So I went on a date with this girl I like. We're torn apart from distance...

So I went on a date with this girl I like. We're torn apart from distance, but her family moved to the town where i live and she sometimes visits them. She is studying in a nother town and once she is done she is moving here.
The date consisted in me coming with my car to pick her up and we planned on doing nasty things somewhere isolated.
So we had sex in the car (we had nowhere else to go) and once we were done i ask her if she is seeing anyone. She said no, and asked me back the same question. I wanted to be honest with her and told her the truth, that i was seeing another girl.
She got angry and said "what are we doing then??".
I get pissed because she is basically accusing me of only wanting sex with her, when i had to travel one hour to just see her for 3 hours.
She gets pissed and then basically stonewalles me for the entire time. She apologized at some point and kept saying that it's not what she meant, that she doesnt think that i'm there just for sex. I ask her what she meant then and she keeps silent. She kept being silent for the entire time, she also seemed to be struggling emotionally and was on the verge of crying. We argued a bit without really concluding anything. At some point i say "okay then, let's forget this. let's talk about something different" and she doest respond. I insist and she is still silent.
Our date ended with me escroting her back home, she didnt seem to be wanting to leave and was sitting in my car in complete silence.
At some point i tell her that if she wants for us to keep in touch she has to fix what she has done. She asks me "what do you expect me to do?" and i reply "i don't expect nothing from you."

It has been a month and she hasnt texted me at all.

What to do? Should i call it quits?

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No one?

Forget her. Start seeing someone else. Maybe she will come. Dont waste your life for her.

But what did I do wrong??

Fucking moron.

Me? Or the girl?


How can anyone be this fucking retarded.


You are the kind of person that punches a guy in the face and asks what you did wrong.

I really don't know what i did wrong desu

Please, can anyone help me out?

Get lost asshole. No one is as dumb as you. Bait.

Sex in the back seat with a girl-on-the-side you hardly know. Assuming a one-hour drive guarantees you something. Annoyance that she finds that a bit demeaning.

Oh, my. You ARE one of nature's true romantics, aren't you?

I'll be generous, and assume that you are in fact retarded, and not just trolling.

>told her the truth, that i was seeing another girl.

(Almost) no one likes sharing romantic partners. Of course she was mad.


So i'm wrong only for that? For being honest? Should I have lied to her?

She also told me that she went on dates with other dudes. I point out that she is kinda hypocrite, and she responds with "well, i wasnt fucking with anyone and those werent regular dates"

Sorry, I underestimated your stupidity again.

>i was seeing another girl.
>seeing another girl.
>another girl.

Do you understand now, my weak-minded friend?

I don't see a problem here since we were ONLY DATING

How did you figure out how to use the internet? Or how to get dressed this morning? I can't help you if you're this stupid. Good luck tying your shoes.

>It has been a month and she hasnt texted me at all.
>Should i call it quits?
You idiot, she already quitted.

Dood, you did good by admitting this, but learn from this and fucking tell women you're going to fuck that you're not looking to be exclusive to anyone.

What's your deal with the girl you're seeing? Are you still seeing her, and does she know you're seeing someone else? Are you the dumb fuck who baits threads to test Jow Forums for opinions on cheating or non-monogamous relationships, or are you being sincere?

Your worst mistake is getting pissed about her reactions. She was well within her right, and you seem to not acknowledge the fact that this is a girl we're talking about. Of course her insecurities surfaced, it's completely healthy.

Now, when you make threads about girls, please tell us what YOU want. Do you wish to be with this girl? Are you willing to be exclusive with her, and dump the other one? Or are you only really interested in clearing your conscience? We can't really advice you, unless you tell us what your main objective is.

me again I mean, did you even attempt to explain to her that the girl you where dating hadn't turned into anything serious, and that it was just casual atm?

The way you describe how you handled this situation makes it seem like you feel like this girl owes you something.

She asked me if it was serious. I told her that it could become serious just as it could not.
She then asks me if this girl knows about her and i said yes, she in fact knows.
She also wanted to know what is different with her, i tell her that it's just different dynamics and thats it

I also want to add that we had a fight once. She apologized to me after and told me that she is really sorry. I didnt replay to her apology because i was really mad at her. I replied to her only after two weeks. I discover that after we fought and I didnt replay, she started seeing someone and it was casual

You were clearly serious enough to have sex and thus past the point of dating around. And yet you kept the other cunt on the side as if you weren't, and you keep pretending this is okay.
Fuck you dipshit you made this bed now sleep.

So what do you need advice on?
How to not be a coward?
>I told her that it could become serious just as it could not.
>All is possible, anything COULD happen
This reminds me of a friend of mine, who avoids offering his true opinions, and instead tells me factual formalities. Don't be like him, it's annoying as fuck, and doesn't show good character.

If you want to reach out, and you're being serious about her, make sure the other one knows it's not going to turn into anything more than what you got, so you can use this as leverage. I'm too old to give a fuck whether you break up with her completely, but you should never lie about shit like this, and unless the girl in question is cool about having an open relationship type of arrangement (pussibly until she moves, idk,) you should make the bed you actually wish to lay in.

When it comes to how you should reach out, proceed as if you don't wish anything from her, but that you want to make peace and good. You don't precisely need to say you're sorry, but at least tell her that you know you should have been more comforting last time you saw her, and that you understand that she found it difficult to react any different. Take it from there, tell her you hope to see her soon, and that you promise to take her out next time she's around, no matter where you're at.

Do not mention the fact that she's seeing someone, and if she does, simply tell her that you trust that she knows what she's doing. She'll find faults in the new guy a lot quicker than she does in you, if you stick to this advice. Be outcome-independent.

I like her, she is really interesting and we had great sex. I have known her for ages and she is a nice girl. But i don't like the way she acts.

She also got mad at me because i asked her if she had any stds before sticking my penis inside her.

Whatever dude