What strategies can I use to stop biting my nails?

What strategies can I use to stop biting my nails?

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Keep them cut short and neatly trimmed.
Use nail sandpaper to keep them round.


Stick your fingertips in your asshole one at a time before starting your day.

Braces that fixed my shit right up

>he couldn't bite his nails with braces
lol @ techniquelets

bite screws instead

Chew gum every time you feel the urge.

get someone to slap you whenever you start biting your nails

find, analyze, and deal in a more productive way with the internal tension that you are trying to relieve with this somatic soothing habit

Fpbp. This is what helped me

Keep some nail clippers near your computer desk and use them whenever you feel like your nails are getting too long.

brainlet answer

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brainful answer

Strategy from my childhood.
Just put some extremely bitter stuff on your nails, something absurd.
Something that you will regret for hours after just a few bites.
It works.

Just stop biting them.

I quit biting my nails many years ago when I binge-watched a TV show which kept me so distracted for three days that I forgot to bite them. After those days, I just said that I'd stop. Too bad that was the only bad habit I was able to break for awhile...

Not a real nailbiter if you don't subconsciously bite them, ESPECIALLY when distracted.


you could start by not being a faggot

Put this stuff on your nails.
Grannick's Bitter Apple Original

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Is this a joke? Nail biting's only a problem for people who bite them shorter than they can be clipped.

Tried it before and bit through the bitterness.

This. It's basically going through the motions. Why the fuck do we do this? I don't do it in public, but when I'm alone it's aloha to bloody fingertips. I've heard it's related to vitamin deficiency or some gay shit. I've managed to stop for a couple weeks at most, but then I consciously want to bite them cause they're long.

I'm quitting for good.

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