19yr femanon here

>19yr femanon here
>Absolute fucking virgin
>Had plenty of opportunities to fuck, but innate social retardation prevents me from doing so
>Never leave house anymore for anything other than work and now have 0 opportunities
>Decides to invest in sex toys.
>Suddenly begins having super intense/vivid dreams of me being raped
>Go back to sleep
>Cycle repeats

It's been happening for months. What do?

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There are guys out there with rapeplay fettishies. There is probably a community out there for it, and if you live in a big city probably someone whos into it. Dont get raped, stay safe

Throw away the sex toys, go no fap

Get rid of the sex toys, stop masturbating.

Masturbating is healthy, but not if it's a habit. Makes me depressed if i do it too much imo

Hey i did the same without the sextoys
End up trying to kill myself
I went back to living with my parents and turnout it kills the loneliness for while
I try to go out more now worked ok for now

Go outside for once and stop being a shut in. your brain is working itself up because you have no human interaction outside of work. You're human, you need to go outside and get social interaction and a hobby.

Either meet up with some channer and get laid or just find a hobby/Party location/local community where you meet people to bang.
Or use tinder

Where you from?

>dreams of me being raped
Rape is your fantasy, because it allows you to have sex, but you don't have to initiate social contact or feel any guilt afterwards.

Your brain is trying to tell you to go out and date some guys (or girls or whatever you like).


Rape is a very common sex fantasy for females for some reason according to statistics.

Also, this:


I've noticed the same thing. But I don't do anything with myself so I just masturbate to fill the void.

gg user

fellow anons welcome desu. I get along with channers better than anyone else I've come across

Natural instinct, most likely. Females are fairly simple. They want sex just as much as the next guy, except they just complicate things for shits n giggles, at the expense of the guy/girl they're with.

Where in Ohio? SE here.


Ah like Cleveland or something? Nice. A little too far from me though.

more like two hours away from Cleveland and (roughly) an hour from Pitt. I guess it's technically Mid-East? Everyone just call it NE where I live tho

Would you meet someone off Jow Forums if they were closer?

It's roughly 3-ish hours to both Pitt and Cleveland here.

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Yeah, I've met some before but they've died.

You might want to see a priest about that. I’m being totally serious here.

Rad my guy. Perhaps a meet up in the future?

Not religious anymore lol

>Perhaps a meet up in the future?
A bit doubtful, since meeting up with someone online seems so far removed from who I am; definitely a shut-in outside of work as well. I just saw my home state being dropped and found it interesting. Wouldn't mind continuing to talk though.

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No worries. Discord sound alright?

That's a nice curse following you around. My curse is that anyone I've been in a physical altercation with has expired. I guess if we met up then I'm a dead man unless you slap me.

Sure. You can drop it here or send it to this temp email. [email protected]

Go to a party scantily dressed, drink a lot, but not drunk enough to harm your memory. Act way drunker than you actually are and entice one of the bravest and evilest men to take you off and have you in a bedroom. Don't fight him too much at first, let him get himself inside you and start enjoying your body, then he'll be WAY less likely to stop. Then you can start pushing him and fighting him a little as he takes you, overpowers your efforts, and places more and more of himself inside you. Remember to not say stop or say anything at all, just resist him with your body.

When he comes; immediately shift gears and fall in love with him. Tell him that he just took your virginity and he's the most important man you ever had sex with. Tell him you belong to him and if he ever wants to claim what's rightfully his again, to just call you. Congrats now you have a fuckbuddy who raped you and you can savor this emotion everytime you have sex in the future.

Have fun being an object of pleasure for a very lucky man!

Ah I wish it was a curse, it was actually them getting fucked over by females and not being able to handle it and then offing themselves. But you're curse sounds much more appealing

>Yeah, I've met some before but they've died.
WHAT? You can't just fucking post this and not post the story

I would be another one of those guys then as I am in a similar situation myself.

I think I will hold off on a meetup, it's best not to mix curses and I still have some tasks left to do before I call it quits.

Thanks, Nut Butter

Please refer to

I respect that.

Either find a way to meet people around your age irl, or you'll stay a virgin. And it's difficult I know, I'm your regular virgin channer dude, so iktf. Just have to keep the faith somehow, and improve mind and body until then.

Beats walking around after dark and ignoring your surroundings. Gotta find someone you can honestly trust for your brand of fetish, and you won't find 'em online. Too many weirdos, especially on this site. Maybe give your number to a cute customer or something, idek man. Relative easy mode if you're cute yourself.

>I just masturbate to fill the void
Yeah, same. Although I could do without, I won't

>they just complicate things for shits n giggles, at the expense of the guy/girl they're with.
What does this mean

the reason why women don't seemingly go after sex as much as men, and why aren't as 'easy' is because they evolved to be more selective, often subconsciously testing potential partners.

'complicating things for shits n giggles' is them testing a partner, ex playing hard to get.

It is speculated that women are selective for a evolutionary reason, being because it's time, energy, resource, mentally, and physically consuming for women to do their part in reproduction, 9 months of pregnancy, birth, raising a fit child.

vs men who just gotta nut inside

This thread would've gotten 0 replies if it wasn't for
We truly do live in a society.

What did you expect.
Any retard can come here larping and they'll get replies by thirsty idiots. Just look at this whole thread. All retard.

OP is a girl and still a virgin meaning she's either fat, ugly, both or a tranny. Jow Forums is surely the lowest board on this site.

And that's why I can't finds girls like you whenever I go. Every autistic girl is at home masturbating. I feel hopeless

Get out of the house.
Meet people.
Build up a circle of acquaintances - people you know enough to say Hi to.
Out of them a smaller circle of friends will naturally develop
Some of them will be male.
One or two you'll really hit it off with.
That's how boyfriends happen