this though I also realize that there may be a huge difference of prices. There are places where you can get decent grub half-free and ones where to just not go hungry, people pay through the roof.


I want children, this will just be for a few years until I can save up for a nice town home and start wife shopping.

So? Women can still get any man she wants. Think you are a bit too paranoid.

It depends on one's diet, how much they actually eat, what sort of stores they have nearby, etc.

Veggie meat costs about $4 a pack, I get 5 a week
Frozen veggies cost $3 for a big pack, get 2 a week
Big bag of Jasmine rice that can last a month, costs $15
Get a pack of waffles $4 a week
Big jar of peanut butter cost $6, once every two weeks
It's really just seasonings and sauces, and some fresh garlic and onions that may run the bill up. Again I'm on a calorie deficit, so I won't be buying a ton of food.

Why do you think you're just gonna be able to summon a wife out of thin air when you're older, when you're not practising your social, emotional and sexual skills?

Mail order bride? Who knows, maybe I'll just choose to get a surrogate mother

>Mail order bride?
Cool way to have someone steal all your money and cheat on you

>Who knows

well maybe you should think about it for a minute.

So then how do you get a good wife that will put the children first

So people claim. I've yet to see any proof of that, though, and the evidence is against them considering I've lived in a few different places and all of them it's been roughly the same prices. (Well, except Poland.) And given that most people tend to overspend---and that I've watched people including myself overspend like that? Yeah, I'm not really convinced.

>It depends on one's diet
Well, yes. If you eat only champagne and caviar, it costs more than if you eat only famine foods. When I say "$100 is plenty", I'm assuming that you limit your splurging to a minimum. Not none, but at least have realistic food purchases.

There's a few different ways, and none of them involve having a 5000$ sex doll

not paranoid they are being ban in different countries and they are getting regulated. OP needs to buy one asap just in case.

But I need an outlet for my sexual desire. And I really just want to fondle some big titties and a phat booty. I know girls won't be there for me 24/7, so what's wrong with this.

idk, have a bit of self control? How are you gonna have girls over or try to meet a nice traditional virgin wife when you've got a human-sized sex doll already taking up her spot in the bed or creepily sitting in a chair in the living room?

Don't give the incel nails for his coffin.

I'm not an incel, I said girls tried to "talk" to me in highschool. Also, I don't think I'll have too much people other than my mom in my life, so i"'m good right now. I can always throw it away.

Still in the wrong. Certain sex dolls are stopped by customs because the sex dolls resemble underage girls. That’s illegal. Sorry bro, no pedo stuff allowed.

>I'm not an incel, I said girls tried to "talk" to me in highschool.

When was the last time you went on a date or kissed a girl.

> I can always throw it away.
shit costs thousand of dollars. Just buy a fleshlight.

You said in another post that you want to squeeze some titties and slap an ass but with a sex doll you're just slapping 5000$ worth of silicone. They're not actually an ass or tits. When you slap your doll's imitation ass it doesn't react to you, it can kiss you or dig its nails into your back or whisper into your ear or anything. You're just humping a big piece of plastic and convincing yourself that it's just like a real girl.

Why do you think you can't get a girl?

What's so special about girls that I need one? Other than children, I'll get children regardless.

I just don't want one right now, and I don't wanna spend time playing "the game" or whatever it's called.

It doesn't have to be a girl, it can be a guy, or some some of weird tranny or hermaphrodite or something.

It's just nice to share your life with a fellow human being, rather than humping a giant piece of plastic and pretending that it's a human being.

Nah, that's just weird.

why get a hooker when you can just get a sex doll?

It's weird to date girls?

Because a sex doll is a human-sized embarrassment that officially tells the world "I have given up!"

so is buying a hooker

A hooker doesn't stay in your apartment or house.

So as long as no one knows, it's alright? Why didn't you just say so baka, that just means I have to get the version of doll that can be broken down and put away

all the more reason to buy a sex doll

I mean it's not like social perception means anything at that point, you buy a hooker and not only are you telling the world you can't get a women normally but also imply you are supporting human-trafficking

worst perception you get out of sex-dolls is that you view women as objects, a view you probably already are subjected to by the time you contemplate getting one. Not to mention the problem of STDs, the coldness of a transactional relation when the whole point is fucking an actual woman, and the fact that when you buy it once you can use it as many times as you want. I see no advantage of prostitutes over sex-dolls.

Why would you go through the trouble of the building and disassembling a 5000$ human ikea table every time you want to jerk off or when someone comes over and then you have to be like DO NOT OPEN THIS CLOSET DOOR

If you walk into your apartment with a hooker and your neighbor sees you, you can be like "hey this is my hot date we just met at the club"

If you walk into your apartment carrying a sex doll and your neighbor sees you, they see you carrying a sex doll.

You're assuming I'll actually have people, I won't

You've said two or three times in this thread that you want to get married eventually.

Then I'll throw it away, once I actually get to the point financially that I can consider bringing children into the world.

How are you going to have the social skills to find and please a girl when you've spent 5-10-15-20 years just humping a sex doll avoiding human contact?

But I don't avoid human contact, I just don't want to do the typical short-sighted hedonistic activities (other than weed) that the people my age do.

You said you weren't going to talk to girls because you don't see the point, and then said you weren't going to invite people in general over to your place because of the giant sex toy that lives there.

> the typical short-sighted hedonistic activities

Dropping several thousands on a sex toy is all of those things, well maybe not typical but for sure short-sighted and hedonistic

Strip club my man.

For around $30, the hottest girl you see will take you somewhere private and ley you fondle her and she grinds her pussy on your dick.

But what is the point of talking to girls? Does talking to girls get you laid? Will people help me make the money that I need and want to make? No they won't, America is the land of opportunity, not the land of friendship and kindness.

I don't want blue balls and dirty passed around women infecting my clothes. Thanks for the suggestion guy

>But what is the point of talking to girls?
It's enjoyable to talk to girls and people in general you mumbling autist.

> Does talking to girls get you laid?
Yes, it can.

>Will people help me make the money that I need and want to make? No they won't, America is the land of opportunity, not the land of friendship and kindness.

What does this have to do with anything

Yeah, your exactly the happy go lucky kind of fool that doesn't achieve much in their life.

You'd have to work your ass off to pay for that doll as well as pay rent and utilities.
Otherwise, who cares. Just keep your doll clean and hide her when you have company over

Did you reply to the wrong post?

>This thread bumping whole fucking day.
>Two (2) replies with images of dolls
Fucking why