Girlfriend wants to go on holiday with another guy

so my girlfriend said she wants to go on holiday with another guy

theres more information behind this but i want to know what the general consensus on this is before i reveal more info

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Sounds suspicious, but I'm not one to immediately assume without further details.

Just her and another guy ? That's weird as fuck.

Give more details tho

More details.. already sounding sketchy to me.. tell her you wanna go on a trip with another girl and see what she says

>theres more information behind this but i want to know what the general consensus on this is before i reveal more info
No, just say the whole fucking thing. All you're gonna get is a thread full of advice that doesn't actually relate to your situation

Provide the deets if you want actually actionable options.

Oh come on man, you know what the volcels are going to bark.
just spill

they are already fucking. trust me.

How much do you want to bet they're co-workers going on a company retreat together or something like that?

Beat ya to it

so im not wrong to see this as suspicious?
i think shes gas lighting me into thinking its not suspicious

so she introduced me to this "male friend" of hers (that she previously told me she finds hot)

synopsis of this day
> we meet up and go to a store to buy some snacks, shes being a bit moody but i dont mind
> i buy a cheese and chilly pastie (im britbong so dont judge me) and she buys a different flavour and she starts arguing that its a strange flavour etc. why would you buy that( not significant again)
> so we get to the venue where we were meant to watch a sports game and theres a bunch of people there from a company having a party and they have a bunch of cupcakes and i asked if i could take a couple and because they had plenty they said it was fine
> gf gets angry that i asked "they're obviously for free why would you ask"
> i give her one and sit down, she then hits me and tries to snatch my cupcake from me (wtf?)
> she said that while i was sitting down my arm went into hers ( it obviously didnt)
> moments later we are watching the match and this other guy comes along, were sitting on a bench and she tells me to MOVE OVER so that he can sit next to her (her me space) = original , whereas she wanted (her him me)
> i said "no whats the point"
> also when the guy came along she hugged him for like 15 seconds wtf?
>whilst were watching the game she doesnt talk to me at all she only talks to him
> game ends, he snapchats the other people around us celebrating etc. and the video records both me and her

> she gets upset that she recorded the two of us together and starts telling him to delete the video
> she says its because she doesnt look good in the video, the guy starts telling her "dont worry you look sexy in the video"
> he goes to the bar and she RUNS after him leaving me on my own (wtf?)
> two of her friends come along and i talk to them whilst shes still asking him to delete the video
> we go to a burger place and she sits down and i try to sit next to her and she says " no i want him to sit next to me"
> whilst were eating she doesnt talk to me at all, she spends most of the time talking to him
> body language is suspicious (staring at him, twisting her necklace whilst looking at him etc.)
> at the end of the day she choose to walk back with him instead of me whilst i go a different direction

let me give you the short answer
you're a cuck if you don't break up with her


apparently she "met him at a party" and has known him for 1 year

when i met him she said shes known him for one year but he said shes "known of him for a year but only known him for half a year"

So this is either very, very expertly crafted bait or you have absolutely zero self-esteem and your girlfriend is literally Satan.

she says he has a girlfriend etc.

but shes previously accidentally let it slip that she once had sex with a guy that had a girlfriend in uni - she didnt intend on telling me this but told me by accident apparently

keep in mind this is a guy she was bragging about to me "a politicians son used to be interested in me"

sounds like shes doing that thing women do where they confuse basic decency with being a beta-bitch, and now shes bored of you because you wont "Challenge" her

Ok, hold on. I have to ask; are you 100% positive that this girl is your girlfriend? Like, if we asked her if you two were boyfriend and girlfriend would she say yes?

not bait

i am ghosting her/trying to break up with her but im not sure if im being insecure/controlling

im glad to see that im not and that shes actually just a piece of shit

Haha no fucking way this is real. Stop trying to incite incels. If it is somehow miraculously real though, break up with her.

If what OP's saying is true she's just a genuinely bad person. It really has nothing to do with being a woman.

she thinks he is her gay bestie

not anymore

it is real, im not lying

hes not gay

Let her go. Just break up with her and let her enjoy the holiday.

how many times have you had sex with her?

Oh they fuckin

So, questions
>Does she actually enjoy sport watching?
>Are you sure you don't have autism on the cupcake thing?
>Reexplain the pastie argument, you're getting muddled in your accent and I don't know who's choice was strange

yes im sure, if someone is having a private party im not going to just walk up and take their food
pastie = pie , she didnt like the flavour of pie i bought and started arguing with me over it

Oh, christ.
Yeah, she's a goner and used you as a stepping stool to get a nonboring boyfriend.
Next time you invite a gf out to do something she doesn't give two shits about, except for the food, you gotta sink some time into one of her intrests. Relationships are a give and take. If you keep commanding women you want relationships with, you're creating a thief that you go to bed with.

i didnt invite her to watch the match with me
she invited me to watch it with her

Sounds like a slag mate, you don't seem like a bad guy just caught off guard.. dump her ass and never speak to her again

That's a clever ploy too, and that should have tipped you off to all that went wrong today. Second hand tickets? She wouldn't have bought them herself.


>Relationships are a give and take.
I think men should give more than they take.

>so my girlfriend said she wants to go on holiday with another guy
only them? drop.
with some more friends? okish

No. Men should receive more than they give. If not, he's being used

enjoy your divorce or whatever

Lol. You are incredibly naive and understand nothing about gender dynamics.

Please just stop trying to talk about things you don't understand. She's a slut, he gets it, turn your trip off and stop this.

Again, turn your trip off and get Fucked. Nobody needs this shit. People come to this board for advice, not to preen your ego.

look everyone the only girls ITT are tripfags!
what a perfect way to show all girls are attention whores, who give bad useless advice on purpose to get (you)'s

It's like an egotistical tripwire. You guys are scared of feeling like a gullible fool and exploited. It's understandable and it's human. But when uncontrolled, it causes faults in your ego. It causes you to take too much from your woman, or to not give enough, or to not be your best for her because of a self-righteous sense of entitlement.

I understand very well where you are coming from and why my advice evokes such a harsh and angry reaction from you. But you need to remember that you are humans and not animals; men and not monkeys. We have the power to deny our impulses, control our mind, and conscious. Use these human features to overcome the faults of your ego. Once you do; then you can be your best self without the requisite of need.

It's very easy for me to get you. But do you get me?

why do people keep calling me a beta incel then? I just try to do what seems right.

i think you have it backwards women are the ones who dont fucking give anything thats why i dont bother trying i dont want to bother anyone if they dont give anything back whats the point? I might also come across as a creepy rapist. Is this how women actually think? That men should give more than they take?

attacking a persons ego is the weakest form of argument

>women are the ones who dont fucking give anything
That's the point. They need to receive because they'll spend years of their life incapacitated by pregnancy and breastfeeding. They absolutely need to feel 100% safe taking and not giving.

Emotions; love; money; resources; time; etc flows like this:

Man >to> Woman >to> Children

If the man tries to turn that arrow around; he's being selfish and hurting everyone. If the woman tries to turn her arrow around and not give to her kids, the she is also evil. It must be this way. You must be altruistic unconditionally. Not "give and take", not "tit-for-tat", not "fair", not "needing anything"; Just..... give. That's it.

You misunderstood my post; try again!

Think of the most extreme examples of successful men. They are all altruistic in some fashion.

All "alpha males" are really just altruists. That's the big kick between an alpha and a beta. Alphas give.