Can I rape and not get caught? How?

Can I rape and not get caught? How?

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Go to burger prison and jerk off, it counts as self-rape

>Can I rape and not get caught?

What the fuck would you expect of us to tell you? We already have enough degenerates around.

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Do it in Sweden.

Get a gf with a rape fantasy.. otherwise just fuck off rape isn't cool

We are Jow Forums not /judgement/

Whatever you want to do with her you have 2 options

The forceful way or the sneeky way
The forceful way WILL get you in jail because if you get caught no jury will sympathize cse with you however it can be used on any random girl

The sneeky way needs to be focused on one girl. Take your time earn her trust, even date her, then do your thing

Its been nice knowing you, see you in jail

they didn't prevent the nz shooter
there's no fbi monitoring here

>even date her

Okay, now once you're married with a few children it's time to take your shot. Take her, take ownership of her and her orifices

>"Hey wrong hole what the fuck"
>"Oops sorry honey"
>[continues biding time]

Watch Leaving Neverland. All the answers you seek will be found.

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Lol it took me a second to figure out what burger prison is because I'm burger


The fuck man

I once came in here asking about revenge and literally everyone went all white Knight on me

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literally at any college or frat party

Be rich and white

my advice is to see a therapist instead and talk to them about your lack of empathy for others and extreme sexual urges

And then rape a therapist

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Use drugs and a fake name or sneak into a collage residence odds are collage kids don't have guns. Also you will defiantly leave some kind of DNA if you have a serious record it could come back to you. Do the crime preferably out of state or a great distance from where you live don't bring your phone cellphone towers will pick up the ping. Btw since you are going to leave DNA because of Locard's principal fun inside if you are gonna do it do it right. If you kill her it is murder and more people will be put on to investigate if it is just rape odds are there won't be many officers working the case. Collage age girls are easy targets because they usually go to the campus police first and campus police do nothing really until the official police arrive and collages keep these things hushed up to avoid bad press so if your lucky police won't be involved till the next day by which time you would have left the state. Stake out the place a week in advanced to look for security cameras if you want go all out rent a car when you take your trip to avoid leaving evidence in your car the rental will be cleaned and usually it would take them a while to figure out you used a rental.

Btw I don't not agree with rape I think it is horrible. However I wanted to figure out if I could post an effective guide on how to commit this crime I think I did a decent job anyone feel free to add to my plan or criticize it in any way.

>using a car at all
I disagree with this. I think if you want to do a rape and get away with it, your best method of transportation would be either a bike or just on foot.

Well I guess on foot is good and all but I also mentioned committing the crime out of state or a distance from the base unless he uses public transport which has cameras he will not be able to make an effective retreat. But I can see how cops could be told what car he is driving and stop his escape.

Maybe a car would be good after he gets about 10 miles out of dodge and ditches the bike in a black neighborhood.
I mean, it would be pretty much necessary.
I think the only other option would be using one of those parachute fan things.
Sounds stupid, but if you used one of those, not only do you look too ridiculous to be a criminal, but you can't really be pulled over or stopped by police until you land.
I would not imagine a criminal to be flying through the air on a lawn chair.

That is a smart idea I think that the bike is added to the plan if you leave it in a black neighbourhood some one will steal it so the evidence is taken care of btw all bikes have a serial number in the bottom of the frame file it down in order to prevent a trace should the cops pick up someone who stole the un attended bike. But if you decide to fly away I think even if the cops caught up to you they might just let you go it would be pretty cool to fly away.

>yfw someone gets raped because of this thread.