Would it be too creepy to suggest to a girl that I'd be interested in taking her on a vacation and covering all of the...

Would it be too creepy to suggest to a girl that I'd be interested in taking her on a vacation and covering all of the expenses ?

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Depends on the girl and your relationship with her.

Yeah way too creepy. How well do you even know this girl?

only do this if you are a saudi prince and have absolutely no qualms whatsoever treating the girl lower than a piece of meat and taking from her far more than you give her

OR I suppose, if they are a cancer-ridden female relative, and you're giving them some good wholesome experiences before they pass away

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I'm thinking about proposing this to an IG model. I don't have a GF and I don't want to go alone. I don't expect to get laid btw, I just want someone cool and attractive to enjoy the trip with.


Yeah there's no way that'll happen, unless maybe you offer to get a separate room for her. The implication of sex or a chance at wooing her will just be all over your proposition.

Not saying she has to sleep in the same room as me. I don't care about that.

Essentially, I'm planning on taking a vacation where I will be aesthetically satisfied. Meaning quality food, quality wine, quality architecture, quality nature, quality culture and quality music.I'm thinking of this in a hedonistic/aesthetical way more as a wholesome experience rather trying to get a fuckbuddy or anything like that. Ideally she'd be aesthetically pleasing and interesting to add to that experience but I suppose explaining that to her might make her feel like she is just a prop in a scene.

>people this autistic live on the same planet as me

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Lol, you guys actually dont know about this? I thought it was common kniwledge that IG models being taken to vocation is a thing. There was even an user on adv a motn back or so because he sisters "sponsor" asked the OP to come as well.

It is more common than you think, there are girls who are literal whores that just do shit for money if you dont label them as whores. Not many, a rarity but they exist. Google it a bit user, i bet there is someone telling their story..

just fucking stop

the only way you can salvage this is if you invite her, pay for her, then just exclusively fuck hookers and do the nastiest shit with them all night

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I don't want to do anything nasty or degenerate. I'm thinking about this as an aesthetic experience. Having a glass of wine on a rooftop bar overlooking 500 year old architecture, doing nothing in particular. I'd rate that as a 9/10 experience. Now if there is an attractive and interesting (ie not dumb) girl that would be my company it would probably bump it up to a 10 out of 10. I

just travel somewhere and hire out top shelf GFE hookers

this way you can have multiple girls instead of one shitty instagram thot, the higher class escorts will be far more personable too, since they're high class escorts for a reason instead of being a female who's sole qualification in life is to validate their ego and gain followers

Eh, I'd rather not get an escort precisely because they are trained to please, it's hard to get any look at their genuine personality whatsoever. Also not interested in multiple girls.

Just go and have your “9/10” experience by yourself. This plan with the IG model is dumb as hell.

Do you know how many propositions and creepy love messages ig models get daily?
Even assuming your message isn't lost in her inbox sea of losers, there's no way she'd go with a random stranger

There's a fucktton of IG models going on "paid" vacations. Obviously I'm no saudi prince but I also don't intend on shitting on her in the process. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not shooting for IG escorts flying to Dubai every year.

And you think hiring an insta thot is any different? You’d essentially be paying for an escort minus the sex. There’s no guarantee that she would be pleasant or interesting. Everything she posts online is carefully cultivated, you can’t gauge her true personality by reading her instagram

Escorts are too robotic for this type of thing. Their minds are purely transactional, I mean they are not capable of geniunely enjoying themselves and letting their guard down. Which is why I'm not interested.

Congrats, you completely missed the point.

They’re going on these vacations from companies to advertise things dude. Anybody who randomly goes on paid vacation with one single dude they don’t know is literally suicidal

You're missing the point that I apriori don't want to deal with an escort because I know how she will behave. Of course an IG model might be retarded too but at least there exists a possibility that she might not be, a much higher one than with an escort that is guaranteed to fail. So yes, I KNOW there is a good chance an insta thot is different than a professional escort psychologically.

you are hopelessely naive

Just go on seekingarrangement to find girls willing to do that.

Mate just give up the stupid plan already. You’re just gonna waste your money.

that site went way downhill over the last few years but it might really come down to browsing through that shitshow unfortunately

i do what i like with my money, thankfully.

Yes, that’s why you made this thread. Because you do what you want and don’t need anyone’s advice.

i thought it was obvious by now that there isnt any dilemma about whether to do it or not. except in your mind, where you're concerned about how im spending my money for some reason.

m8 you're fucking lying to yourself and coping fucking hard

tell us the fucking truth, do you have some retarded oneitis or crush on the instagram thot? you do don't you? how dare you be so fucking retarded

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If it's your wife or girlfriend. Make sure it's a place she'll love.

i dont, in fact im completely open as to who the girl would be. my only criteria is that she is attractive and has a cool personality (basically dont be a dumb bitch). that's it. heck I'd take a Jow Forums girl who would fit that criteria. I just don't want escorts and I also don't care about sex.

I’m literally speaking from the experience of the suicidal girl but okay whatever you wanna tell yourself to make yourself feel better noob