Be me

>be me
>about to be 19yr old femanon
>average looking
>been getting texts from my mom's best friend(tall, fit dude in his early 40's) while he’s sober and drunk
>messages usually are along the lines of how he wants to take me away to live with him so he can advantage of me and use me and also take care of me as he so pleases
>sudden panic because my mom is a bipolar narcissist who gets angry/jealous when I even breath in the direction of her current bf
>deeper panic because my mom would beat me senseless and shit enough bricks to build a house if she found out what her best friend is saying
>nearly faint after remembering this guy is still technically married and is only separated from his wife(no kids though thank god)
>stare at wall for about two hours, smoke almost an entire pack of fags during that time
>desperately trying to find what this dude sees in me
>I'm a retarded virgin with the bare minimum of social skills
>nothing adds up
>still don’t know wtf to do

Basic instincts tell me to fuck and let him do what he wants, but my mom terrifies me. What do I do? Is it weird that i kinda want my mom's best friend to take my v card?

Bless me with your words of wisdom fellow anons

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Is such a good man ? Most guys at 40 are done for
On the other hand , he might juat want a quickie, most guya that say , i will pay u everything babe, dont actually do it, or switch to a better looking girl (based on your average looks(

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This. He's just looking to fuck. The whole situation sounds stupid and dramatic for my tastes but it's your life, you do you.

First off NSFW images aren't allowed on Jow Forums so this might get 404'd, though god knows who would report it.

As to:
>>desperately trying to find what this dude sees in me
This is too obvious as to warrant a reply. You said that you have "bare minimum social skills". Well do we have to say it? Are you asking just for confirmation?

There's not really enough to go on, but it sounds like a bad deal. Although there's a sort of mutual benefit you'll both get (he'll get teenage pussy, you'll get the mature dad figure) it might not be worth it considering your mom situation. Although any reasonable mom would be more than a little concerned with the dynamics of this situation. I would strive to be financially independent before you run the risk of burning those bridges.

there's alot to unpack here.

we can infer you have no good father figure for a large chunk of your life.

we can infer that you're reasonably well kept, and your youth looks good on you enough to draw regular attention.

we can also infer that your sudden mental crisis is actually a healthy defense mechanism trying to protect you from exposing yourself to stupid shit that will only complicated your life. You already know, despite your self esteem problems, that this is a path fraught with problems.

>girl with daddy issues

Yeah hes just trying to get in your pants lmao

don't fuck him. it'll cause you so many problems to be fucking a dude that was railing girls before you were born.
think about it, why the fuck is this old man single and trying to fuck someone straight out of highschool?

If you were my little sister I'd probably break the creeps legs. Anything over 30 dating a 19 year old (especially since you're an inexperienced autist) just seems plain gross and exploitative.

I'm tall, fit, and in my early 20's, is that good enough? also I'm not married and I don't know your mom.

>wow stacy, this guy on Jow Forums told me he's tall and fit, I think he wants to date me
>omg talk to him!! I bet he's so hot!!!

>be femanon
>Thinks a guy 28 years her senior will treat her well.

Why are women so fucking retarded? He's taking advantage of your immaturity.

>Basic instincts
try tinder

this but unironically.

It is not his first time seducing a teen..

You are not special


OP is white trash

It sounds like you have a lot of problems within your family structure, but fuck your mom's 40 year old friend will not end well for anyone. You're young and will find someone, don't let one decision hurt you in the long run

maybe it's a better alternative to just tell him to fuck off so he doesnt cause a rift between you and your mother. Especially since he's her 'best friend'. Honestly, if I was a mom, I would be very disappointed in him more than my own daughter as he is older and should have better judgement.

Also, I understand that he's hot and you want to fuck him but wouldn't it be better if you saved your first time with someone that you know will matter in the long run. Just saying, he's 40 years old and I don't think a man that age will want to stay long with a person who is just reaching adulthood and has a lot going in her future. Just don't let the thoughts of sex cloud your judgement and your relationship with your family.

so how difficult is it to become the guy later on and get desperate teens?

Actually a mixed breed. My mom is a whore.

Don't let some old faggot take your V card. If you stop liking them after your brain fully develops at 25, it will haunt you. Banging even a rando around your age will likely leave less reprocussions than what you are suggesting to do out of desperation.

>why are women so fucking retarded?
Because women are sex driven pieces of shit who need men to keep them in line. Myself included

This isn't the first time, in terms of this scenario. Some of my mom's exes have hit me up recently.
One of them told me that they only got with my mom to get to me. At the time when these exes of hers and my mom were together i would've been between the ages of ~12-17. And this dude has known me my whole life so it's just confusing.

Sounds like horny girl artistically LARPing bullshit

so basically just find single moms with pre-teen daughters, nice
I really hope it works desu

Traditional RIS tools don't work on cropped images, I tried.
And while the art does look familiar, I can't for the life of me figure out the artist.
It's regrettable, but I'm left with no alternatives other than to ask for sauce.

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>>anons give solid advices
>>OP conveniently ignores it
So is this bait?

Not ignoring, respectfully noting the advice and plan on following it

sigh I wish I was larping

Don’t do it. Not worth it. Life isn’t a drama tv show. These things have life long consequences and he’s just trying to get in your pants.

Dont get with those guys than, even if you like someone older find them yourself. Or find somebody via tinder or hell even Jow Forums but dont do the fucking creepy shit via your mom

okay good. Try to not be influenced too hard by this guy. I know you say your mom's a whore so dont follow her steps by getting seduced by this guy.
If you wanna fuck, get a guy your age.
Even better, get a guy you love.

>I'm a retarded virgin with the bare minimum of social skills
This is what he sees in you.
Virgin and easy to take advantage of

He’s gonna sneak into your room at night drunk while your mom is passed out and try to slide it in.

Reported for NSFW image and bait

Gobble that cock then get ready to be thrown away by a married man you hot piece of ass

You got seriously fucked up mental problems if this post is real

>grill fuck older dude
>eww degenerate slut
>older dude fucks teen thot
>yea you go bro get dat pussy
great stuff

jannies are asleep anyway

>desperately trying to find what this dude sees in me

What kind of answer are you hoping for you gross idiot?

Here’s the deal. You’re secretly flattered (and probably will never admit it) that your creepy step dad wants to fuck you and you see this as he’s choosing you over your mom. This makes you a disgusting person. You probably were never interested in that creep all this time but now you think you are just because he’s noticed you grew a pair of tits and decided to hit on you.
The first thing on your mind shouldn’t be “W-What could he find so special in me?!” you ugly fucking vermin. It should be disgust. Because it’s disgusting.

You're not special. Get that through your head and remember it, because its true. It's so plain simple to see that he simply just wants a fuck. If you’re the type of dumb bitch that finds validation through how men sees you for your body and not your personality, then be my guest and continue to have your body used and abused forever even after you shit out a couple of tyrone’s bastards that will grow up to be just as disdainful and putrid as you.

>interested by an old pervert who preys on teenagers
>openly admits he wants to use you as a sex toy
>"very interested"
What are you fucking stupid? Why in the ever living fuck would you WANT that?

It sounds like he wants someone he can take advantage of.

You said yourself. You have no social skills (thereby you are isolated from a support network), your mom is narcissistic (and thereby not effective support network either, also it's more likely for people growing up abused to end up in abusive relationships because it's closer to their childhood experience, esp. when young)

He says he wants to take you away (possibly trying to prey on your difficult situation to get you under his control), and openly admits to wanting to take advantage of you.

At the moment, you're an easy target. Stay away. This reeks of danger.

>Because women are sex driven pieces of shit. Myself included.

This isn't a girl. Girls don't talk like that.

Anyway, yeah not a good situation. He's just trying to fuck. If you're down, you might get some free lunches and money out of him, if you're looking for something serious and have a certain amount of self-respect you should probably dip.

On the other hand though, you could potentially use all of your mom's exes and have a ring of sugar daddies competing with one another.

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i advice you to stop smoking so you can remain younger for longer and get fucked for longer by old men

Is the 40 y/o a horse and was he in a very famous tv show back in the 90s