How the fuck can you have a good relationship and not be depressed

How the fuck can you have a good relationship and not be depressed.

I can see being depressed if you took the ugly pill and are just dating garbage. But if you have a GF that you can get hard at the thought of fucking, you literally don't have a leg to stand on if you say your depressed.

im a 30 year old virgin and I want to kill myself every day beacuse getting a GF just seems impossible, and I'm not reckt looking (Other then the fact that I'm 5'7 and therefore no amount of self improvment will EVER be enough so it's hopeless for me)

god damn i would murder someone just to have a fucking girl not be disgusted at the idea of holding my hand

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i mean how can you have a good relationship and be depressed

>Be me. Married. Severely depressed worse I've been in 10 years
>See this thread

>30 year old virgin
And that's why you have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

Nice excuse.

Because it didn't fix all the other stuff that is wrong with me and with my life.

You're not single be cause you're 5'7"... It's because you have a detestable personality. Do you even have friends?

>barely shorter than average
>pretending this is why you're a permavirgin
5' 4" permavirgin posting to say you're a fag and you should kys
5/10 b8

but at least theres SOMETHING somebody likes about you, I know its not good to compare your life to other peoples but indulge me for a moment: How do you expect me to care about your problems when I have bigger problems?

>How do you expect me to care about your problems when I have bigger problems?
I don't expect anyone to care about my problems, I don't give a shit about yours either. I'm just telling you that relationships didn't fix things for me.

This isn't the pain olympics, you litte shit.
Slap your own dick.

that wasnt what op was talking about he was talking about all the idiots with good lives saying "Oh man I'm so depressed." Everyone has problems but some people keep it to themselves and look at the positives in their life, or at least complain to people who have experienced things that might be of use to them. I believe OP is referring to the type of person who has a generally good life, but asks absolute loser incels for advice which makes no fucking sense, and seems more like a brag to me.

And how do you expect me to care about your problems when you don't give a fuck about anyone but yourself? Useless thread. You're not even asking for advice, you're just whining, straight up.
>at least theres SOMETHING somebody likes about you
dude, I have been here for literally 2 minutes and I already dislike you intensely. Fix your personality, YOU are the cause of this problem

thats literally what the thread is about, unless i have misread it. Its shitty to hear people complain about things that you would be fine with.

You have no understanding of depression if you think that having some things going for you stops it.
And you're on a board that is called advice, I don't know what you think people come here to do.

thanks for proving my point lol SEETHING accept it fags, sometimes people dont deserve to have depression

Congrats, you win the argument. Your prize is that you get to feel like you earned your depression more than anyone else, while you wallow in self-pity and loneliness forever with no effort to change

I understand. I'm going to go tell some starving African children how hungry I am and theres nothing to eat in the fridge. Thats the equivalent of hearing about people's good lives.

Its not only that but the efforts I do make are worthless! Everything is just random, sometimes people succeed without having to work very hard at all, sometimes people work tirelessly and end up with nothing! If you think you earned anything in your life, you are wrong.

You don't know shit about people's life. You tell me I have a good life because I have a relationship. I'm in constant pain because I am sick, I spent my youth taking care of dying relatives, I had huge struggles financially. I had to reinvent myself at 28 with huge limitations due to my disabilities.
I don't go around telling people "you live the good life because you're not internally bleeding twice a year, shut up, you don't know shit about what pain is". Everyone has their shit to deal with, and it's not my place to decide what is worth being sad about and what is not for other people.

Everyone is different, sometimes the only thing keeping someone from defeating depression is a chemical imbalance or poor diet.

If youre in constant pain because youre sick, how did you get a gf? Why does she not care that youre sick, like she would if it were me in the exact same position?

>My problems are bigger than yours
That's subjective. You don't know what's wrong with my life. What an entitled bitch you are.

Even if your problems were objectively worse, if you're drowning in 15' of water and I'm drowning in 9' of water we're both still drowning exactly the same amount.

You don't even want help do you? Get off adv

You know ranked among the happiest places in the world is a goddamn shit stained slum in India?

Getting a girlfriend won't fix your problems.

I had people tell me I am a pretty inspiring person. I'm positive and kind to everyone.
I met people and I asked girls I liked out. She was totally in love with me, would shake when I talked to her. She's really pretty, too.

>inb4 you're handsome
I'm shorter than you and average looking.

It's as though your static autistic views of all women wanting a strong alpha male are completely wrong and you should turn off the internet and try....

youre calling me entitled? When these people have so much and want more? How am I entitled but they aren't? If you can get a gf, theres pretty much nothing you cant do. Whats stopping you?

Beep boop I am fuckbot only source of fulfillment in life is fucking

If girlfriend then fulfill
Else suicide

You fucking goober.

B-B-B-But you DONT KNOW ME!! How do you know you're shorter than me?! Are you not doing the exact same thing, assuming shit about other peoples lives? Why does it matter for me but not you? Why is it okay for you to be bad but not me? Because I am bad and you are good. Im sick of having to hear good people say theyre bad. Thats what the entire thread is about. JUST LOVE YOURSELVES YOU FUCKING IDIOTS SOMEONE ELSE ALREADY DOES!!!!!!!!!

Dude, I am 5 7' and I just asked a girl out and she said yes. You height is not the issue. There is always room for self improvement. If this is something you really wanted you would do anything to try to get a girlfriend not cross it all off because of something stupid. That includes working out, getting out more, and trying to be more socially open. Your standards can only be whatever your level is at and above. You can't be some 300lb whale and expect a Victoria Secret model. So work on what you can. You are using your height as an excuse to not improve. It's pathetic.
This guy is a clear example that this is not impossible. Quit being a loser and change your life. The Book of Pook helped me, but it doesn't work for everyone and not everything may be accurate.

how do people come to the conclusion that this is what im saying? All im saying is theres no reason not to try for people with gfs. For people like me, evil disgusting worms, theres no reason TO try.

This thread is uselessness and entitlement pandering for others to tell OP that your problems start with yourself. OP should have already realized this but it seems they are developmentally a child.

>Other then the fact that I'm 5'7
You wrote it in the OP. Unless you're not OP, then I don't know.

I'm not bad. I had a shit life, but I made the best out of it. I keep trying to fight my depression and my issues.

Getting a girl isn't actually hard. You literally just have to make an effort. You have to feed your mind and your body and play the field. Unhappy marriages are a thing too as well as toxic relationships.

Not him but what I think is happening is sad men seeing an unhappy relationship and thinking relationship at all = happy relationship. Its not correct in the slightest, but I can at least see what he's talking about.

Yes. You want all the world to feel sorry for you for your problems, you aren't even taking advice, you just want to whine, you've dehumanized and oversimplified the lives and needs of others.

You do not know the first thing about my life.
Go take a huge hit of mushrooms. You'll get it.

This is so retarded. Having a significant other isn’t going to fix your depression. There are so many other factors that contribute to your mental state. Childhood trauma, chronic illness, loss of a family member, chemical imbalances. Regardless of whether you have a GF or not, YOU have to be the reason why you improve yourself and work to achieve your goals.

OP I hope you get a gf so you can see that she isn’t going to be the magic solution that will fix your depression. But you clearly have a lot of growing up to do before that’s going to happen.


OP basically your attitude in this thread is exactly why you don't have a girlfriend. What a toxic terrible person.

Imagine you do get a gf and she leaves your ass quick because she looks at you and think, Jesus, you are so self centered and toxic.

Then you have a bigger problem. Someone got close, got to know you deeper, and really fucking hates you.

At least people you're acquainted to think you're alright.

Childhood trauma, chronic illness, loss of a family member and chemical imbalances mean you will NEVER GET A GF so anyone with a gf means they dont have these things lol SEETHING

hello i am not OP im the suicidal loser incel who is sick of normies complaining about shit that isnt real i dont even think OP has posted since the OP

You don't have the authority knowledge or experience to claim that others pain isn't real, or yours is worse.

i know if i had a gf i would love myself and if i loved myself i would feel more confident and capable of taking the world on

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Then improve yourself dude. Take a look at some of the advice that people were giving to OP. There are at least a couple you can apply to yourself. Nobody owes you anything. You only owe yourself. If you really cared you would be getting fit, feeding your mind with knowledge, and actually asking girls out or opening up socially. If you cared you would be willing do do anything it took to completely your goals. But you don't want it. You want to sit here an complain and complain and never take any action that can improve your situation. Getting a girl isn't hard if you are putting effort into yourself. A girl isn't suppose to complete you. You can try reading The Book of Pook. It really helped me in main ways. Somethings aren't entirely accurate but it should help you want to self improve.

>Childhood trauma, chronic illness, loss of a family member and chemical imbalances mean you will NEVER GET A GF so
Literally have all of those and have a GF. Kek.

>5'7 and therefore no amount of self improvment will EVER be enough
Mate, I'm 5'5 and have never had any problems. I've had several girlfriends, my most recent one being (in my eyes) a 10/10. I've gotten hit on, had girls attracted to me, been sexually harassed, been asked out, and been the recipient of very aggressive flirting, pretty much my entire way from middle school through college, and if I went anywhere with actual people around these days it would probably be continuing. Most were pretty attractive, too. On top of that, I've also had very attractive friends.

I come from a short family. My cousin recently got engaged to his long-term girlfriend, and he's 5'7. Another of my cousins recently got married, and he's also 5'7.

Don't use height as an excuse. You may be unappealing, but it's not your height that's stopping you from getting a girlfriend, it's your other (likely more malleable) attributes.

its too much work im too tired i know this is when im meant to pick myself up by my bootstraps and JUST SOLDIER ON but i cant im so tired i even started drinking coffee which works for maybe 2 hours before im tired again. I guess I could use those 2 hours more productively. Sorry for shitting up a thread. I promise to one day kill myself. Might start up a euthanasia foundation because I REALLY CANNOT WORK ON MYSELF its too hard. but i shouldnt really take up earth's precious resources, so death is the only answer. Sorry.

So you're still better than a permavirgin regardless of all of those shortcomings. Sounds like there's no reason to even try as one.

That is what you're saying, you just can't see your own subtext.

If you're this wired for codependency get a fuckin dog.