Probably gonna kill myself soon. Any things I should do before? Things to help stop me from pussing out...

Probably gonna kill myself soon. Any things I should do before? Things to help stop me from pussing out? Any advice is welcome.

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send one person a random message of appreciation. tell them to have a nice life and that they're swell human beings :^)

A backflip

but then they might think they had something to do with OPs suicide and worry about it
Do something with a high percentage death rate if you actually want to die. If you're in the US buy a gun and use that. If it's just a cry for help then do something lower percentage like pills or just stand at the edge of a bridge and wait. Therapists and doctors will take you a lot more seriously after a suicide attempt even if there was a low chance you were actually going to die.

Go give your life servibg the loor and sick

It's like a half cry for help. Truthfully I'm scared of death. Scared of the thought that this is it. But truthfully I want to die. It's a dilemma that's haunted me for my entire fucking life. I don't really know what to do. I just wake up in pain every single day until I fall asleep. I'm scared that this is it, yet this life is terrible. It's an irrational thought process. That, or there is subconsciously something on this world I want to live for. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm probably going to go find a bridge.

Funny in a way. I was laying here thinking about how I was going to end myself, been suffering for over 15 years now, have two failed attempts, one the cry for help pills, the other just "lucky" happenstance I lived through.

It be a bit hypocritical of me since I'm probably going soon but it's there anything you have? Friends, family, pet?

Death of an unknown, I was born into a Christian family and I hope some form of afterlife exists but don't think it will be like that. But once you succeed you are done, the pain may be gone buy anything good also goes.

This is my problem with suicide. Everything good goes. The pain is unbearable but the good things can make it go away, but it always fucking returns. It's impossible for me to chose. I just want to be happy. Honestly. Hope you find peace.

You too, I'm not sure if I'm willing to give it up yet. I'm hoping to get a job again soon and maybe that will help. Been out of work since 2013 because of the attempt. I won't be first suicide in family either, sister took her life some time before I tried.

Much as I do not get along with my parents and iffy terms with my siblings, I'm not sure if I can send them and my friends through the grief. I'm planning to wait for my Grandparents to go. I don't know how much longer that will be though.

Here bud, I'm planning on doing this sometime soon. Get yourself some sleeping pills, doesn't really matter as long as you take a few to knock you out, but not so much so to make you puke. Next gather yourself 5-6 plastic bags and a few elastic bands. Now you'll need some gloves to make this all work as you'll likely tear the bag while suffocating in your sleep without the gloves so make sure they are good enough for winter use or double glove. Now take the pills go through the process of wrapping the bags around your head, then proceed to put the elastic bands around the kneck. Place one of your hands about halfway into the bags and pass out. If all goes well your hand will slip out when you're resting and suffocation should ensue.

You know, before you do that, why not give therapy a try? Thing is, if you’re still feeling lousy, it’s not like you can’t kill yourself later. But if talking to someone and getting help actually ends up helping you stop hurting and you get to feel happy, well what have you lost?

Have you considered professional help? You say that this is a half cry for help and there are people out there who are trained and willing to give you guidance.

If the Christian afterlife exists, I doubt that people who take their own life will be part of it. Thou shall not kill (i.e. respect life) and all that. Then again, I am not God. So, who knows? But why would you take the risk?

More importantly, why would you take away your chances of improving your situation?

Know that I want you all, everyone in this thread, to be happy. I hope and pray that you people find the strength and happiness you need.

Fear of death is fear of the unknown. We have only ever known life. There is also fear of possible punishment. Even if you are religious the fear of the unknown is still there. How exactly is your spirit ferried to either heaven or hell, for example? Do you sit around and wait for an angel to escort you? Is there a period you remain in purgatory or some in between phase? Some people also believe that if you commit suicide you are forced to watch your loved ones grieve for a time before you are allowed to move on. There really isn't any scientific basis for any of this, because we can't exactly ask the dead how it works.

Thou shall not kill is actually not the most appropriate translation. Thou shalt not murder is more accurate. You could argue that suicide is the murder of oneself, but anyone that knows anything about suicide would probably disagree. It's more like killing your own pain and anguish. That's what they are really trying to kill.

Have a good long think about why you're killing yourself.
Maybe the reason is dumber than it first appears.
But I don't know because you haven't told us why.

Take a long hot shower, then order a pizza and coca-cola. Watch some movie or documentary that you like. Masturbate to 4k porn star hardcore porn. That will save you for a day at least.

Fight a bear.

Don't do it, it's not worth it at all, I know it may sound extremely stupid but maybe you should try to know God, he gave me comfort when I most needed it, give it a try , I'm also going through a lot of struggles lately healthwise and it feels like I'm slowly but surely sinking into a bottomless pit and as soon as I get a glimpse of light I go right back down, so I share your lack of motivation to live as well but we must prevail.

>Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

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This but unironically.

Why do you want to die tho?
If it's no reason then it's just your brain is wired wrong and releasing the wrong chemicals. If so I would go to a psychiatrist and get some pills

Read 'After Dark' by Haruko Murakami

My friend who I loved for many years off and on decided to end his life March 8. He wrote a suicide note on his fb, gave his reasons then shot himself in the face. Don’t do it.

you mean serving the poor and sick like you who cant fucking spell for shit?

Go hiking for a few days and sleep outside (learn how to make a campfire before and buy a map which also shows springs).

Tell people who you like that you like them.