Hit rock bottom what do

All my good friends simultaneously left me. I basically have nobody left to talk to. Not only that but I spent so much time with them that everything reminds me of them. It's been about 2 days since and everything feels really empty. Currently trying to find new friends. Any advice on where I can find new friends or what to do in this situation.

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Cheer up, champ. We're all the friends you need.

How did they leave you and why?

>trying to find new friends
What about work/school?
If there aren't people at work/school, your prospects are poor, have you considered moving somewhere new?

And why did your fiends all leave you?

Differing opinions. It's never come up before. Granted It's all on me that it happened but there was no hostility between anyone. We said our goodbyes and that's it. I think they cut all contact as well. At least it didn't end on a shit show and nobody got pissy.

What were the differences in opinion, if you feel like sharing?

Work/school is a no-go. That's why I found said friends. One was a really good irl friend that was the only one I ever talked to, we also had some history together. The other 2 were online friends but still equally as important. As for moving, I really can't afford it.

How old are you?


Mostly just general worldview things.

I can relate since my former best friend and I cut it off cut it off for the same reason. Honestly, having an improper closure with your former friends can have you regretting it months later. I contacted him again after about a year, asked him why he did a few things, got my answer, and felt better. As for finding new friends, look for people who share your "general mindset". It's hard to explain.

We did get proper closure here. One of them said he might get back to me but at this point I doubt it. Even though I'll still be waiting.

It's hard to figure out if it IS proper closure until a few weeks or so after the break up. You might find yourself thinking back at a specific detail of it and regretting out it played out.

Then I guess it's not proper closure because there's so many things I regret about it. Absolutely everything went wrong even though it didn't look like it.

if u wanna play terraria i am here

Well, as difficult and awkward as it may be, you should look into sorting it out with them (not necessarily with the goal of reconciliation)

Sorry user I don't own terraria

i can get u a torrented version
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Ah I can probably do it myself. Thanks for offering to play with me user but i haven't really been feeling like vidya lately.

Kinda hard. They cut all ties.

Go someplace where you will be DOING something. Join a club, join a team, join a gym, take a random night school class, do volunteer work.

Because you'll be among others doing the same thing, chatting will be natural. Because you're focused on what you're doing, you won't feel self-conscious about talking.

Not everyone will become friends. Some will. At worst you'll have something to do one or two evenings a week

We have a board game/tcg club and I probably could do some volunteer work. But every time I do something similar I'm always dead silent until someone asks for something or I have to say something. Is there a specific way to engage more or should I just wing it?

it just happens for some people around this age it happened to me after my first year of college but i made new friends there and started hanging out with people in my neighborhood who i hung out with as a kid. just don’t worry about it and move forward is the best advice i can give.

This sounds like you just lost some online friends that never fostered genuine friendship in the first place. You guys were just distant chatting pals with no emotional ties to eachother. It's good that you're not together anymore. Get off the computer and go outside and make real friends.

Not really. One of them was an irl friend. We've known each other for a long time and fostered a really good bond. The others might not have been irl but we still cared about each other a lot and helped each other out despite just chatting online.